Why Don't You See Me?

Chapter 5

The One With The Cute Ending

"Why did you call us Gwendal?" Conrad asked

"Someone has broken into the castle." He replied

"Do you know who?" Celi asked

"Yes, here mother I'm sure you recognize these." Gwendal said handing her the ripped cloth and necklace.

Celi's face immediately changed from worried to anger "How dare he come back here!" She practically growled

"Mother calm down." Conrad said calmly

"He betrayed us and broke into our castle, and you tell me to calm down!"

"Mother please you will wake Wolfram and Yuri, lets just think this over calmly." Conrad pleaded

"I don't ca-" Celi froze "Wolfram! What about my Wolfie that man is somewhere in this castle!"

"Calm down mother, I already told the guard to protect him." Gwendal said placing a hand on her shoulder

"Yet I still managed to get through." A deep voice snickered from the door way

They all gasped and turned toward the voice. In the doorway stood a tall man with long blonde hair so messy it looked like the man crawled through the bushes, a scruffy beard, pale skin covered in dirt splotches, and green eyes, His black cloak had a piece of fabric ribbed off matching the fabric in Celi's hand. He was smiling smugly at them holding Wolfram against his chest with one arm while the other held a knife to the young mazoku's neck.

"Sesshomaru! Release my child at once!" Celi yelled at him

"Oh dear Celi, you forget, he is my son as well."

"You betrayed us! You no longer have the right to all him your son!" she yelled, the only thing stopping her from punching the guy in the face was the knife held to her son's neck threatening to take his life at any moment.

"Hahaue, What is going on?" Wolfram asked flinching when the knife was pressed harder on his throat drawing blood.

"Don't move." Sesshomaru demanded "Celi did you not speak of me at all?"

'He doesn't know about Wolfram's amnesia.' Celi thought "Why would I tell him traitor father who only cared about himself and how much money he could get his grimy hands on."

Sesshomaru frowned "That is not how you should be speaking to the man holding a knife to your son's throat."

"Please just let Wolfram go." Conrad said

"Why, pray tell, would I do that?" He replied smirking

"Name what you want and I will give it to you, just let him go." Celi pleaded

"What if I want my son back?"

Celi looked down defeated.

"We all know Wolfram is not the reason you came here, so what do you actually want." Gwendal said eyes narrowing into a glare

"I want my throne, I want my riches, I want all that is rightfully mine!" he yelled

"It was never yours, besides, It's not ours to give, even if it was we would never hand it all over to the likes of you!" Celi cried

No one noticed Wolfram steal one of Sesshomaru's knifes from beneath his cloak.

"You'll regret that." he stated moving the knife to stab Wolfram chest, when Wolfram quickly stabbed the knife he had stolen into Sesshomaru's side. The injured man yelled out in both pain and anger, shoving Wolfram away from himself and at Celi who caught him in a hug. "I will return and when I do you will regret ever defying me!" He yelled out before running down the hallway, Gwendal and Conrad chasing after him, Leaving only Celi and Wolfram in the room.

"Hahaue who was that man, and why did he keep calling me his son?" Wolfram asked quietly

"Wolfram, he was your father, However he is a horrible man. Don't ever trust him okay."

"Okay Hahaue."

She hugged him, then Gwendal and Conrad returned.

"He disappeared. We searched the entire castle." Conrad said

Celi nodded "How did he get passed the guards?"

"Well, they didn't even know he was there. My guess he snuck through the window, took Wolfram and left the way he came." Gwendal said

"How did they not hear anything?" She asked

"I would assume Wolfram was too confused and scared to fight, or make any noise at all."

"Even if he did fight back it wouldn't have done much, considering the amnesia would have made him forget how." Conrad said

"Let's talk in the morning. Tonight's events has taken it's toll in all of us." She looked down and giggled " Some more than others."

Conrad and Gwendal looked down at Wolfram who was asleep in his mother's arms.

"It's been too long since he has looked that peaceful." Gwendal said softly pushing Wolfram's bangs out of his face "Here I will take him to bed."

Celi nodded handing Wolfram to him. Gwendal picked him up and walked to his room. When he got there he gently laid Wolfram down and tucked him in. He sat on the chair next to the bed and held Wolfram's hand.

"Please get your memory back Wolfram, I miss my short tempered baby brother." He whispered before closing his eyes

~With Conrad~

Conrad walked into Yuri's room to see him slumbering peacefully. Even though he knew it was impossible for Yuri to have heard them if the guards didn't. He was jealous of Yuri's obliviousness to their predicament.

"Conrad what are you doing in here?" Asked Yuri sleepily

"Making sure you're okay."

"Oh, okay." Yuri said then looked down at Greta who was snuggled so close to him Conrad didn't even know she was there

"How are you holding up with the whole Wolfram amnesia." Conrad asked

"I miss the usual Wolfram who yells at me and calls me wimp, But I fear Greta is taking it harder than any of us. She keeps asking when he will remember her, I don't know what to tell her."

"Yeah, it's been hard on all of us. Gwendal's eyes always look sad and he is constantly checking on Wolfram, I caught mother crying and apologizing to him for not being a proper mother last night."

"And you?" Yuri asked


"How are you holding up?"

"Horrible, he was- is my little brother and I made him feel unwanted and useless. We called him hurtful things behind his back and never gave him the attention he so desperately needed. Sometimes I don't want him to get his memory back, then he would remember the horrible things we did."

"But Conrad, if he doesn't get his memory back he won't remember the wonderful things either. He won't remember us, he would always be confused about everything. I'm sure he's scared right now wondering what is going on, and who we are, even who he is. If he gets his memory back he'll stop being so confused and scared."

"you're right Heika."

"Conrad, please call me Yuri."

"Of course Yuri...Heika."



Lady Celi went to the guards "I want guards posted everywhere in this palace don't leave a single place untouched, and I want extra guard posted around Wolfram and Heika's rooms. Surround those areas if you have to but make sure no-one gets in." She ordered

"Yes ma'am." The guards saluted before running off

She went to Wolfram's room to see Wolfram sleeping sprawled out like usual. Gwendal sitting in the chair next to the bed holding his youngest brothers hand asleep. She smiled fondly, grabbing an extra blanket from the closet and wrapping it around Gwendal kissing his forehead before turning to Wolfram. She went to the other side of the bed and sat at the edge, brushing a few strands of hair from her youngest child's face before kissing him on his cheek.

"I'm sorry Wolfram. I wasn't a proper Mother, I should have been there when you needed me but I wasn't, I'm so sorry!" She whispered sadly

Wolfram turned his head to her and grabbed her and with his free one.

"Not your fault." He mumbled in his sleep

She smiled before laying down next to him, hugging him close to her being careful of his and Gwendal's hands. As she dozed off she felt Wolfram snuggle closer and hear him mumble.


She once again smiled drifting asleep.

~Back To Conrad~

Once Yuri fell back to sleep he went to Wolfram's room. He smiled seeing his brothers and mother snuggled together. He pulled a chair to the foot of the bed leaning against it he fell asleep, knowing his family was okay for now.

~Once Again To Gwendal~

The next morning Gwendal woke to see Conrad sleeping in a chair across from him, hugging Wolfram's leg. He turned to see Celi snuggled to Wolfram her arms around him in a hug. Wolfram had a smile on his face, one hand holding their mother's the other holding Gwendal's own hand. Gwendal then noticed the blanket around him. he realized it must have been their mother. He soon decided it wouldn't kill anyone if they slept in, besides, everyone looked too peaceful for him to risk moving. He smiled slightly as he once again fell asleep.