Save me-



Summary: beck and jade just broke up,so jade starts dating the school badboy , james brooks. But after a few weeks things go bad. The gang notices bruises on jade and to make things worse, she's been acting strange. What will the gang do? Can beck save jade before it's to late?

Warnings: cutting,abuse,swearing,implied rape

chapter one: things looking up? not really.

-jade's pov-

I woke up with the sound of my alarm clock. i hop out of bed and get dressed. i put on a tight fitting 'pink' shirt.(ugh! i hate that stupid color!) and a pair of blue skinny jeans with black converse.I know what your thinking. jade west wearing pink? well guess what i am wearing pink. deal with it. instead of wearing my normal attire, which consists of a black,gray or purple shirt with black skinny jeans and my trusty conback boots, im forced to wear bright colors cause it makes him look good.

no this him is not beck. we broke up 3 months ago. after leaving vega's house i drove to nozu and had a drink or 2. i bumped into him. his name was james brooks. he was tall,built, and handsome. he had wild dark brown hair (like beck.) bright blue eys (not like beck) and he wore a plain black t shirt that said "u mad bro?' black jeans, and black and white vans. he looked alot like beck. okay, why the hell can't i stop thinking about beck?

anyways, we sat down and talked for a little while. we had ALOT of things in common, so we started going out. when some stupid robarazzi freak ambushed us on a date, he took pictures and everything. suddenly all of hollywood arts found out. even my circle of friends beck,cat,andre,robbie and hell, even vega. yep. jade west and the infamous tori vega are friends. how did it happen? well after my former favorite teacher sikowitz made me and tori star in a play together, we kinda started getting along. anyways, when i came to school the day i was 'attacked' with numbers of questions by my peers, needless to say my group. beck, didn't ask anything,surprisingly. he just stood their in the background with a questionable look on his face.

so everyone in hwa knew about me and james. but there is one thing they don't know. one minute james is a sweet,funny, charming guy and the next one he's whenever i talk to a gut friend he gets really jealous and possesive. he would yell at me when no one's around. he'd call me names like slut,whore or bitch. me, being jade west, of course i fought back. but he did the unthinkable. he hit me! he then grabbed me by the arm and said if he ever caught me talking to another boy he'd make sure i'd never see one ever agian. freaky, right?

after i get dressed i rush down stairs and are greeted by my parents. after mummbling a simple 'whatever' i heard a honk outside my house. i rushed out the door and ran to james's car.

"hey babe." he said and tried to kiss me. i turned away, and his lips touched my cheek. opps.i felt his hands cup my cheek and he glares at me, blue eyes full of anger.

"jadey, he said in a voice that sent chills down my spine. "what did i say about the kissing?" without a response i forcefully crash my lips agianst his. i feel him smirk in the kiss. it turns my stomach. we pull apart , gasping for air.

he smiles. "that's a good girl." with that, he drives to hollywood arts. i sigh, and put my elbow on the window seal. when i was with beck, things were easier. he was gentle,kind,and sweet. boy, do i miss him.


I walk into the doors into hollywood arts. i head to my locker to get my books. then i heard a high,cute voice.

"hi-hi!" it said happily. i smile to myself, and turn around to see the happy face of my red-haired friend,cat.

" hey cat, i said and give her a small hug. i noticed that she was holding a small,pink box.

"i bought everyone donuts! want one? my brother got these from a-''

'' yeah,yeah, i'll take a donut." i said cutting her crazy story about her crazy brother. yesterday, she told me one about her brother getting arrested for throwing chili powder in a store clerk's eyes. strange.

she giggles and opens the box,reveling all kinds of donuts. i take a glaze and then were greeted by our other friends andre,robbie, and tori. we greet each other, they each take a dount, and we stand by the lockers, making small talk. then the door opens. in walks jade and james. i look away,before i lost it and beat the living hell outta him. i can't stand that james guy, for one. he walks around this school acting like he owns the place. i noticed jade began to walk over here to greet us, but james yanks her away and they walk into a class.

I growled. i hated the way that he was holding jade, and i swear if he does something like that, i'll beat the hell out of the asshole. me and my group of friends don't trust him. there have been rumors about him. like he gets her pregnant,and abuses/hits this one girl, or that girl. i heard one girl who went out with him went missing!

tori thinks i'm jealous, i tell her i'm just worried. just beacuse we don't go out anymore, dosen't mean we can't be friends. but that trick james played was maybe a way of telling me i need to keep a close on on those 2.

well that was chapter 1.

next chapter: suspicions grow, so does abuse.