t o p i c: love

c o u p l e: amu and ikuto

d i s c l a i m e r: shugo chara © peach-pit

n o t e s: hiii;; um, well this is going to be a drabble series for various couples, so feel free to suggest some couples, crack or not. without all of this above the actual content, this content is 100 words exact. hope you enjoy it!


Love is a concept that can't exactly be explained in words. For him, all he could do was show it in a special way. Unexplained enemies, a special friendship, a precious hug, a simple kiss, a promise sealed between two rings, and a bundle of joy. From the beginning till the present, he had accomplished so much with this girl. This girl broke the silence hidden beneath him and slithered out sides of him that he never thought of showing before. Let's not lose this chance.

And it all started with three magical eggs.