t o p i c: romance

c o u p l e: rima and nadeshiko

d i s c l a i m e r: shugo chara © peach-pit

n o t e s: so an anon requested for rima and nadeshiko. i wasn't sure if they wanted romance or friendship so i went with romance. can you guys request specifically what you want next time? it would help me a lot. anyways, request more! hope you like it.


She was breathless, her heart was pounding in a ever so mystical way. Rima watched as Nadeshiko glided across the stage, a fan in her hand, as she whisked around in elegant twists and turns. She had never seen something so perfect in her life. As Nadeshiko continued to dance, Rima pretended not to care as she pouted and crossed her arms. Yet all it took was a simple glance from Nadeshiko and her facade shattered like smearing glass.

That disgusting wink of hers had made her heart explode but Rima would never tell anyone that.