Now that any giant was able to reduce themselves by taking some of the Jodar Pharmaceuticals formula, the SID felt more convinced than ever of the need to have a Little Person on their staff regularly. Dolf was happy to work with Camilla as a labour of love anyway, but Inspector Evers insisted that the SID set up a bank account in order to pay him for his services.

They were going through some case notes, when they were visited by Justik of Limbo, requesting an urgent and private meeting with the head of the SID.

"I have vital news for your governing rulers," said Justik.

"That would be the Supreme Council, but we should hear your cause first, being the prime intelligence representatives of both Little People and the local authority," said Inspector Evers.

"Very well then. It is after deep reflection that I now take this step of revealing to you that I come from a hidden underground colony, whose members have lived in peace for decades, since an earlier group of Little People altered a chemical experiment to protect our city from discovery. We have recently observed the advanced scientific and military incursion of a group of invaders from another part of your world, beyond the Sea of Storms. They have set up a base near our city, and have been producing a technology of painful control devices which will be used to enslave your people. I come to enlist your aid in defeating them, primarily to save your city from invasion, but also to protect our own city from discovery or destruction by the invaders," said Justik, "I offer you the full support of our own forces. You will find us well armed but few in number."

"I think we need to see this for ourselves," said Camilla, "And the person most likely to go in undetected would be Dolf. Are you up for it?"

"Absolutely," said Dolf, and the three of them, with a complement of SID officers waiting on the edge of the forest, soon gathered enough intelligence on the invaders to justify a meeting with the Supreme Council.

President Tim thanked Dolf and Justik for their assistance, and mobilized all of their military forces. Hereticus's advanced forces were captured, and imprisoned, and the collars and control machine destroyed. The Supreme Council then sent most of their military to fly to the Land of the Lost, where they were prepared to take control of the city as a pre-emptive strike.

However, with the news of the defeat of Hereticus, the majority of the citizens in the Land of the Lost were relieved at the defeat of their tyrannical rulers and glad to have the city placed under the rule of the Supreme Council. The few remaining genuine sympathizers of Hereticus, without the aid of collar controlled servants, were no trouble to the Supreme Council's forces and agreed to live in peace. The Land of the Lost became part of the Supreme Council's kingdom.

Furthermore, the Supreme Council, as they had recently done with the Little People, thanked Justik's people for their assistance, and invited them to have representatives holding seats on the Supreme Council, so that Justik's people could form a permanent alliance with them.

Limbo was no longer a secret city, and became one of the most popular tourist attractions on the giant world. Some of the citizens of Limbo enjoyed the option of moving to the surface, and a few of the surface people were keen to try life in Limbo. As the three kingdoms were integrated together, life became still more interesting in the Land of the Giants, with all citizens of all three realms instructed to respect the rights of Little People.

On earth in 2011, William had grown up learning to survive in the forest. A few times over the years, he had snuck back into the school to try to get at Altha's device and attempt to restore his size, but he never saw any opportunity where the risk of being recaptured didn't far outweigh the chance of successfully enlarging himself.

One day he was walking the forest in 2011, when he heard the most beautiful pipe music. He walked towards the source of it, unable to resist it, and found a beautiful blond haired woman playing the pipe during the school lunch hour. She stopped her music and apologised.

"I'm sorry," she said, "I had no idea that the hypnotic drawing power of the music would find anyone out here to be affected by it," I came out to play for my own enjoyment. I'm a teacher at the school nearby."

William told her his entire story, and she explained that she had come to earth late in 2010 to search for a romance with an earth person, that she was in fact a giantess on another world. How ironic it seemed to both of them, that she had met someone on earth who was already as relatively small as she'd hoped her future partner would only be after a return to the Land of the Giants and her full size. She had come to the conclusion that, only by living on earth among Little People, and working there, would she allow herself enough time to meet one and court him.

"Well I like you being a giant, Alison," said William, "But if you did go back at your full size, I would only be the size of an ant, rather than a doll to you."

"Not necessarily," said Alison, "Your teacher Mrs Franzen is almost due for retirement, but she still works at the school. Let's see what I can do."

Alison took William back to the school and then used the hypnotic flute on Altha Franzen. Though the Space Time Manipulator had the advantage of time and space travel and the ability to change the size of others as well as its operator, Altha never had the chance to use her advantages, because Alison Hunter's hypnotic flute music commanded Altha to hand over the STM and explain its use. With the STM in her possession, Alison restored William to his natural size, and then took William and Altha back to the Land of the Giants. There Alison restored Altha and herself to giant size and left Altha to fend for herself but without the ability to roam time and space with her tendency to misuse such a significant power advantage.

At last, time and space were safe from any threats from renegade giants. Alison Hunter, perhaps the most benevolent of all the giants, who had shown kindness to the Little People even when she was a young girl, had ended up with two means of size change, one of which could also traverse time and space, and the other of which could also play hypnotic music. She returned to her teaching job on the giant world, and enjoyed some time with William at his size, and some time with him as a giantess.

All of the preceding events had indeed created a far more pleasant modern paradise of the Land of the Giants, than the grim foreboding dangerous and politically corrupt realm that it had been, when it had first been discovered by the passengers and crew of Spindrift Flight 612 in 1983. The government was stable and honest. The criminal giants and their descendants had been brought to justice. The surrounding subterranean and offshore civilizations had been absorbed into the Supreme Council's kingdom, and the size differences which had once distinguished and divided the earthlings from the giants were now considered practically irrelevant, with the aid of Jodar Pharmacy pills and growth formula.

Yet still it was the prevailing viewpoint among the earthlings, and those giants who knew of earth's existence, that the laws preventing disclosure of the Land of the Giants to earth's greater populace should not be repealed. From every piece of history and culture of earth that was learned by the interaction between giants and earthlings, it became clearer and clearer that earth had a history which did not encourage maximum trust, nor the endowment of maximum knowledge.

Throughout nearly three decades of time, a series of special romances had formed and lasted in the Land of the Giants. Not only were Eli Burton and Danielle Ericcson (the two second generation Little People) still dating happily, but there were a number of inter-size relationships continuing to blossom and flourish between earth men and giantesses.

Some of them were, by most people's standards, somewhat dysfunctional, such as the vore crush between Alan Wilson and Lahtina, or the marriage of Jordy to Brooke (which was only possible because he had beaten her at chess and averted a fate worse than mere rejection).

Others involved intrigue and adventure, such as Dolf's relationship with Inspector Camilla Evers. Still others involved the size transition of one of the partners, so that the inter-size aspect of the relationship was no longer existent (in the case of Nick and Caroline for example).

Others continued without any other unusual circumstances, such as Barry and giant Betty, who would grow old together happily.

Finally there were two pairs of couples, both of which involved giantesses with the ability to traverse space and time with giant STMs. These couples were William and Alison (in 2011), and Chad and the giant former model Kristeene (in the 1980s).

From the point of view of Little People (which now included shrunken giants), the giant world was rich in an abundance of food, resources and beautiful scenery. Giants soon took to reducing their sizes and living in dolls houses on their own properties to make giant food go much further.

After a few months, Jodar began to get calls from people who noticed that making a number of successive size changes would not work forever, as one's body chemistry developed an immunity to the pills. Jodar made a public statement on television, along with a number of precautionary commercials, advising both earthlings and native born locals to think carefully, choose a size and stick to it. The pills would always be available, but Jodar could not assume liability for anyone who persisted in repeated use of both types of pills, jumping from one size to another, only to end up trapped at the size of least preference.

Addicts soon settled down into one size or another, living on earth or in the Land of the Giants. New users of the pills took a few to explore both worlds with their partners or even in search of partners or even just a change of scenery, but avoided repetitive frequent size changing.

The effect of this was that Alison and Kristeene were the only two giants who had the benefit of devices which enabled them to change size as often as they liked for as long as they lived …

… which made the romantic lives of William and Chad uniquely special indeed.