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Dear A.,
I'm so sorry I didn't get to tell you in person, but I have to move again. They have found me and I just can't risk you getting hurt. I can't tell you where I'm going, but I'll contact you as soon as possible, I promise. Take care of yourself and please, I beg of you, do not, I repeat DO NOT, go searching for them. They will know you are helping me.
Love always, -B

I felt horrible leaving that note behind, but I had no other option. He would understand; if anyone would, I know he would. Without looking back, I got in the car that would take me straight to Charlie's house. I haven't been to Forks since I was eight, and I don't have the fondest memories of that place. The worst thing was that I was going back as Isabella Swan, not with one of my cover up names. Hopefully, this plan would work; Charlie, my uncle, said it would so I just had to trust him.
The Swans were one of the most powerful wizards in existence in the other dimension. We were considered royalty, and my father was the ruler of the wizard dimension. Most of the "mythical creatures" lived in a different dimension, but some, like Charlie, like to stay with the humans or go back and forth from one to the other. It was funny how different things were for me; I was basically a nomad. Not by choice, but there was nothing I could do about it. It was one of the many drawbacks of being a wizard-fairy-human hybrid.

I was shaken out of my thoughts by the car launching forward. The Swan manor looked just as I remembered; it still looked really scary to me, like it held way too many deep, dark secrets. But I guess to anyone else it was a normal house, with stone walls and large windows with lovely flowers and vines smacked right in the middle of the forest. It almost looked like it came out of the ground. This house had belonged to the Swan family since the first wizards started settling in the human world. And someone from the family was always living here; Charlie was very fond of it, so he would jump at any chance he could to come live here.

"Sorry, ma'am, but we have arrived at the Swan residence," said the driver. Great, I'm here. Good thing Charlie sounded happy to see me when I spoke to him last, and hopefully I wasn't making things up in my head. I opened my door to see a very happy Charlie standing at the front door. As soon as I was out, he ran and hugged the living daylights out of me.

"It's so good to see you, kiddo! How was the drive? Are you tired? Sleepy? Hungry? How's life?"

"Hi, Charlie. How about one question at the time?" I laugh and say, "but the answers are: good no, no, a little, and it's ok."

"Ha, you never change, Bells. Come inside, let's get you settled in. We can catch up later; unfortunately, I have to go to work." Charlie was the chief of police here in the rainy town of Forks, Washington, so I guessed he was a busy man. I wondered how much I'd see him while I was here.
He led me upstairs to what would be my bedroom; I opened the door and gasped. It was without a doubt the most beautiful room I had ever been in. It looked like it came straight out of a book and I couldn't help but squeal in excitement. It had light purple walls with a huge white canopy bed in the middle and a sitting area off to the side with two huge windows that happen to look out to the back with an exquisite look of the forest. It felt like I was up in the highest tower of a castle, but without being trapped in it. Charlie came in, set my luggage next to my bed, and told me he had to go, but he'd be back around eight tonight. I barely paid attention to him, too mesmerized by the beauty of my room.

I couldn't help it. I knew it was childish, but I just couldn't resist. I took off running and jumped on the bed in a fit of giggles. I hadn't felt this happy and care free in a long time. Maybe moving here wasn't so bad after all. Maybe something good would finally happen here.
With that happy thought, I went down to the kitchen to fix myself a snack. As I opened the refrigerator, I noticed a note on the door with my name on it. It was from Charlie, so I quickly read it.

Hey, Bells,
I hope you find everything you need, and if you need anything, do not hesitate to call me at work. Oh, yeah. By the way, we are having guests tonight. Our neighbors are coming over; don't worry about food; it's all taken care of. And tomorrow night, we have dinner with the Blacks so don't make plans. -Charlie

I took all of the stuff I needed for a sandwich and headed to my fabulous room. I turned on some music and started to unpack. I didn't take me long to unpack especially with music on. Once I was down I sat down on my very comfy bed and just thought of everything that led me to this exact moment in life. It always happens like this, just when I'm getting comfortable somewhere something happens an I have to take off again. It makes me feel like such a coward to run, but it's either run or have people get hurt. Just because I don't ever fit in anywhere does not mean I want those around me to get hurt. Unfortunately once I move I bring new people into my problems. I mean I try to keep them off the loop for as long as I can but they always find out.

I was so lost in my own thought I dint even realize I had fallen asleep. I guess I was more exhausted than I thought. It was until I heard a noise close by that I realized I had zonked out. I opened my eyes and hear four kicks by kings of Leon playing. It takes me a few second to figure out it was my phone and that was Charlie's ringtone. By the time I pick up the phone to answer it has already stop ringing. I looked at the phone screen and see that I had 4 missed calls, all from Charlie. As I was about to dial back it rings again. I don't even wait for the ring to finish I just pick it up


"Hello Bella are you ok? Why didn't you answer the dam phone I was worried sick!"

"Sorry Charlie I was sleeping. I'm sorry I worried you"

"Oh well considering the day you've had I guess is normal for you to be tired. Sorry I overreacted. I was actually calling to let u know that I'm going to be a bit late tonight. But the Cullen's are still going over in about an hour."

"The Cullen's? Who are they?"

"They are my neighbors silly. I told you they wanted to meet you so I invited them over. Now don't worry they are some of the nicest people I know. So just talk to them for a bit until I get there. I should be done here in about two hours."

"Okay I guess it's just an hour I have to be alone with them. Hopefully it won't be too awkward, I can always tell them funny stories about you. And how come I don't have to make food for them?"

"Be nice and don't you dare to say one story about me! As for the food… ha just wait and see. God I wish I was there to see your face. Ok well I got to go I'll see you later bells and have fun"
"Um… okay… I guess I'll see ya then crazy man."

And with that he was off the phone. good thing too because I had to go get ready for our guests. I go downstairs and make sure everything is nice and neat. I have to give it to Charlie for a single guy he is very organized and neat. With nothing else to do but wait I get my copy of pride and prejudice and start reading. I got lost in the book and next thing I knew there was a light knock at the door followed by the bell ring. I marked my book and put it off to the side, I got up and checked I was presentable and I went to the door.

Nothing could have prepared me for what came next. And it wasn't the seven extremely good looking people standing in front of me, not even because they were all vampires. No what took me off guard was the one person out of the seven. One that I thought I would never get to see again. Right there in small distance was the one woman that I had such a longing to hug and see for such a long time it drove me insane sometimes. The only women to ever show me motherly love. Her face reflected what mine probably looked like, complete and utter shock.


"Isabella?" we both say at the same time. Next thing I knew she was giving me one of those hugs I've been craving for so long. It felt so good that I never wanted to let go, did she feel the same? But at last we had to and by the look of shock and curiosity of the people still outside we had much to explain.

"How can this be? Oh my dear you have no clue how much I've longed to see you again. You are so grown up. Please explain I thought u were gone, I've been looking for you without a single trace to be found." She's still holding my hand and I'm so glad she is because I would have probably be a wreck without her comforting touch.

"Now Esme let the girl breath." said a tall blond with butterscotch colored eyes. He had this calmness about him. "Hello dear I'm Carlisle, Esme's husband." He said with a smile and he shook my hand. All I could manage was a small smile before he continued. "I see you know each other already but let me introduce you to the rest of the family. This is Rosalie, Emmet, Alice, Jasper and Edward." As he said the names he pointed to them. Rosalie was a tall blond that was by far the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. Emmet was a big muscular guy with short curly hair with a huge dimpled smile in his face. Alice was a short girl with black spiky hair that was jumping in excitement, she looked like she was about to break into a dance. Jasper was a tall not as big as Emmet but something about him was scary. And finally my eyes landed on Edward, and I was speechless. He had this hypnotize crocked grin in his face high cheekbones and copper hair I was just dying to touch.

"Um… Hi I'm Bella I mean Isabella is nice to meet you all." I was finally able to stop starring long enough to speak "why don't you come in, it looks like we have a lot to talk about." And with that I lead them inside to the living room. I don't know how to start so I just look up to see Esme to see if she has some clue because I just don't have a single clue. She seems to understand what I'm silently wanting her to know because she says "Isabella is my long lost daughter." And with that six pairs of very shocked eyes stare at us.