Hi! Thank you for reading this, first off. Secondly, please review and leave your criticisms, so that I may improve as a writer. Lastly, This was made with several factions from the Fallout Universe, Now I also have the Main Character accessing the Capital Wasteland, so we may see some of THOSE guys, and he has formed the TSC, Terran Starship Command, ALL credit for that faction is given to the creator of the mod they are from, Mothership Zeta crew, with that please read and enjoy!

Jack stumbled into his suite in the Lucky 38 Casino, currently being run by Yes Man, and half-walked half-staggered to his personal bedroom,leaning the Silenced Sniper Rifle on the wall and not even bothering to remove the plates of his Combat Armor from the bodysuit as he collapsed on his bed, almost immediatly falling into a light sleep.

Mary Simeon crouched carefully in the door way, stealth boy active, and reached into her bag. The only defense within the Lucky 38 preventing her from reaching her target was 2 Securitrons, Mk II. She withdrew from her bag a cluster of Pulse Grenades, all joint linked to one pin. She pulled the pin and hurled the bundle of 3 Pulse Grenades at the bots. Just as they registered the bundle's prescense, it exploded in blue light and crackling electricity, overloading all the bots' systems. With that obstacle out of the way, she confidently strode forward and rode the elevator up to the 8th floor, which contained the presidential suite, belonging to a man known enigmatically throughout the wasteland as The Courier, both a Savior and a Killer in one package. What Jack had done utterly perplexed Mary, killing any NCR, Legion or Brotherhood soldier in sight, then forming his own faction whose home base was, of all things, a spaceship. She wanted to know his motives, what made the man keep going even when he had almost no friends outside of his own organization. Of course, that wasn't why she was here, she was here to kill the Savior not only of the Mojave Wasteland, but also through events she wasn't quite sure of, The Capital Wasteland. The elevator dinged, signalling she had arrived, so clad in her Combat Armor with a combat knife in hand, she stepped towards the only open door.


The sound woke Jack, signalling that the elevator had arrived. Jack bolted upright, the only other one who could normally access this building was Boone, but he was away on a personal mission right now. Jack's hand dove under his pillow, retrieving the sawed-off shotgun loaded with two Beanbag rounds that he kept there, just in case. He got into a prone stance on the bed facing the door, with the shotgun trained on the door. When a female figure emerged in the doorway, he didn't even hesitate to pull the trigger twice.


Mary grunted as the beanbag rounds smacked into her Combat Armor plates, winding her slightly as the plate was drove into her stomach. Dang, there would be a bruise there later. She jumped at the Courier, knife in hand, fully intent on driving the knife into the man. Sadly, Mary hadn't planned for his Combat Armor any more than he had planned for hers, which she realized as the knife slid down his armor plate. She released her grip on the knife and defaulted to hand to hand, raising her fist and threw a punch directed at Jack's nose. A hand shot out, grabbing hers and squeezing as he brought a knee up into her groin. She was a bit surprised that he had proven to actually have some skill, but she didn't let it affect her. She brought her other hand back and formed it into a fist, swing it hard and snapping Jack's head to the right, making an obvious bruise in the making appear. Jack drove Mary's own elbow back into her un-protected side, making a gasp of pain escape her. She brought her head back and slammed it forward making a satisfying cracking sound as her forehead impacted his, making both of them fill with pain. She then rolled off him and grabbed a drawer, pulling it from the night stand, intent on using it as a weapon on it's own, but what clattered out of it was for more effective. It was a silenced 10mm pistol with a full clip, and she didn't hesitate to grasp it and stand up, leveling it and aiming it at Jack, just to find that he had drawn a 44. Magnum from his boot and leveled it at her. The two stood frozen in a standoff, both so focused they didn't hear the sound of the arriving elevator.

Boone knew something was wrong when Jack didn't immediatly come to ask what had happened. Wearing his 1st Recon Survival Armor, Boone carefully crept up to the open bedroom door to find this standoff. He carefully set his rifle on the ground and drew the combat knife gifted to him by Jack. He then crept carefully into the room, entering the room and carefully creeping behind her, using all the skills he picked up as a First Recon man to avoid making noise. When he reached her, he quickly grabbed her and yanked her back, pressing the knife to her throat so it bit in just enough to let her know that she wasn't escaping. Jack got up to level his revolver in her face as she opened up with the 10mm before she dropped it, sending several bullets clanging off of Jack's armor. Boone went to slit her throat but Jack raised his hand, saying "No." She then swept out with her foot, knocking Jack off his feet and then she brutally abused him, kicking him wherever her foot could reach. Jack eventually hauled himself to his feet, and hauled his fist back, returning the favor in kind, smashing his fist into any bit of un-armored flesh he could until she passed out from sheer Physical Trauma. Boone asked "What was that about?" Jack, beaten bloody and highly bruised, said "I don't know, but I intend to find out, grab some sleeping drugs from the med-room and get ready, we'll take her to the Olympus and see what we can drag from her there."