Light in the Darkness

Rated M: For violence, language and most importantly lemons!

Summary: Things took a turn for the worst for Darth Sidious when an unexpected visitor arrived in his office to stop Anakin's descent into darkness. Can Anakin redeem himself in the eyes of the Council? Anakin can at least count on someone to be his guiding light. AniObi SLASH!

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Chapter One: The Savior

XxSidious POVxX

Lightning crackled in the sky as air surged through the shattered glass into Palpatine's office. Sidious found himself in a dangerous situation cornered by Mace Windu with his violet blade inches from his throat. Anakin raced into the office from the small hallway leading to it. "Good, someone to distract Windu with."

"Anakin! He's trying to kill me," said Sidious adding terror and a hint of pain in his voice to convince the young Jedi.

"He's trying to confuse you Anakin," warned Mace still keeping his attention on the fallen Sith.

Mace raised his blade poised to strike for the final blow. "I'm going to end this once and for all," he said with conviction filling his voice.

"But Master Windu, he should be tried by the Courts. It's not the Jedi way," said Anakin.

"He's too powerful and influential to be left to the Courts to deal with," said Mace.

Mace raised his blade above his head and snarled at the Chancellor, "You have lost!"

"No…no! You have lost!" roared Palpatine.

Anakin shielded his eyes as violet bolts of lightning crackled into existence from Sidious' fingertips. Mace lowered his violet blade in an attempt to deflect the lethal energy. He was shielded from the full force but several bolts weaved their way through his guard and coursed through his body. Sidious convulsed as most of the energy rebounded into his face aging him immensely. In his final desperate act he pleaded to Anakin, "I have the power to save the one you love."

Uncertainty plagued Anakin as he listened to the Dark Lord's pleas for help. He lowered his hand as the storm of energy faded away and Sidious lay cornered on the windowsill breathing I ragged gasps. Mace grimaced as the last effects of the lightning stopped surging throughout his body. He raised the blade once more and swung for Palpatine.

"NO!" screamed Anakin and his blade hummed to life with the casual snap-hiss.

He sprang forward and deflected the violet blade from slaying the Sith Lord. He shoved Mace back a pace.

"Are you insane? Lower your weapon and step aside now, Skywalker," ordered Windu.

"You can't kill him," said Anakin, "He has a technique I need to save someone I care for."

"You want to learn from him?" asked Mace in disgust, "He only teaches the powers of the dark side."

"Just let him teach me the technique I need to know," pleaded Anakin with hysteria now plaguing his voice.

"I can't do that," said Mace.

He sprang forward and locked blades with Anakin again sending sparks flying. Anakin countered his charge and slapped the violet blade of energy aside and lunged for his exposed chest. Mace held out a hand and the blade stopped an inch from the flesh of his hand and sparks dance off the blade as it was forced to a stop by a small barrier in the Force.

Mace slashed rapidly in wide arcs beating Anakin back towards the Chancellor. Anakin held his ground and locked their blades once more each vying for power in the strafe.

XxObi-Wan's POVxX

As soon as he stepped out of the elevator he could feel the tension in the Force. He opened himself to the Force, and searched the Chancellor's office through it. He could both feel and hear combat coming from the room through the open doorway of the small hall. "Anakin!"

He rushed into the office and saw the cobalt blue and violet blades locked together. His gaze turned from the two to the Chancellor huddled in the corner of the broken window. He noticed how aged his face had become and shuddered at the odd deformity.

Mace broke off the saber lock and pointed his blade at Anakin, "Don't make me kill you too!" snarled Mace at Anakin.

Obi-wan ascended the small staircase up to the top part of the office and stepped in between the two, "What in the blazes is going on here!"

Mace lowered his weapon and spoke quietly, "Aren't you supposed to be fighting on Utapau?"

"By some miracle, Grievous perished in a massive explosion in Hanger Ten. Intelligence is still trying to find out the cause. I returned here as quickly as possible to report the good news to the Chancellor himself," replied Obi-wan, "Now can you care to explain why you two are fighting in the middle of the Chancellor's office and why the Chancellor himself is half-dead and aged by centuries?"

"He's the Sith we have been looking for all these years," said Mace, "And he is bound and determined to protect him for some disillusioned reason because of some trickery from the Sith himself. He's warped Anakin's mind into thinking that he can teach him some technique to save someone he holds close to him."

Darth Sidious rose from the corner now obscured by a jet black cloak and a hood concealed his damaged face. Only his amber eyes shined in the darkness provided by the hood. He reached into the folds of the cloak and pulled out another lightsaber identical to the one Mace had knocked out the window earlier. Crimson energy sprang from the hilt with a snap-hiss and he raised it in a defensive position.

Another blade of energy crackled to life behind Mace and it rammed through his chest. He howled in pain and crumpled to the floor. Another man stood concealed by his dark robes and hood. His emerald irises shone from the crimson light. "Of course, as soon as I saw the connection between Skywalker and Kenobi I knew there was no way Anakin would fall if Kenobi survived. I sought out another apprentice after Dooku was killed, and her he stands today eager to prove himself to me," said Sidious.

He cackled darkly as Obi-wan's own blade of energy ignited. He watched Anakin and Obi-wan rush the Sith apprentice. His crimson blade hummed through the air and deflected two swift strikes from Anakin and lunged at Obi-wan to drive him back. Obi-wan slapped the blow aside and slashed at the Sith's chest. The apprentice dodged the strike and launched an aggressive assault against Anakin's defenses.

Mace slowly got back to his feet and advanced on the Chancellor and rasped at him, "Shall we resume?"

"There was never anything to begin with," said Sidious with a sneer. He deflected Mace's clumsy blows and slapped his lightsaber out the window with a forceful slash. Mace clutched at his throat as he was lifted from the ground his head brushing against the ceiling. "Now you die, Jedi," said Sidious with a cackle. Lightning flared to life from his fingertips and surged into Mace's body. Mace twitched and writhed in pain still suspended in the air by the Force's iron grip. Sidious' cackles drowned out Mace's cries of pain and agony. Mace went limp and Sidious hurled him out the shattered window without a second thought.

Obi-wan intercepted a swift attack by the Sith apprentice and diverted from plunging into Anakin's briefly exposed chest. Anakin delivered a kick to the apprentice under his chin and plunged his blade straight into the Sith's heart. The apprentice let out a gasp and stumbled off of the blade and fell out the window disappearing down into Coruscant City's cityscape.

Obi-wan and Anakin as one turned on Sidious. His grin slid off his face as his apprentice's corpse disappeared out the window. "I had hoped that Anakin would turn but now I see that can never be possible. That pathetic emotion gets stronger every moment between you two," he said with disgust.

"What are you talking about?" asked Anakin.

"Oh, so you cannot feel it?" asked Sidious, "I can feel it pulsating off the both of you in waves. I think you both just refuse to acknowledge its existence."

"Enough of this," said Obi-wan. He sprang forward and Sidious blasted him off of his feet and he soared across the office engulfed in lightning. He struck the wall and slumped down to the floor unconscious. Sidious cackled as he felt Anakin's fury build.

"You know how I feel for him," he snarled, "I will never bow to your will. I doubt you had any knowledge to help me save Padme anyway. This is all some trick to get me confused and to enter your servitude. Mace was right and I will avenge him."

Sidious smiled evilly, "Then go right on ahead, try me."

Anakin leapt across the office with a feral growl and viciously chopped down with his blade. Sidious dodged the blow and Anakin raced forward slashing and hacking in all directions at Sidious. His anger fueled him and drove him to end the Sith Lord. Sidious narrowly dodged a horizontal slash directed at his throat. His own crimson blade skillfully deflected every blow and barely nipped Anakin's cheek. Anakin brutally delivered a kick into Sidious' chest and sent him careening into his desk.

Sidious activated a switch and the floor opened up in front of his desk. Sidious leapt into the metal podium and it began to descend into the huge room surrounded with circular platforms. Anakin jumped in after him and shoved him over to the edge. Sidious shot a short burst of lightning at Anakin to regain himself and deflected a sloppy slash from the side. He gathered the dark side and a concussive blast soared for Anakin.

Anakin threw up a barrier in the Force barely to absorb most of the attack. He slid across the podium over to the edge and teetered backwards. Sidious sprinted forward cackling triumphantly and lunged at Anakin with his crimson blade of energy.

Anakin side stepped out of harm's way and the Sith tumbled out of the podium. He fell about ten meters before he managed to sink his blade into the side of a senatorial podium and pulled himself in. Anakin ripped the podium free from the wall and threw it down fifty more feet into the bottom of the massive room. Sidious leapt out just in time to escape the wreckage and leapt up row after row of podiums. Anakin pulled three more free and hurled them at Sidious leaping back up to reach Anakin.

Sidious dodged the first two but the next smashed into his side and pinned him against the wall. Anakin lashed out with the Force now tainted with anger and hatred. Sidious was wrenched out of the wreckage and dragged up fifty feet in front of Anakin with his air slowly being cut off. Anakin snarled in hatred at Sidious, "I considered you a friend once, but you betrayed me eagerly seeking me to use as a pan in your plan. No longer will the galaxy be plagued by your dark schemes for power."

Sidious choked out, "End it and you will descend further on your path into the dark side!"

"As you wish, master," replied Anakin. He clenched his fist together tightly and a loud resounding and sickening crunch of bones filled the hall and the limp corpse of the Sith Lord tumbled down fifty feet to strike the hard floor with a gruesome splattering sound. Anakin turned away in disgust and leapt back up into the Chancellor's office by scaling the podiums.

Anakin raced over to Obi-wan who was beginning to stir. He stifled his rage and knelt down beside his Master. "Are you okay?" he asked softly.

"More or less," replied Obi-wan with a groan.

Anakin laughed softly and helped him up. Obi-wan called his lightsaber back to his hand and hooked it to his belt. Several clone troopers filed into the room with weapons at the ready with Master Yoda and Bail Organa right behind them. "What happened?" asked a clone.

"Chancellor Palpatine was really the Sith Master the Jedi have been hunting for years. You can go check on him in the Congressional Hall, but I'm certain he's not in mint condition," said Anakin.

Obi-wan shook his head and Anakin helped him limp out of the office and out to the speeder parked outside on the Chancellor's personal landing pad. He engaged the dual engines and the speeder sped off into Coruscant's traffic lanes.

Yoda watched the speeder leave silently and turned away from the ruined window, "Careful Skywalker must be else descend he will onto the path to the dark side," he whispered.

XxJedi Temple, Next MorningxX

Anakin stood outside Obi-wan's personal quarters and the door slid open automatically. He shut it with the Force behind him. He smiled as Obi-wan turned to face him with surprise evident all over his face. "We need to talk," said Anakin.

"About what?" asked Obi-wan.

"About us," he whispered barely audibly.

Obi-wan stood silently beside his bed looking away unable to meet Anakin's searching gaze. "What about us?" he said after a long while.

"You and I both know how we feel about one another," he said.

"I know," said Obi-wan, "I just thought to push them so far down so I wouldn't have to face them because…well you chose her."

Guilt flooded through Anakin immediately. "I only chose her because I thought you didn't share the same feelings for me," he said.

"Well now you know I do," said Obi-wan, "But as fate would have it we apparently aren't meant for one another."

Anakin sprung forward propelled by the Force and grabbed his face in a gentle caress and forced him to look him straight in the eyes, "Don't say that. W-we can find a way," he said his voice filled with pain.

"Anakin you're a married man," said Obi-wan, "Yes, I know. Besides, the Order prevents us from being with one another anyway."

"T-then let's leave everything behind. Move away to a faraway world to escape the memories and pain this war has wrought," said Anakin.

"Would you really be so ready to leave the Order behind? To desert Padme?" asked Obi-wan already knowing the answer to the question.

"You're right, besides the Order needs us now to restore peace amidst the chaos now that the Chancellor's plot has been exposed," said Anakin.

Anakin dropped his hand back to his side and turned to leave his quarters. He spun around and pulled Obi-wan in close, their faces only a mere inch apart. Anakin brought their lips together softly and pulled away a minute later, "I at least wanted to share at least one kiss," he said.

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