Light in the Darkness

Chapter Twelve


Luke stirred from sleep squinting around Kylar's chambers finding himself alone. He draped the blankets around his naked form and trudged over towards the table by the armchair and picked up Kylar's data pad scanning through a message sent by Kylar, "Shit," cursed Luke under his breath, getting dressed in a hurry.

He slipped on his cloak and clipped his saber to his belt before storming out of the room locking it behind him. He raced through the corridors nearly mowing over an unfortunate group of Younglings departing from a class.

Luke entered the turbolift and punched in his destination for the hangar. The doors closed and the turbolift hurtled upward towards the higher levels of the Temple. Luke stepped out and walked into the hangar, surprised to find it nearly empty. His starfighter rose up out of the floor and he hopped into the cockpit prepping it for launch immediately before strapping himself in.

The engines grew to a dull roar and Luke raised the landing gear and zipped out of the hangar towards the Ambassadorial Sector in the Senate District. Already, the tower loomed in the distance rising up into the clouds above Galactic City.

Luke disregarded the communications summons requesting clearance to land at one of 500 Republica's skydocks. Luke swung his starfighter around part of the structure hanging off of the main portion of the tower and landed on a private dock for the area, disengaging his fighter's systems.

Luke leapt out of the cockpit and raced inside the building. He pressed his hand against a glowing panel near the entrance into Anakin and Obi-wan's apartment. The console beeped in recognition and the door slid open. Luke stopped dead in his tracks spotting Obi-wan sitting on the couch with Kylar in one of the armchairs directly across from Anakin.

Obi-wan turned towards the doorway, surprised to see Luke standing there, "Luke! We weren't expecting you."

Luke glanced towards Kylar, "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I decided now is the best time to tell them about us," replied Kylar with an air of finality.

"Without asking me first?" asked Luke incredulously.

Anakin raised his hand silencing Luke, "I don't see why you were afraid to tell us. Did you think we of all people were going to judge you?" he asked.

"I-I don't know."

"Whatever," interrupted Obi-wan, "I always knew form the start anyway. You can't hide anything from me Luke." He trailed away as the floor shook and a crashing sound could be heard several stories down. Anakin jumped to his feet, "What the hell was that?!"

The floor shook again knocking a picture off of the wall. Obi-wan placed his cup of tea on the table beside the sofa and rose to his feet striding over to the open veranda. Obi-wan peered over the banister spotting smoke pouring out of the building a little further down the wall.

The wind howled suddenly and Obi-wan looked up through his bangs blowing in his face spotting a large freighter gliding out of the clouds down towards their apartment, armed to the teeth in weaponry.

"Force, this is just not my day," he grumbled backing away from the railing. Anti-aircraft turrets began to open up out of the tower's exterior walls and fired on the freighter keeping it at bay. Proton torpedoes bombarded the walls around the turrets, destroying some instantly, and finishing off the remainder them falling out of the wall to join the rubble raining down on Galactic City below.

The turbolaser cannons opened fire on the apartment and Obi-wan spun around tossing everyone inside to the ground as the first volley of shots hit shattering every window. Obi-wan ducked inside narrowly dodging another volley of turbolaser fire. He peered out the ruined doorway to see a proton core missile hit the veranda, the blast tossing him through the air like a ragdoll back into his apartment. Obi-wan slammed into the sitting room wall and slumped to the floor dazed but alive.

Anakin called out in worry, "Obi-wan?"

"I'm fine," groaned Obi-wan clutching at his side. I probably broke a rib.

Starfighters zipped past the shattered windows lighting up the freighter. The freighter gunned them down, swatting them aside like flies. Obi-wan watched the airlock open and the girl from the Temple leapt out landing on the remains of the veranda. Her Master landed beside her. Obi-wan narrowed his eyes and activated his lightsaber and charged at the Apprentice without a word.

The Apprentice backpedaled, quickly giving ground under Obi-wan's relentless assault. As soon as she countered, Obi-wan dropped into Form 3 repelling her weak attack. The Master raised a hand snatching Obi-wan off of the ground in an iron grip, "This is the end for you Master Kenobi," he cackled tossing him over the edge of the veranda. Obi-wan plummeted stories below vanishing from sight.

Anakin stared in horror over the ledge his husband had fallen and turned towards the Sith Master his face contorted with rage and grief. The dark side rolled off of him like a hurricane causing both Luke and Kylar to wince from its effect on the balance of the Force.

Anakin lashed out with the dark side, unleashing a concussive blast that tore the apartment apart blasting the walls apart. The Apprentice shielded her face from shrapnel and rubble and unleashed a bolt of lightning off of two fingertips attempting to subdue Anakin. Big mistake bitch.

Anakin redirected the bolt of lightning out of the apartment and lightning crackled in the palm of his hand, "You want to play with lightning?! I'll give you lightning." Nearly a dozen bolts of violet energy streamed off of his fingertips and enveloped the girl in a cocoon of agony.

Anakin stepped outside and activated his lightsaber twirling it dangerously. He sprinted forward and his saber cleaved a deep wound into the girl's chest. The girl let out a small gasp of surprise and with a booted foot he kicked her in the face, sending her reeling over the edge of the veranda. The Master turned towards him slashing at Anakin's back with his saber.

Anakin slapped it aside like it was child's play, "You shouldn't have come here," laughed Anakin, "You should've trained more if you had hoped to stand a chance against me."

The Master lashed out suddenly shoving Anakin back into the apartment away from him with the Force. The Sith turned towards Luke Force choking him slowly. The freighter suddenly exploded behind the Sith and the Master instantly released his hold letting Luke fall to the floor. He turned watching his ship fall apart in a flaming heap of metal. Several cruisers emerged out of the clouds with an Interceptor IV-class frigate at the head of the V-formation.

Anakin ducked back inside the apartment and watched the veranda crumble away as the Interceptor IV-class frigate's guns pounded the apartment again.

Anakin peered outside as the frigate's guns died down. The frigate veered off toward the apartment and the airlock opened. "I send my regards Skywalker!" bellowed a man with long white hair flapping about in the wind. The airlock sealed and the frigate departed vanishing in the clouds once again.

Anakin stared after him, "Who the hell was that?" asked Kylar.

"Tyber Zann," said Anakin grimly.

Anakin stared off in the distance as emergency vehicles began to converge on 500 Republica. Anakin jumped startled as a hand grasped at the ledge where the doorway to the veranda used to be. Anakin peered over spotting Obi-wan trying to pull himself up.

"Obi-wan!" cried Anakin using the Force to pull him into the room into his arms. Obi-wan embraced Anakin weakly and Anakin held him tight, "I thought I had lost you."

"I'm fine Anakin," replied Obi-wan calmly. Security guards entered the apartment blasting the door off of its hinges. "Grand Master Skywalker," asked the captain, "Are you and your husband all right?"

"I am fine Captain, but I'm not so sure about Obi-wan here though," replied Anakin grimly.

"I'll be fine Anakin, Force you're deaf," grumbled Obi-wan slightly limping away. Anakin turned towards the captain of security, "I need two deaths to be confirmed and what's left of the man and woman to be recovered. I must know that they are dead."

The captain's comm beeped and he activated it listening to a report by his troops, "Two fatalities sir," confirmed the commanding officer.

So, the Sith have been eradicated once again.

"Then the Republic will have peace, eventually the Sith will return again to balance out the tide of the Force, but no matter what happens we will always rise back up and live to fight another day," said Anakin to the clones assembled in the ruined apartment.

The clones nodded and swept from the room leaving them alone. Anakin stepped out onto the last remnants of the veranda jutting out of the ruined wall and Obi-wan followed, leaning into Anakin's embrace.

The sun peeked out from behind the Senate Rotunda looming in the distance and the black of night ebbed away completely as dawn overtook the skies above Coruscant. Anakin pressed his lips against Obi-wan's temple whispering solemnly, "I can never thank you enough Obi. You rescued me from my descent into darkness. You became my guiding light, my savior. You became my light in the darkness."

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