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A/N: POV is Bella unless otherwise stated…takes place sometime during Eclipse…where..IDK

Chapter 1: An Act of Betrayal and Savagery

I was cold, wet, and bleeding. I had wrapped what remained of my clothing around my battered body. I was in so much pain that I wanted to scream, but I didn't because I didn't know if HE was still out there. I had been so stupid to follow him into the forest. I knew when he asked me to take a walk with him that it wasn't good. Especially since I just got back from spending time with Jake.

I didn't notice when we crossed into the Pack's territory, making it impossible for Alice to see us. I trusted him because he was so calm. I know now that it was just the calm before the storm.


Edward and I were walking out in the forest. I had just gotten back from visiting Jake. I knew that he would be angry that I snuck away from Alice, again, to visit Jake, but I really needed to get away from the shopping. Not to mention that I had made plans with Jake and nothing he did was going to stop me.

We stopped about halfway into the forest. Then he turned to me and started yelling. He was yelling about how I wanted Jake, not him, so that is why I kept sneaking off. I was denying it as usual and I was about to call Jake or Emmett to come and get me when suddenly my phone was torn out of hand and thrown into a tree where it smashed into pieces.

I looked up at him, furious. I asked, "Edward what the hell?" Suddenly I was pinned to the ground with Edward pinning my arms above my head. I got a glimpse of his eyes and I knew that I was in big trouble. His eyes were so black that it looked like there was nothing there.

I tried to get loose, but his vampire strength was too much. So I tried talking to him. That only made it worse. Suddenly he was tearing off my clothes, muttering something about finding proof of Jake on me. I fought him the best I could, but it was pointless.

I was able to get one hand free and I slapped him. Big mistake. He pushed my legs apart and unzipped his pants. I tried to fight, but he slapped me so hard that I blacked out.

When I woke up, I knew in an instant what he had done.

End Flashback

Luckily, my jacket was intact, so I put it on, the hem going to a little below my knees. I slowly stood, so sore that I nearly collapsed. I went over to a tree, leaned against it, and started thinking. Charlie wouldn't be looking for me, thinking that I'm still with Alice. Alice can't have seen me, since I am on Pack land, as I've just realized.

I also just realized something else. I could tell that I was close enough to the borderline, and the Cullen's house, that if I could walk there fast enough, I could get their help. I gathered what strength I had and started walking.

As I was walking, I gained speed and started to run, afraid for the first time of the forest that surrounded me. The pain that was coursing through my body kept me from feeling anything else. All I knew was that I had to get to the Cullen house.

I know, it seems strange that I would go to the family of the man, sorry, boy that raped me, but I didn't blame them for anything. It's not their fault that Edward is a complete psycho.

Joy filled me when I saw the lights of the Cullen house. I took one step and collapsed, all of my energy gone. My body was screaming in agony. I was only a few yards away and I was barely conscious. I didn't know how much longer I could stay awake, so before I passed out I did the only thing I could. I shouted, "Jasper, help me!" as loud as I could. I yelled his name because it was the only one I could think of.

Hopefully he heard me. Hopefully I was close enough for them to find me.