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Chapter 2: Discovery and New Friendships

Jasper's POV

My family and I are sitting around the dining room table, worried. Bella had snuck off to hang with her friend Jake after figuring out that Edward, my insanely crazy and overprotective brother, conspired with my wife to keep Bella at the house so that she couldn't see Jake. My wife wasn't responsible for causing this. She just really wanted to spend time with Bella.

We haven't called Charlie yet, hoping that Bella and the also missing Edward are together, getting the alone time they need since Victoria's newest threat has put some stress on their relationship. Emmett and Carlisle were discussing what to do next when suddenly we all heard "Jasper, help me!"

We all recognized the voice as Bella's. Thinking the worst, we all ran outside. We waited for another shout, but none came. Suddenly Alice doubled over screaming, "NO! Edward, what did you do?" We all went over and I asked, "What did you see darlin'?" She finally stopped and said, "Edward raped Bella! He flipped out and raped her. I didn't see it at first because it was on the Pack's land but I just now saw it. Bella needs us." We got Alice standing and then we went to look for Bella.

I found her not long after hearing her shout. The pain she was in was excruciating. I shouted for the rest of my family and slowly made my way over to Bella. She wasn't unconscious, but she was definitely out of it.

She was naked, proving Alice's vision correct. She was on her side, the coat she was wearing covering what it needed to, especially now. She was facing me, but not seeing me. I knelt down in front of her, slowly so that I didn't scare her.

She finally looked up at me and she said, "You heard me." I nodded my head and then I asked, "Why did you yell for me darlin'? Why not shout for Alice or Carlisle?" She looked me straight in the eye and said, "Jasper, I trust you. You're proving right now that I can trust."

I didn't understand what she meant at first until I saw her lift one of her arms, which was covered in blood, towards me. Then it hit me. Her blood wasn't calling out to me, nor was any venom pooling in my mouth at the sight of it. I was finally in control of my thirst.

I must have been grinning like an idiot because Bella got my attention by laughing and asked me, "You figured it out didn't you?" I nodded, took her hand in mine, and said, "Bella we are goin' to be here no matter what. We ain't goin' nowhere this time, I promise you." I saw her nod and then she moved to look behind me. I turned and saw my family standing there. They all came forward slowly and stood next to us, Carlisle the closest, the doctor in him coming out as his concern for Bella grew. I took another look at what she was wearing and turned to Emmett, who was wearing an old jersey that was even big for him.

He got what I was trying to say and took his jersey off and handed it to me. I turned back to Bella and handed it to her. She tried to sit up, but the stiffness of her body made it difficult. Just as I was about to help, Rose came forward and gently helped her up. Bella was just as confused as I was at Rose's sudden warmth towards her. I think Rose felt it because she said, "I never hated Bella. I was just afraid of getting attached when I knew it would end badly with Edward. Not that I expected this. I am so sorry Bella."

Bella shook her head and said, "I never thought that you hated me. You were just protecting your family." They briefly hugged and then after telling us guys to turn around, Alice and Rose helped her out of the coat and into the jersey.

When we were allowed to turn back around, Carlisle asked, "Bella, do you want us to call Charlie and tell him what happened?" She shook her head and said, "Not yet. I want to know what he did to me and then I want to get cleaned up." We all agreed, understanding why she said it. If Charlie saw her now, there would be no stopping him if he went after Edward. On the other hand, if he saw her after she was examined and cleaned up, he might want to go after Edward, but his main concern would be Bella. Carlisle then asked, "Do you want to go to the hospital to be examined? I have the equipment at the house if you want to avoid the hospital."

Bella nodded and so we moved to go home. Emmett picked Bella up very carefully, so he didn't push on any wounds she had. Alice followed her blood trail back, which didn't end on Pack land, but ours, and gathered the remnants of Bella's clothes. We didn't have to ask her, Alice burned them as soon as we got to the house.

On the way there, Bella never let go of Rose's hand. While I'm glad that they're friends, the circumstances behind it formation are horrible. We all walked at a human pace, eager to make sure the human girl who had wormed her way into our lives, and our hearts, was alive and well.

I can tell you this: If Edward ever comes back here and the Pack or Charlie don't get him, this entire family will be ripping him to shreds for what he has done to Bella. He won't survive another sunrise.

One more thing: I felt some weird emotions coming from Carlisle, the weirdest being guilt and love, and not the love of a father to a daughter either. I wanted to ask, but now is not the time.

I'm feelin' tired now. It seems that Bella has fallen asleep. We are at the house now. Time to see how deep Edward's madness goes.