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Chapter 3: A New Room…Maybe a New Life?

We finally got back to the house. I am in so much pain and so tired that I just want to sleep, but I need to know what Edward did to me and I want to take a shower to get him off of me. Emmett carried me upstairs to a room that I had never seen before. It was full of hospital equipment, machines, and a bed.

Emmett set me down on the bed and then went to the door. Carlisle came over and said, "Bella, the rape examination is very personal. If you're not comfortable with me doing, Rose or Alice can. They have the training." I nodded and looked at them both. They whispered to themselves and then made the guys leave the room. Rose came up and said, "Alice is going to do the exam. I'm going to talk with you so that it goes by quicker." I nodded and then they both began. While Alice did the exam, Rose talked to me. She kept me so distracted that it wasn't long before Alice was done.

She looked at me and said, "You were raped, but he didn't leave anything, which probably means he used a condom. Now, Carlisle is going to come in and check the rest of your injuries since I don't have that kind of training." I nodded and she went to the door and let Carlisle in. He came over to the bed and asked, "Are you okay with me finishing the exam?" I nodded and said, "I trust you Carlisle." He nodded and then finished the exam. No broken bones, but a lot of bruises. It seemed that while I was knocked out, Edward not only raped me, but also decided to beat me up a little, at least from a vampire's point of view. To humans, it looked like I had gotten the shit beat out of me. Hope I can convince Charlie to let me skip school until they fade a bit more.

After he was done, I turned to Alice and said, "Call Charlie. I'll explain it to him tonight. Now, where can I take a shower?" Alice smiled for the first time tonight and said, "C'mon, I'll show you." She and Carlisle helped me off the bed and we made our way to yet another part of the house I had never seen.

We stopped at a purple door with my name on it. I looked at Alice and she said, "I knew that you would need a room of your own, so we built you one." She opened the door and we stepped inside. It was like she took this room right out of my mind, and knowing Alice, she probably did. A huge canopy bed made of black oak and covered in purple bedding was on one wall. A desk of the same wood was against another with a brand new laptop and printer on it. A third wall held a dresser and the door to what I guessed would be a huge closet. The fourth and final wall had some wall hangings and the door to the huge bathroom. I grinned and said, "I love it." My family, yes I am calling them that smiled and then walked over and we hugged.

Alice took the liberty of shooing everyone out of my room as I started looking for pajamas. I found them in one of the dresser drawers: a tank top, flannel pants, and the top to match. I grabbed underwear and made my way to the bathroom. Before I went in, I turned to Alice and asked, "Alice, I love most of the clothing you bought, but can we do some online shopping tomorrow? A lot of them are…"

"What Edward would want you to wear? Yeah, we can do that." I smiled and then went to take a long shower. I turned the water on as hot as I could stand it and waited. While I waited for it to heat up, I stripped off Emmett's jersey, put it in the sink, and ran cold water over it. I looked up at the mirror and saw my body. I didn't like what I saw, so I got into the shower and started scrubbing.

By the time the water ran cold, my skin was crab red and I had cried my eyes out a dozen times. I turned it off and stepped out. The theme of my bathroom was green and black, so I grabbed a green towel and dried off. I could hear voices downstairs and wondered if Charlie was here yet. I got dressed, loving the soft looseness of the pajamas. I put my hair in a loose braid, hung my towel and Emmett's jersey to dry, and then headed downstairs. I was near the bottom of the staircase when I heard Charlie say, "Alice, tell me why you called me at one in the morning to say that I needed to come here. Did something happen to Bella?"

I decided to make myself known, so I said, "Dad, we need to talk."