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Chapter 4: A Father's Worst Fear

Charlie's POV

What a night. There's been a series of robberies in town for the past month. Nothing major, just tiring. We finally caught the kid doing the robberies tonight. I finished the report around midnight, the kid confessing not long after we arrested him. I was on my way home when my cell went off, the ringtone telling me it was Alice calling.

I picked up, thinking that she was calling to ask me to let Bella stay over longer. As long as it was Alice asking, I didn't mind saying yes. Now if it was Edward asking, my answer would always be no. That kid never sat right with me. He broke my daughter's heart, left her in the woods alone, and just when she was getting back to normal; he waltzes in with some lame excuse and expects me to forgive him for putting Bella through hell. Not a chance.

So after I press answer on my phone, I ask, "What do you need Bella for now Alice?" Expecting her usual giggle, I was shocked when she said in a very serious tone, "Charlie, I need you to come to the house. We need to tell you something. It concerns Bella." I was immediately angry; my first thought being that Edward left Bella again. I said, "I'll be right there."

It took me fifteen minutes to get to the Cullen house. I ran to the front door, but before I could bang on it, the door was opened by Dr. Cullen. He let me in and I immediately went over to Alice. I asked her, "Where's Bella, what happened?" She told me to sit down and after I did, she said, "Charlie, I want to apologize right now. When I planned this weekend, I had no idea that Bella had plans with Jake. If I had, I would not have made plans that kept her from hanging out with him. I was totally misinformed as to her plans and I apologize."

At first I was confused by what she meant. Then it hit me. Edward had gone behind Bella's back and made sure that she would be too busy to have fun with Jake. I've heard of jealousy, but this is beyond ridiculous. This was even beyond the point of controlling.

Alice didn't seem like she was going to say anything else and neither did anyone else. I stood up and said, "Alice, tell me why you called me at one in the morning to tell me to come here. Did something happen to Bella?"

Alice was about to say something when she looked behind me. I turned and saw Bella standing there at the foot of the stairs. She said, "Dad, we need to talk." She took a step forward and with one look, I knew that my daughter's life had changed again and not in a good way.

A/N: Okay, so Charlie is slightly informed and probably majorly worried about Bella's frame of mind now…so do you think he'll go after Edward, or will the Cullen family keep him here for his own safety?