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Chapter 5: Charlie is Told…and Strange Dreams Occur

I took another step forward and said, "Before I start explaining, I want you to sit down Dad. I don't need you collapsing on me." He sat back down and I went over and say by Rose, the rest of the family arranging themselves around us. I looked at Charlie, took a deep breath, and began telling my dad what had happened tonight.

"As Alice already told you, I made plans to hang out with Jake this weekend. Edward found out and conspired with Alice, who only helped him because Edward didn't tell her the truth, to keep me here so I couldn't see Jake. I figured it out and was angry. Jake was at school when I got there, so I skipped school to hang out with him." I took another breath and continued. "When Jake took me home, Edward was there waiting for me. Jake offered to either take me back to the reservation or wait with me until you got home. I told him neither offer was necessary. After he left, Edward asked me to take a walk with him. I stupidly went along, but I took my phone, thinking that I would call someone if he started being stupid again."

"We had been walking for a long time when he stopped and turned to face me. He started yelling about how I wanted Jake that I was sneaking off to be with Jake. I kept denying it, as usual, and I was about to call Jake or Emmett to come and get me when he took my phone and threw it against a tree, which completely destroyed it. I yelled at him and next thing I knew, he was pinning me to the ground with my arms pinned above my head. I tried to calm him down, but it didn't work. Then he started ripping my clothes, saying that he was going to find proof that Jake and I had been together."

The next part was hard, because I knew that by saying it, I was going to confirm Charlie's worst fear. I took yet another deep breath and said, "I was able to get one of my arms free and I slapped him, hoping it would snap him out of it. It only made it worse. He…he pushed my legs apart and then I don't know. I tried to fight him and he hit me so hard that my head hit a tree and I blacked out."

I didn't tell him the rest; I didn't think he could take it. He noticed my wet hair and asked, "Bella, why did you take a shower?" Carlisle stepped in by saying, "Bell didn't want to go to the hospital. I have the proper equipment here to do most exams and procedures Bella was examined by a friend of mine and she took a shower after." I looked at Carlisle, wondering where that "friend" of his had come from, but he didn't look at me and I figured he would have it all figured out soon anyway.

I could see on Charlie's face that he still had one important question, so I quickly answered it, "He used a condom." He looked mildly relieved. He then asked, "You ready to go home Bella?" The thought of returning to the one place Edward could get in without any trouble terrified me so much that Jasper looked at me and sent out waves of calmness to help me get past it. I shook my head and said, "Dad, Edward used to sneak in at night and sleep next to me. Right now, I associate our house with him more than here. I can't stay there right now. Does that bother you?" Alice jumped in by saying that I was more than welcome to stay here. Charlie nodded at her and then shook his head at me and said, "Whatever you need kiddo, we'll do it. Now, what do you want to do about school?"

"Dad, I can't handle questions right now, and considering I look like I was in a car wreck, there would be a lot of them." Charlie nodded and said, "I'll pull you out for two weeks. That should give your bruises enough time to fade. If the school asks why, I can tell them it's for personal reasons. What about your schoolwork?" Alice jumped in again and told him that she would get it for me. I, on the other hand, was starting to fall asleep in my chair. Jasper felt it and said, "Chief Swan, I think Bella needs to sleep. We can talk more when Bella is rested and ready." Charlie agreed with him, turned to Carlisle and said, "Dr. Cullen, I'm getting Bella a restraining order against your son. Is that going to be a problem? Do you have any objections?"

Carlisle looked him straight in the eye and said, "No, it will not be and I do not have any objections. He ceased to be my son the moment he did this to Bella. He is no son of mine, nor is he allowed in this house ever again. Do what you must Chief Swan." I knew it was hard for Carlisle to do that. While a part of him wanted to protect Edward; another larger part of him knew it was dangerous to do so and also that it would be a death sentence for me if he was allowed to return to the house.

Before Charlie left he asked, "Do you want me to tell Jake or do you want to?" "I'll tell Jake tomorrow. I'll see you later Dad. I've got to get some sleep." He nodded, kissed my forehead, and left.

I turned, said goodnight to everyone, and went back to my room. I crawled under the blankets and tried to sleep. But once again, because of Edward, I couldn't sleep because of either nightmares of what happened or weird dreams about what happened with James at the ballet studio. Those dreams freaked me out. Instead of the dream playing like the memory I had of that day, certain details changed. James was pacing and muttering something I couldn't understand. Also, in my dream, he wasn't even holding a camera. He wasn't even trying to kill me either.

Suddenly, Edward was there. He was angry and his anger was apparently directed towards me. James was suddenly in front of me in a protective crouch. He growled and I heard Edward hiss. Edward suddenly came at him, and me, and then I was sliding towards that familiar post, splitting my head. I had been shoved by Edward, not James. I was slowly sitting up when Edward was suddenly in front of me. Instead of picking me up, he took my leg and broke it. Then he was gone again as James threw him away from me. James picked me up and tried to get me out of there. But Edward caught his leg and pulled him down to the floor.

I fell out of his arms and straight into a pile of glass, cutting my leg. James came back over to me. I saw a shadow of Edward on the floor, coming from the window ledge where he was looking down at us. James lifted my wrist to his mouth. Before he bit down I heard him say, "I do this to help you against him." Then he bit me.

Pain inflamed my body. But this time, instead of seeing things blurry, my vision was crystal clear. I saw Edward and the rest of the family show up. They ripped James from me and started to build the pyre to burn him on. I tried to shout, to tell them to stop, but the flames wouldn't let me speak. Carlisle came over to me and had Alice tie her belt around my leg. He called Edward over. I tried to tell them that this whole thing was Edward's fault, but once again I couldn't. Then Carlisle noticed the bite on my wrist. Alice recalled her vision, but Edward was adamant: I was not going to be a vampire.

Carlisle then told that he had to suck the venom out if he wanted me to remain human. I saw a look of disgust pass over his face before he reluctantly took my wrist and put his mouth over the bite and started to suck the venom out.

It was more painful than the bite itself. Not to mention that the burning sensation was still happening, this time in my heart. Then it wasn't and Carlisle was saying that my blood was clean and trying to get Edward to stop.

Now, instead of blacking out like I did that day, I got to see the rest of what happened. Edward did not stop sucking at the bite. Jasper and Emmett both had to pull him off of me. Carlisle put his scarf around my wrist to stop the bleeding and help seal it. The look in his eyes told me that he had seen a hint of what his son was capable of, but feared that if he acknowledged it, his whole world would fall apart completely.

Before I really blacked out, I saw a strange shadow pass the lower window and a voice said, "I have failed again to protect the ones I care for. I can never make it right." As I blacked out in the memory, another searing pain went through my heart, waking me up from my dream and making me scream my head off.