I finally got into Pandora Hearts, and let me say, IT IS FANTASTIC! I AM NOW AN OZ FANGIRL! ^^ He reminds me of myself in a weird way. I'm optimistic, bright and cheerful like he is. I might even crossplay as him one day. Yes, so Oz. In this fanfiction, the OC is meant to take the place of anyone. You can pretend it's a random OC, it's me or yourself! (if you so wish) You're welcome fangirls. This takes place in the middle of the story, before Alice and Break get captured by the Cheshire Cat. I hope you enjoy! :) (By the way, what's with anime and manga ALWAYS making girls wear skirts even if they're tomboyish? I tried to give the OC pants, but in my head it didn't seem right) Anyway, I don't own Pandora Hearts the only thing that's mine is my fan-made story.

Climp clomp, climp clomp. The sound of the horse's hooves walking on the path were steady and calm, making me drowsy. I stared out the window letting the slight breeze blow my hair away from my face, hitting me in the eye once or twice...

"Oz, you seem a bit quiet. Is anything wrong?"

"Eh? Why would you think that, Gil?"

"Well, for one thing, you're usually the energetic one while Alice's been trying to pull you out of a deep sleep for hours."

"I wasn't sleeping! I was thinking..."

"For that long?"

"I was a good studier back in the day. Don't you remember? You always said 'Master Oz, I'm glad you're so serious about your studies, but shouldn't you take a break?' I may have been in the abyss for ten years in this world, but I'm still the same old Oz. It seemed like only an hour or two. And why would I sleep with my eyes open? Or even sleep while staring out the window?" I gave Gil a big ol' cheeky smile. He just scoffed and looked the other way. I giggled silently to myself and continued to look out the carriage window. The scenery was pretty. The trees were full of foliage and the sky was crystal clear. Oh~, how I love springtime!

Gil, Alice and I were still looking for the rest of Alice's memories. All we know is that they're all over this world, and the pocket watch I found caused Alice to find me, and that's how everything started. While cruising along the path into the next town, I heard bushes rustling. I saw a blurred figure running then suddenly stop. From the noise I heard, it sounded like whatever it was fell hard. There was silence after that.

"STOP THE CARRIAGE!" I shouted. Without even waiting for the carriage to stop completely, I opened up the door and leaped out. I pounced over to the figure and I saw...a person. It was a girl! She had on ripped clothes, probably from the bushes, and small spots of dried blood where all over her. Her dark hair was a complete rat's nest and full of leaves. I couldn't just leave her like this! I can't just let her die out here!


Gil obeyed just like a servant would and rushed over to me. "What is it, Oz?"

"This girl, she was running and fell. I think she's unconscious..." I said while brushing her hair away from her cut and bruised face. Gil picked her up and carried her to the carriage bridal style. We all got back in and lay her down on the seat, resting her head in my lap. I kept staring at her while riding, I couldn't help but think. What was causing her to run so frantically? Could we help her? I continued to stroke her hair, getting all the leaves out gently. I didn't want to hurt her in this state. In this condition, she doesn't need any more injuries.

When we arrived in the next town, we took her to the nearest doctor to see what we could do. Alice and Gil left right away to search town, convinced she was in good hands, but I stayed the whole time. It's not that I don't trust the doctors, but if she woke up, I didn't want her to be afraid and alone; I'd explain what happened to her. I don't know this girl but I want to help her. I waited outside to room sitting on a bench, until the doctor came out.

"Are you friends with this girl?"

"Y-yes!" I hesitated. I had to lie to see her. We'd both be screwed any other way.

"She's fine and will wake up any moment now. But, something seems to be odd about her eyes. I have no idea what caused it. But, she's perfectly fine, no worries."

"Thank you, may I go in?"

The doctor nodded, and I walked into the room. The girl was sleeping in the hospital bed, and the golden evening light was shining through the window on her, making her look angelic. I sat down on the edge of the bed by her feet and stared at her. After about five or ten minutes, her eyes started to move. Her eyelids slowly opened and she was awake. She looked around the room and then at me. Her face was expressionless, like she was in a trance. She sat up and opened her mouth to speak, and her voice shocked me, because it lacked emotion.

"Who are you? Why am I here?"

"Y-You were running in the woods and fell, then you wouldn't wake up. I found you and brought you here because I didn't want you to get hurt. Oh, I'm Oz by the way." I cheerfully said and smiled at her. Her face continued to stay emotionless, showing no sign of fear, despair or even joy. "What's your name?" I asked her.

"My name is Olivia." she said in a monotone voice. Her visage still stayed bland. Is she pulling something on me?

"Olivia, huh? That name's cute! A cute name for a cute girl! I like it," I smiled at her. "Nice to meet you, Olivia!" I held my hand out to her. She kept staring into my eyes for a few seconds before evaluating my hand and finally shook it. Her grip seemed to lack life, like she was from the undead or something. Is she really alright? Something seems off.

"Do you feel well? Or ill at all? Do you think you can walk? I'll help you if you need it."

Olivia took a few seconds before responding, she seems to do that. "You ask a lot of questions."

I face-planted. "I'm sorry. I'm just curious, that's all."

She kept staring at me, making me nervous, until she finally stood up and walked toward the window. She placed her hand on the window, seeming to searching for something in the sky. The sun was naturally highlighting her dark brown hair around the edges, giving her head an auburn halo. She turned around and asked, "Where are my clothes?"

"Oh, I'm not sure. But I don't think you'd want to put them back on, they were all ripped and dirty." I started getting a little nervous. Girls basically cherish their clothes, right? What if the doctor or nurse disposed of them while she was being checked up on? What do I do? "I-If you want, I can take you to a shop and get you new clothes! How's that sound?" I asked her cheerfully.

"That's fine." Olivia said blankly after a few moments. I let out a huge sigh of relief.

"Hey, Olivia, do you want to wash up a little bit and fix your hair? It's a bit messed up." She continued to stare without emotion. "Not in a horrible way! But your face has a little dried blood on it and your hair got messed up when you fell!" Olivia turned and walked into the bathroom. She closed the door and shortly after I heard the facet running, then a few noises I can't describe. I'm guessing she was getting the knots out of her hair. She came out and her face was clear. She had a really pretty face with a nice even skin tone. Her hair seemed a bit frizzy at the top of her head, but it looked soft and un-oily and brushed against her shoulders gently.

"Wow! Olivia, you look great! Let's get you out of her and buy you some new clothes to wear!" She stood in the same spot for a few seconds then headed towards the door behind me. I checked Olivia out of the hospital at the front desk and the two of us walked out into the streets of the village. It was a pretty small town, so a clothes shop should be close. We walked around a little until we stumbled upon a shop filled with girls' clothing.

"What about this place?" I asked. Olivia stared at the slide-open door for a bit then walked inside without giving me any acknowledgment. I followed behind her into the shop. I looked around the store trying to suggest clothes for Olivia, but she would just glance over and stare down whatever I picked out, then return to finding something that piqued her interest. I finally found a pretty dress. It was heather grey, and had ruffles from underneath the bust down to the bottom hemline. The straps were about an inch or two thick, and the hemline seemed the stop halfway between the middle of the thigh and the knee.

"Hey, Olivia, what about this?" I held up the dress to her. She stared at it, and then felt it between her fingers. She took it from me and headed to the changing room. After a minute or two, she came out to look at herself in the mirror. Not to be mean, but the way she just stood there with her legs shoulder-length apart and that face she gave off, she looked kind of derpy. If I got her to smile, or even bring some life into her face, I bet she'd look way better. It didn't look bad on her, but the way she was giving off, she looked so stupid. It needed something else to minimize that effect. I searched around the store until I found a small white sweater that went to the waist and was ¾ arms length. I found Olivia still looking at herself in the mirror and handed her the sweater. She turned to look at me and I just gave her a smile saying "Try it on!" She put it on over the dress and buttoned the top button. It was better, but not enough. I stared her up and down and realized she wasn't wearing shoes. I got her some silver ballet flats to wear. She was starting to look human, but a depressed human. She still needed something else, but I couldn't decide what. I shrugged it off and went to buy the clothes for her.

When I finished paying, the two of us walked out and ran into Gil and Alice. They seemed a bit tired.

"How'd the memory-hunting go?"

"We didn't find anything." Gil said.

"That's too bad. We'll just have to keep searching!"

"How's she doing?" Alice asked.

"Oh, Olivia's fine," I said. "but she's a bit odd." I whispered.

"How so?" Alice whispered back.

"Well, she seems to be lacking all emotion, she stares at you before she answers a question or takes a step, and she never changes her expression. She's like an undead zombie or something." I hated saying these things, because I felt like I'd hurt her emotionally, but I'd have no idea how since Olivia stays the same way no matter what. I felt like she was a close friend like Alice or Gil, or even Sharon-chan, and I don't want to say bad things about them.

"Maybe she's affected from the fall or something?"

"Maybe so," I replied to Alice. "What do we do with her now? I can't leave her alone now."

"Why not? She was by herself before."

"And look where that got her! She fell and could've died if we didn't find her!"

"It's not my fault she's clumsy!" Alice said matter-of-factly.

"She looked like she was running for her life! All I know is her name. She might need help. I wanna help her!"

"Since when are you so protective over her?"

"Since I saw her unconscious on the ground while on our way here!"

Alice didn't reply after that. It seemed our whispering became shouting. She was too taken back by how I was protective over Olivia. But we both know she'd be hopeless out there by herself in this state. "Just until she's better? Once she's alright, she can go her own way. She needs us right now, Alice. Right, Gil?"

Gil was shocked I dragged him in. "A-Ahh...I guess so. She would have a hard time all alone the way she is right now."

"Please, Alice?"

Alice seemed to be a bit angry with the decision, but she mumbled "She can stay for a while, I guess."

"Thank you, Alice." I said gratefully. She just hmphed! on the subject and turned away from me. I guess she has a new grudge.

I turned towards Olivia, who was staring to her side. "Olivia?" She immediately turned her head to face me, her face still lacked emotion, but the face she made was different. Instead of her other face, which appeared bored, this face seemed to be longing for something. "You get to travel with us until you're ready to go by yourself. Isn't that great?" I asked cheerfully. She slowly nodded her head. Olivia then took my hand and pointed to her left. There was a small cart selling stuff. "Eh? Do you want to go look over there?" Olivia again slowly nodded her head. "We can go over there," she dragged me with her to the cart. Now instead of our conversations being awkward, they were now like I was her big brother or even her dad! She was acting more childish. Once we got closer, I noticed the cart was selling necklaces. "Oh, I see. Which one do you want?" Olivia immediately pointed to a smaller necklace. It had a silver chain, and it had a yellow gem shaped like a rectangle. It seemed to be way fancier and shinier than everything else the cart had, so I really don't blame her for picking that one.

"We'd like this one please." I told the lady working the cart, holding up the necklace to her. Olivia tried to snatch it from my hand, but I kept it away from her when she tried, playfully teasing her like an older brother.

"Alright then, sir-hmm..."

"Is something the matter?"

"Oh no, it's just, I don't remember seeing this necklace before...oh well, you can still purchase this item." The lady gave us the necklace and I paid her the money. "Thank you for the service."

"Thank you for the necklace," I said.

Olivia was starting to fidget a little. She seemed to really want this necklace. Honestly, I don't see what's so great about it. It may just be a girl thing. "Calm down," I laughed. "Here, I'll help you put it on." Olivia's face still stayed emotionless, but seemed very eager with anticipation. She turned around and lifted her hair so it wouldn't get caught on the chain. I fumbled a bit with the opening, but I got it. As soon as it fell against her neck when I let go, Olivia fell over like a ton of weight had just been place on her. She was all fours on the ground, and white light started to surround around her coming from the ground. Her shoulders were shaking like crazy. I ran to face her and crouched down to be face-to-face with her. Olivia was staring at the ground and I heard a soft sound emerging from her, but I couldn't place it.

"Olivia! Are you all right?"

Olivia jerked her head up, and she was hysterical, and I mean like horror movie hysterical. She was laughing like a madman and her eyes were so wide they looked like they'd pop out any second. They were also bloodshot.

"Oz!" Gil shouted at me, "What's wrong?"

"I'm not sure! I'm trying to find out!" I yelled back at him.

Olivia continued to laugh hysterically, a huge wind blowing from below her like a wind tunnel. Her hair went flying off her shoulders, and her bangs kept hitting her in the face. The necklace started to fly upward, smacking Olivia repeatedly in the cheek. She didn't seem to notice.

"Olivia! Talk to me! Say something! I know you can talk!"

She stared into my eyes closely, and continued to laugh, louder than ever. I reached forward and grabbed her by the shoulders. The wind began blowing harder. What was going on?

"OLIVIA!" I shouted. I needed her to respond. Suddenly, the whole scene started to disappear, and the light and wind slowly died down. Olivia began to become sane again (well, as sane as she was before being an emotionless robot). She stared into my eyes like she was about to be attacked by a vicious monster. Her eyes began to close and she fell into my lap. Then I realized what the doctor meant by there was something odd about her eyes.

Her eyes were completely colorless.