A/N: Lame title is lame. A series of stories about Wally and Artemis's family. I imagine they'd have a big family. I'm not really sure why. They will be in chronological order. Just like in my fic "A Seemingly Useless Collection of Junk," Artemis is a reporter for a news station in Central City. Wally is a forensic scientist like he was in Justice League Unlimited. One more way to follow in Barry's footsteps, right?

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Ships: Wally/Artemis, Conner/Megan, Dick/Zatanna, Roy/Jade

The Wests

It's a normal day in the West household. Artemis wakes up to Wally bringing her a cup of coffee and a fresh New York bagel that he has made a special trip for. This is not an unusual occurrence; one of Wally's favorite things to do is bring her breakfast items from all over the world. But Artemis appreciates it all the same.

Artemis dresses in her workout clothes. She laces up her running shoes and does a few simple stretches in the apartment's living room. Her warm up routine earns her a wolf whistle from Wally. She rolls her stormy gray eyes but kisses him good-bye anyway.

Music pumps out of her apple green iPod as she jogs down the street. She nods at the people who call out a friendly "Good morning," as she passes. Artemis tries to keep her head clear of any thoughts not related to her jogging route. This is a difficult thing to do, given what is waiting for her at home.

Finally, the archer decides to call it quits for the day. She walks the last two blocks slowly, trying to ensure that Wally will have already left for the police department by the time she gets home. She hasn't kept a secret from her husband since finally telling him about her father and sister. It makes her feel something like guilt. Artemis doesn't like guilt.

Besides, it's not like she's not going to tell him. It's just that she wants a bit of privacy while she does what she's about to do. There's nothing wrong with wanting privacy.

Artemis is pleased to find that Wally has indeed already left for work. She makes her way down the hallway to the bedroom she shares with Wally. She heads right to the closet at the opposite end of the room and reaches for the shoebox on the shelf. She reaches inside the small box and takes out the pregnancy test.

She steps into the bathroom and closes the door behind her. She reads through the instructions carefully twice, wanting to be certain she's doing this the proper way. When the test is complete, she sets the timer on her phone for five minutes and sinks to the edge of the tub to wait.

The reporter has done this before. God knows she and Wally haven't always been as careful as they should be. Thankfully, the few times she's had to do this have always turned out to be false alarms. Artemis firmly believes they were lucky to have had the tests come out negative. Now, she doesn't know what she wants.

On one hand, they're married now. It's not like they're still in high school. They both have jobs, and they have a comfortable apartment to call home. Central City is a relatively safe place to live, thanks to Wally's duties as the Flash. It's not like the baby would grow up in a rough Gotham neighborhood. Not like she had.

And Wally, she knows, would be overjoyed at the idea of being a father. He loves kids; he wants a house full of the sounds of little speedster feet. She has no doubts that Wally will be a good dad. He will be the kind of dad who supports and encourages his children; the kind of dad who teaches and loves. He will not be like the type of father she had.

What she's afraid of is her. She's never known how to relate to kids; she doesn't know how to talk to them or entertain them or anything. If there is a baby, Artemis is sure she'll end up screwing the kid up one way or another.

It's not that she doesn't want a baby one day. With Wally, kids are kind of a given. But they've only been married for six months. Artemis thought she'd have more time to convince herself that she's capable of being a mother before it actually happened.

The timer app on her phone dings. Her time is up. She stands and picks up the pregnancy test from the sink. The symbol at one end of the stick is a tiny pink plus sign.

It's positive.

She's going to have a baby.


The blonde woman's head snaps up at the sound of her husband's voice. She's not ready to tell him about this yet. She hasn't had much of a chance to grasp it herself.

Wally pushes the bathroom door open. "Honey?"

"What are you doing here?" Artemis blurts out. "I thought you left for work already." She tries to casually move the hand holding the pregnancy test out of his line of vision. Of course, Wally sees what she's doing. He frowns.

"I forgot my phone." The redhead holds up the device as proof. He peers around Artemis to get a glimpse of the object in her hand.

Wally recognizes it right away. "Is that what I think it is?" he asks finally.

The archer nods. "Yes, it is."

"Well, what does it say?" the Flash demands. He closes the short distance between them in a fraction of a second. Wally then gently pulls the stick from her grasp.

She expects Wally to laugh happily; she expects a hug and a kiss and excitement. Instead, Wally looks kind of pale. "It's positive," he says as if she doesn't know.

"It is," Artemis agrees.

"These things aren't always right, you know," he says suddenly. "You should see your doctor to make sure." Artemis has always been sensitive to tone. To her, it sounds like Wally wants the test to be wrong.

'He doesn't want a baby,' she thinks. The idea doesn't sit well with the reporter. "That's the same brand I've always used," Artemis points out. "It's always been accurate before."

Wally looks at her, and she recognizes the emotion in his vibrant green eyes. He is in panic mode at the thought of having a child. "Wally, do you want to talk?"

The suggestion surprises her, but the words tumble out of her mouth so quickly that there is no way to stop them. She's not usually the one who wants to have a heart to heart in their relationship.

Wally nods. "Let me just call in to work and tell them I'll be late." He looks down at his phone. He presses a button and holds the device to his ear. While she waits for Wally to finish talking, Artemis gently pulls the white stick from his other hand and steps into the bedroom. She sits down on her side of the bed.

Artemis is joined by her husband a moment later. He looks slightly calmer now. The blonde woman finds this to be a good sign. Wally lets out a low whistle as he shifts to get a better look at his wife. "So…a baby, huh?" he asks. "That's big."

'Of all the things to say,' the archer groans mentally. "It is big," she replies. "Are you okay with this?" She frowns when she realizes it sounds like she's asking permission to have a baby. She wishes she could take her statement back.

"Of course," he says at once. Wally snakes his arms around her waist and pulls her closer to him. He tucks her head under his chin. Artemis muses idly that she feels safe here. Then she wonders why she's thinking like some character from a Lifetime movie.

"It's just-" she starts, pulling away so she can look at Wally. He stares back at her, waiting for her to finish. Artemis takes a deep breath, hoping it will give her time to gather her thoughts. "You didn't sound happy earlier."

He chuckles. Artemis scowls, and he stops immediately. "Artemis, I love you," Wally tells her earnestly. "I'm beyond happy. I'm…over the moon."

Wally's fondness for old fashioned things has always been amusing. Artemis feels a smile tug at the corners of her lips. Apparently reassured by this, Wally presses on. "But just because I'm happy doesn't mean that I'm not scared."

Artemis doesn't believe it. "You're scared? But I thought you definitely wanted kids." She makes no effort to hide the fact that she's puzzled by Wally's reaction to the news.

"I'm scared out of my mind," he tells her cheerfully. "I do want kids. I just didn't think we'd have them so soon." But Wally smiles at her and pulls her in close again. Artemis feels his lips press a kiss to the top of her head. Experimentally, he places his hand over her flat tummy. "Hello in there, little West," he says in a tone far too sappy for Artemis to handle.

She hopes he's not going to be like this for the rest of her pregnancy.