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Mute and Unwanted.

I was fine.

It didn't bother me at all, that at this very moment water dripped down at the ends of my hair and my clothes were soaked. Their laughter didn't slice me like a dirty knife with each little chuckle. The way they pointed their fingers at me, mimicking my impassive face as if what was happening was some sort of comedy. The ice cold water didn't burn my skin, and leave me wanting to shout and cry from how cold it was.

It didn't bother me in the least.

The group of boys known as my daily tormentors laughed at me once again, one of them coming up to me and pulling my glasses off of my face and throwing them to floor, officially smashing the only reading glasses I owned. As they laughed even louder, I remained impassive staring straight through them as if they weren't even there. One of the boys stopped laughing instead looking at me in fake thought, rubbing his chin. "Nope, you're still the ugly little transvestite, even without your nerd glasses." The boy chuckled, receiving a high five from one of his friends for his oh so smart words. I continued ignoring him standing rigid like a man preparing for war as I waited for them to finish their fun. Another boy from the group walked up to me pushing me to the ground, my books flying into the air, some landing on my head which only made them laugh louder.

It didn't hurt at all.

I continued looking straight ahead my eyes never leaving the small dent on one of the lockers, focused on not looking at anything else. Because I knew I'd end up shedding a tear.

And I wouldn't give them that satisfaction.

"We're gonna miss you little mute girl, and we're definitely gonna miss your hot mom" The leader of the boys said with what I assumed was his attempt at a seductive grin. That's right, it didn't matter what they did at this moment. Because tomorrow I was finally going to leave this awful place, even if it was only for 6 months.

I was extremely disappointed in myself, as I had made a promise to myself that I was going fight back today. That I was going to throw a punch, shout, scream, kick them where it hurts.

But like always…. I never said a word.

One of the toned looking boys walked up to me punching his fist together before he landed a hard and painful blow at my stomach. And even though the pain was near unbearable, the force of the punch left my lungs restless for air...

I didn't even blink an eye.

"Wow man, it creep's me out how she does that." One of the boys commented to their leader. The leader nodded, his eyes annoyed by my lack of emotion.

The leader walked up to me pushing the also annoyed buff guy out of the way, before kicking me in the stomach over and over again until I was almost certain that I had broken a rib. It was getting harder and harder to not show emotion as the pain seared through, pulling at my emotions, just begging me to cry, just begging me to scream.

But I stayed strong and even when the leader spat at me in disgust and walked away laughing with his group of friends….

My eyes never left the dent in that locker.


I trudged through the streets of my town, limping slightly as I held my hand against my ribs, trying to keep balanced as to not let my bag slip. I grew more and more mad at myself the closer I got to my house. Why didn't I at least try to fight back? I'd finally grown the courage to at least think of fighting back, but all I did like always was do nothing.

Why couldn't I have at the least screamed out in pain?

I looked down as I limped, my rib piercing in agony as I tried repeating to myself over and over again I didn't need a hospital, and that my rib wasn't broken. If I ended up in the hospital again my mother would be furious at having to delay her leave.

My mother was a fashion guru, and for 6 months my mother had the opportunity to work on a fashion show in Paris. But of course she couldn't take me with her, she told me that I was too young and that she wasn't going to be home a lot and since I didn't know French it would be too difficult for me.

Proves what she knows.

I was able to speak 3 languages quite well, one of which being French and I was 17 years old and more than capable to take care of myself. It was obvious she just didn't want me around.

Clearly I was an embarrassment to her, but of course she would be embarrassed when she has a mute girl for a daughter that is constantly mistaken for a boy. With my slightly boyish features and the fact I had my red hair cut short, people always mistake me for a boy. That's how I got the name of a transvestite at my school.

As I finally neared my house, I was near the point where I just wanted to fall to the ground and weep. I let myself slip out a small groan as I walked up the porch steps, my breaths coming out in short gasp as I felt my lungs begin to stress at the pain in my rib. I started freaking out, as I seriously considered the fact I may have broken my rib.

But there was no way in hell I was going to a hospital.

So being stupidly stubborn I opened the door to my house and sighed in joy when I saw the familiar packed boxes. It was almost sad how happy I was to be moving.

There was always the chance that my next school would tease me just as much as my last.

But from what my Gran told me of the place, La Push wasn't the place for bullies. Being a small reservation next to Forks, I suppose everyone in the school knew everyone. Gran told me it was a really small school, so I assumed all of the students knew each other pretty well. Gran made it out to be good for me, but I knew that the chances of me fitting in were slight if everyone knew everyone for years. Plus my Gran was a native there and she was russet skinned like everyone else, while I was paler like my mom.

"Riley! Finally your back!" My mom shouted in an annoyed tone as she rushed out of the kitchen a box labelled cups in her hands. I tried to force out a smile, but the pain in my rib began to get worse and I clenched my teeth as I tried not to scream out in pain. My mom sat the box amongst the rest as she turned to me, her blonde glossy hair falling over her shoulder. "Well? You going to help me or stand there looking constipated?" My mother questioned a sneer on her lips.

I shook my head as I tried to regain my usual composure.

I walked into the kitchen and looked at the boxes, groaning inside as I thought of how this would affect my rib badly. But I bit my lip, and walked toward the bench grabbing the one that said pillows. "Put that one back young lady, you're stronger than I am so take the plates instead." My mom said walking up behind me and taking the box out my hand gesturing to the box next to the one I had picked up. I winced internally, but without saying a word I walked over to the box and picked it. The pain was excruciating and the more I breathed the more it hurt.

For an hour my mother ordered me with placing the boxes in the kitchen in the living room and help packing all of her other things she needed for her trip. My mom was leaving a few days after I left to go live with my Gran while she was in Paris, and I suppose my mom wanted me to help her so she didn't have to do anything on her own.

When my mom finally freed me from my deeds, I was trying not to breathe as every time I did it hurt like all hell. I let out a small moan as I slid down my door as it was closed behind me, my hand clutching where the pain was.

Once I was in La Push, I'd ask Gran to take me to the hospital.

I banged my head against the door as I looked around at my bare room, most of my stuff already being flown over to Grans.

I sat up moaning slightly at the pain in my ribs.

I walked over to my bed not even bothering to change out of my still slightly soaked clothes from earlier today. But despite my pain, I couldn't help but smile as I thought of moving in with my Gran, the only person who didn't give a damn about how I looked or the fact I never spoke a word.

I rolled onto my back breathing in short pants as I tried not to focus on the pain.

For some reason, in the back of my mind I knew that when I moved into La Push with my Gran that something big was going to happen. What, I didn't know, but whatever it was I couldn't wait to live it. Sleep called out to me and I answered its call as I fell asleep, rubbing my ribs, trying to erase the pain.


When I woke up I found myself in a rush, yesterday's events and the still bruising pain in my rib forgotten for now as I pulled my suitcase through the airport my mom walking ahead of me chattering on the phone to work from what I assumed of her rare sweet voice. Once my suitcase was dealt with we walked over to my checkpoint where a line had formed. My mom stood to the side as she continued talking to the person on the phone not even turning to look at me as the woman said I could go through now. I grabbed onto my mom's sleeve and she turned around at me angrily.

I ignored her glare and waved my hand at her, my way of saying goodbye.

My mom nodded at me, a very faint smile on her lips as she ruffled my short hair. "See you in six months Riley." My mom murmured, before turning away and lifting her phone back to her ear. "Sorry about that Carl- oh no it was nothing important, just saying goodbye to my kid. Anyway about that designer…" My mom walked away, the sound of her heels clicking against the floor of the airport. I frowned at her, upset that she didn't even have the curtsey to hug me goodbye. "Hey son, you gonna move out of the way so everyone else can get in?" A man in a fancy suit said in front of me a frown on his worn face. I grew slightly angry at yet another person mistaking me for a boy, but I let it slide and tightened my carryon bag around my shoulder. I took one last glance at my mom before walking through the doors saying in my head what I could never say out loud.

I love you mom.

The plane ride to Seattle was utter torture, as I was stuck sitting with a noisy and loud little kid whose parents were to god darn lazy to yell at him to stop. The kid pulled at my hair and tried several times to stick his finger up my nose. I wasn't one for child abuse, but I seriously wanted to rattle the kid. Finally after over an hour of agony the plane landed and at the slight bump from our landing, I felt my rib throb painfully. I rubbed my rib as I undid my seatbelt, mentally thinking to myself that soon I would go to the hospital to check it out. After I got out of the crowd in the airport I searched for my suitcase on the turnstile and eventually after lots of pushing and shoving I got my blue suitcase. I rolled it behind me heading towards the entrance of the airport, where my Gran and I organized to meet. I smiled when I saw her, still the same Gran with the wrinkled aged skin and the greyish brown hair and muddy brown eyes that warmed anyone's heart. I felt my pace quicken as I saw her, but I stopped short when I noticed the tall russet man standing next to her. He had to be at least 7 feet tall, and it was obvious that underneath that grey shirt was a serious 6 pack. I gulped lightly as flashes of past memories flashed in my mind.

I clutched my shirt where the scar on my stomach remained hidden under.

I blinked slightly and continued walking towards them, my eyes trying to avoid the man next to Gran. "Riley sweetheart!" My Gran shouted when she spotted me, her muddy brown eyes shining in glee when she ran toward me. Her age was obvious in her run and I worried slightly for her frail body as she bounded onto me and I gasped slightly, the pain in my rib returning. My Gran immediately let go of me as she looked down at me in worry. "I'm sorry, I didn't hurt you did I?" Gran asked, worry tinting in her once cheerful eyes. I shook my head in denial and her happy grin once again returned onto her face. "Oh good! Wouldn't want you hurt on your first day now would I?" Gran said, grabbing onto my hand as she dragged me away toward the tall man. "Riley dear, this is Sam, he was kind enough to give us a lift." Gran said as she touched each of us on our shoulder, introducing us. Sam smiled at me gently and despite his smile I couldn't help but quiver slightly in fear.

"Nice to meet you Riley." Sam said, extending his hand out to me.

I looked at his hand as if it was laced with poison, which in a way it was.

The only thing I could see was that hand connecting with my face.

Sam looked somewhat put off by me when I just continued to stare at his hand as he slowly lowered it to his side. "Um, well are you looking forward to living with your Gran? You must be excited to see your new school as well." I stiffened slightly as he mentioned school and my hands clenched into fists as I looked pass him and outside the window where people rushed into cars to get out of the pouring rain. Gran seemed to become uncomfortable as she cleared her throat, grabbing onto Sam's shoulder.

"I'm sorry Sam, Riley hasn't spoken since she was eight years old, and sadly we don't know why." Gran said, her words sounding choked near the end.

I looked over at Sam when I saw his eyes widen, probably at me being mute and the fact I was actually a girl I assumed. Sam turned to look at me his eyes holding sympathy.

Sympathy I didn't want.

I turned away from them, grabbing onto my suitcase and walking toward the exit where our car waited. I heard Gran shout out for me to wait, but I just wanted to get out of here and settle into Gran's place.

Sam led us to the car and I hopped into the back, the silence in the car became too uncomfortable for me to handle so I pulled out my head phones, blasting my music up to full volume.

As our car raced toward La Push, I felt a painful torture inside of me.

But this time it wasn't my rib.

I just hoped that moving in with Gran turned out better than it started.

But with my luck that seemed unlikely.

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