If Only He Could Read My Mind

Chapter 1:

I was sitting alone on the sofa in the Gryffindor Common Room. My head was leaned back on the sofa and my eyes were closed. I was trying to forget the letter I had received earlier. Trying to forget those harsh words my parent had sent to me. I absent-mindedly ran my fingers over my left wrist and the new marks that were there. I stopped rubbing the marks and pushed my bracelets back over the marks, the last thing I wanted for somebody to notice, like Remus.

He was getting suspicious. Part of me wanted him to know, to help. But I couldn't find it in me to tell him, to tell anyone.

I felt a pair of hands touch my shoulders and opened my eyes to find Remus standing on the other side of the sofa looking down at me.

"What's wrong baby?"

If only you could read my mind and see.

"Nothing, I'm fine." I forced a smile at him.

He smiled back at me with his gorgeous smile, before walking round the sofa to come sit beside me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder pulling me into him. I rested my head against his shoulder and he wrapped his other arm around me so his hands were touching on my left arm.

He kissed my head lightly. "I haven't seen you all day, what have you been up to beautiful?"

"Oh, I was just finishing up my homework in my dorm, I knew you were out with your boys and Lily and Alice had gone to visit Hagrid, so I just sat up in our dorm."

"You could have come with us, you know James and Sirius consider you their sister." he said looking guilty for leaving me alone.

"It's fine, honestly Remus." I said, comforting him slightly.

It was a lie of course, the whole thing was. I spent my day crying and cutting, all because of the stupid letter I got from my stupid parents. It wasn't his fault though; I wasn't going to let him feel bad because I was alone. Remus was the best thing that ever happened to me. He was the reason I was still breathing. I would have killed myself by now. We've only been dating a few weeks now, but I was so close to breaking before he finally asked me out.

Remus smiled at me, pulling me in closer. "Brynlee Waters, you are a amazing girl, you know that?"

"I don't see what's so amazing." I mumbled so he couldn't hear me.

He continued to hold me close, kissing me lightly every once in a while until it reached the time I decided I was ready for bed.

"Goodnight Brynlee, sweet dreams" he kissed me lightly one last time before letting me head of to bed.

When I got up the stairs, there was no one in my dorm. I walked into the bathroom and shut the door, before quickly throwing up.

He had asked me what was wrong, in truth everything. I wish he knew.