AUTHOR'S NOTE: So here we are, the third and final instalment of my Noir trilogy. As I write this I haven't gotten any reviews for my other two stories of this trilogy, but I guess you must not hate it if you've turned up for the third part of the story, right? That's what I'm telling myself anyway. LOL

Now, 'Desperate' is a little edgier than the other two instalments, but I ask you, gentle reader, to trust me. At my core I'm an EJami fan, writing for EJami fans, so I hope you will end up enjoying this final instalment of this little saga of mine. I've written many versions of EJami in all the stories I've written, drawing out different aspects of their complex personalities and potential stories, and this is amongst my favourite for some reason. I love all my versions of EJami, I think a writer has to love the characters they're breathing life into otherwise it falls flat – so that's just not me being shamelessly self-promoting, promise. ;)

This is the longest of the instalments, so I won't post it all at once, just when I have time to sort out the chapters.

As always, hope you enjoy...


Chapter ONE

EJ ran his hands down her naked back as she knelt on all fours on the bed in front of him. It was slick with sweat, much like his own and his hands returned to her hips, holding her steady as he increased his pace inside of her body. His breath escaped in desperate pants, his climax at last approaching. She dropped to her elbows on the bed, her long blonde hair that had hung like a curtain around her face now fanned out over the sheets. His hips began to find a harder rhythm, pounding his straining manhood into her with ever greater force.

"Oh god yes!" she cried out, clutching at bed sheets.

"Don't speak!" he ordered her thickly, closing his eyes as his orgasm washed over him, his body releasing its' self into hers, "Samantha!"

She disobeyed him, choking out her own pleasure as she joined him with her own release but turned her head into the bed to muffle her cries. He stayed inside her for a long moment and she quivered helplessly around him, her walls still spasming wildly. Then he was pulling out of her and she collapsed on the bed in a tired heap, sweaty and spent. The bed creaked and she felt him climb off the bed and then there was the sound of clothes rustling and a zip being done up. She sat up on the bed and watched the man as he walked over to the window and opened it, dressed only in his trousers. He drew out a cigarette from his cigarette case and put it to his lips, lighting it and then looked out onto the street below.

She stood up and began to slowly dress. When she was done she was walked over to the night stand where the money was neatly counted out and resting under a glass. She picked it up and put it in her purse without bothering to check it. He'd never short changed her before and it didn't seem likely to her that he would start now somehow. His crumpled coat was by the night stand and she bent down and picked it up, draping it carefully over a nearby chair and brushing out some of the creases. She stood then watching him as he continued to smoke his cigarette, seeming to have forgotten she was even there. He was an oddity to her and in her line of work Barbara had thought she'd seen it all.

He was good looking and obviously not short of money. It was a fair bet that he could walk up to just about any woman and charm her with those movie star good looks and that accent if he chose to but instead he'd sought out the services of a woman like her. It wasn't even like he was into anything weird or kinky that other women might baulk at. The only thing was that he asked that she didn't speak during sex. It was hardly the weirdest request Barbara had ever had and she hadn't thought too much of it. He'd been very specific about the girl he wanted as well, turning away three other girls the agency had sent him until Barbara had turned up and since then he'd always ask for her.

This was her fifth appointment with him and apart from a polite cordiality that was a nice change from a lot of her other clients he spoke very little which Barbara thought was a bit of a shame, rather enjoying hearing his swish accent. Even though his body language didn't exactly encourage it she couldn't help herself, her curiosity piqued by this man and the name he'd shouted out during sex. She walked up to him and he looked over at her and gave her a tight smile before going back to looking out the window.

"I feel like I should be payin' you for that," she said with a bit of a smile, "It's not often I get my bell rung doin' this job if ya know what I mean."

He looked back over at her, the barest of smiles on his lips but it didn't reach those dark eyes of his.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," he said quietly and then took another drag of his cigarette and went back to looking out of window.

Barbara knew that she should go now but even though he wasn't being exactly inviting he wasn't dismissing her either. It was more like it didn't matter to him one way or the other, preoccupied by his thoughts. There was this stillness to him, a sadness that seemed to roll of him in that moment and Barbara had a sudden impulse just to give him a big hug but doubted it would be well received. She knew a bit about men doing this job and it was clear to her that this man's thought was with another woman, this Samantha, that he'd called out and she had an urge to see if she could help him, an almost maternal feeling coming over her for the man.

"You know," she said, tilting her head, "I've got some time… some of my regulars say I'm a good listener…"

She trailed off, leaving her invitation open.

"Is that right?" he asked her softly, not bothering to look at her now but he wasn't unkind in the way he'd said that.

"Well yeah," she shrugged, "You know, I may not be good with the book learnin' and all but I know a love sick man when I see one. Sometimes talkin'about stuff can help."

He didn't speak then but he wasn't asking her to leave either so Barbara took that a sign to keep going.

"I mean, you seem like a good guy," she continued on, "I'm sure whatever it is that happened between you and this Samantha can be fixed up. You look smart to me and if you love her this much why don't you simply just go and…"

"She's dead."

The two words hung between them and Barbara's eyes widened in shock. EJ turned his to look at her then and there was a deadness to his own eyes that was even more shocking. It was the stare of a man who had lost everything and there was simply no more inside of him to lose.

"She's dead," he repeated, almost emotionlessly.

"I'm sorry," mumbled Barbara but he was back to staring out the window.

Barbara back up then, knowing there was nothing else she could say or do to help this man so she left quietly, closing the door behind her.

"She's dead," he whispered, his voice cracking.

His grief for her seemed never ending and it was as excruciatingly painful all this time later as it was on the day that it had happen and EJ wondered if he would ever know peace again…



"I have to go," sighed Sami as she lay faced down on the bed, her head turned towards EJ as he lay on his back, his face level with her shoulder.

They were naked, lying on top of the sheets and covered in a fine film of perspiration from their afternoon of love making.

"Five more minutes," he pleaded with her, turning his head and pressing a lingering kiss to her shoulder.

Sami sighed happily and couldn't refuse him. It had been two weeks since EJ had turned up at her door step, proclaiming his love and begging her to run away with him. It had all been a blur for Sami since then. She'd talked him out of leaving then and there, telling him they needed time to organise everything and he'd relented but their interludes with one another were becoming even more intense and needy as the days passed which Sami hadn't even thought possible. It was like now that they were being totally honest with one another some kind of dam had burst and the need to be together was over riding all other consideration as they sank ever deeper into one another.

Sami knew they were starting to take risks but she just couldn't help herself, every second that she wasn't with EJ felt like a complete and utter waste of time and their time in their room at the hotel was becoming longer each meeting. Sami feared that the day was coming when she simply wouldn't be able to leave EJ ever again and couldn't help but worry about the consequences of that. She wanted to be with EJ so much but that meant having to confess her affair to Lucas and ending their marriage. Even though she didn't love Lucas like she did EJ it still upset her terribly to even think about hurting her husband in such a way. But Sami knew the day of reckoning was coming and could only pray that it wasn't going to be as horrible as she feared.

"You're quiet," said EJ softly, looking up at her from his position at her shoulder as he rubbed his slightly bristled chin against her shoulder, "What are you thinking my love?"

"I'm thinking it's too hot to think," groaned Sami with a little smile, "It feels like this summer is never going to end!"

"It has been a long summer," agreed EJ with a little smile, "But this is good practice for you for when we go on our travels."

"Our travels?" smiled Sami, one cheek still pressed against the pillow as she looked down at him.

"Of course," said EJ quickly, "There is so much of this world I want to show you Samantha, Paris, Italy, Africa…"

Sami's eyes widened as he began to rattle off countries.

"Africa?" she laughed.

"Yes Africa," said EJ firmly but with a decided twinkle in his eye, "I have to prove to you that Timbuktu exists after all now don't I?"

Sami bit her lip and felt the familiar excitement at what their life together might be like.

"Is Africa as hot as they say it is EJ?" she asked him inquisitively.

"Hotter," said EJ with a little laugh.

"Oh," she groaned, "I don't know if I can cope with hotter than this - I'll melt!"

"You'll adapt," said EJ indulgently, "You learn little tricks to survive it."

"Tricks?" she asked curiously.

EJ smiled back at her and then sat up in bed. He reached over to the large pitcher of icy water that he'd had delivered to their room not long ago and took out piece of ice before lying back down on the bed but this time rolling onto his side, propping his head up with one hand. EJ took the piece of ice he had in his hand and touched it to the back of Sami's neck where sweaty strands of pale blonde hair were plastered there. Sami quivered a little at the first touch of the coldness to her heated skin but then EJ was dragging the ice cube slowly down her back, following the indentation of her spine until it came to the gentle swell of her buttocks.

"Oh," Sami shuddered and then gave a happy sigh, "Nice."

EJ smiled at that and continued, tracing imaginary patterns all over her back, shoulders and bottom until the ice had completely melted, watching in fascination as her pale flesh became covered in goose bumps from the icy sensation.

"Turn over," he instructed her huskily as he leant over and fetched another ice cube to continue with.

Sami rolled over onto her back and looked up at him in anticipation and EJ didn't disappoint. He held her gaze steadily and she could see his growing excitement in them which must have been a direct match to her own but he still managed to keep his movements languidly measured. He held the new ice cube between his fingers and pressed it to Sami's lips, running back and forth over their softness and making them become even pinker. A little of the ice melted and Sami parted her lips to take in the moisture. Still holding her gaze unblinkingly EJ began to slowly drag the ice cube from her lips, down her chin, the long length of her neck and down between the valley of her breasts. The melted water dribbled down her sides, making tickling little rivulets down her skin and soaking dampening the bed sheets underneath her as both of their breathing began to roughen.

Sami watched EJ's face as he then began to trace a circle around one breast, making each turn smaller than the last and slowly working his way in towards her nipple. His face was one of rapt concentration and Sami shivered underneath his icy touch, the flesh of her breast goose bumping helplessly. Finally he was at her peak and tracing maddeningly slow circles around it. Her nipple was already tightly budded from the coldness but he drew out the anticipation of that first touch until Sami was beginning to shake from it. He relented at last and touched the ice cube to her peak and Sami bucked up and groaned as he began to tease the bud with it. EJ continued on, rubbing the ice against the puckered flesh as it continued to swell and tighten almost painfully under such relentless torture.

She began to writhe about on the bed under his ministrations until Sami thought she could take no more and then when she was just about to scream for him to stop he did and moved to her other breast, repeating the sweet torment on it. After her other breast had received the same kind of attention and that ice cube had melted EJ had to roll back over and fetch another ice cube, leaving Sami a panting bundle of nerve endings but EJ was far from done with her.

"I want you EJ," she moaned to him as he rolled back over, parting her legs and encouraging him to finish what he'd started.

"I want you too sweetheart," he said, his voice roughened from his own desire, "But not yet."

Sami groaned in frustration but EJ wasn't to be swayed. He returned the ice to the breast he'd first lavished so much attention on, mercilessly teasing the bud back into its former glory. Sami moaned her complaint but EJ didn't stop until her nipple was plump and pink, sitting up proudly and begging for him to take it and EJ couldn't refuse the silent invitation. He attached himself hungrily to her puckered teat and Sami gasped at the suddenness of his assault and how it felt to have something as cold as the ice cube to be replaced by the heat of his mouth. The hand that still had the ice cube sought out her other breast and began to torment that bud with the ice and Sami groaned loudly, the confusing sensation of heat at one breast and coldness on the other making her head spin. EJ's lips, tongue and teeth were hard at work on one breast licking, suckling and nipping whilst her other nipple grew painfully swollen from the ice and it was all too much for Sami.

"No!" she moaned, her hands going to EJ's head and trying to get him detach from her, her whole system rioting against being given this much pleasure all at once, "It's too much… no more!"

EJ ignored her, determinedly continuing his attentions to her breasts but he managed to take her hands and trapped them above her head with one of his arms and threw a heavy leg across Sami's lower body to keep her still. Sami bit down on her lip to stop herself from screaming out her pleasure at what he was doing to her, her excitement continued to grow to an almost painful level. EJ finally lifted his head and looked down at her with lust drugged eyes, his breathing forced. She looked back at him wide eyed.

"EJ," she said shakily, her body in a riot of need right then.

"Soon my darling," he said raggedly and reached for more ice.

This time when he returned to her EJ leant down as he continued to lie on his side next to her and began to kiss her, fierce demanding kisses that told her to yield to him and Sami was more than happy to do just that. His tongue slid into her mouth, tasting her deeply and distracting Sami from what his hand was doing with that ice. Sami bucked up at the sudden feeling of the icy intrusion amongst her folds but EJ held her determinedly in place. He moved the ice to her nub and began to massage the little peak rhythmically. Wild sensation burst through every nerve ending of Sami's body and she began to sob out her pleasure to him which he swallowed in their kisses, refusing to relinquish either her mouth or her nub as she squirmed helplessly under him. The intensity of the sensation was making Sami think she was going to pass out if he continued any longer and she began to tremble violently under him.

"Oh god, oh god!" she moaned, breaking their kiss and squeezing her eyes closed as she felt her core begin to pulsate rhythmically, "EJ!"

"Did you just come?" asked EJ excitedly.

"I don't know," she groaned, her body was a riot of confusion but all she knew was that it felt really, really good.

EJ cupped her mound with one large hand and felt her core fluttering against his fingers.

"Please EJ," she begged him, her whole body aching from what he'd done to it - her breasts, her core as she looked up at him pleadingly, "I need you inside of me, I can't take anymore."

EJ growled at her confession and sat up abruptly. Sami gave a grateful sigh, knowing she was soon going to have her release but again EJ seemed to have other ideas. He sat up and grabbed another cube of ice but this time he moved around so that he was kneeling between Sami's legs, sitting back on his haunches. Sami's legs were either side of his, bent at the knees and EJ grabbed at the back of her knees, dragging her further up into his lap. He once again pressed the ice to her nub but this time he mounted her hard at the same time. Sami screamed out, her hips jerking upwards and only increasing the pressure of his penetration and making her moan out her ecstasy. She almost made EJ come just by that simple act but he gritted his teeth, wanting to draw this out for as long as possible. He held the ice against her swollen bud as he began to move determinedly inside of her.

Again the feeling of cold, heat, pressure and being stretched so much all jumbled up together for Sami and she began to lose her mind from the sheer pleasure of it all. She grabbed at a nearby pillow and held it over her face as she began to scream in earnest, unable to be anything but incredibly vocal over what EJ as doing to her. Her supreme tightness and agonising wet heat was having its' usual impact on EJ as well, his pace inside her began to quicken and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Samantha!" he grunted as his hips hammered his swollen length into her again and again, "Oh god Samantha!"

EJ was in ecstasy and he never wanted this to end but the ice he'd been pressing against Sami's nub had melted now and there was no way to slow this down any further. EJ leant forward then, kneeling over the top of her on all fours and because he was still inside of her as he did that Sami was forced to wrap her legs around his waist as he bent her up, her backside off the bed. He was so deeply inside her now that EJ had no idea where he ended and Sami began and delighted in the exquisiteness of their union. He grabbed at the pillow and threw if off the bed, needing to see her face in these final moments and not caring if she screamed the place down right then.

"EJ!" she cried out and then dissolved under him, climaxing noisily and EJ could only follow suit, erupting inside of her, great wads of his hot seed spurting out of his spasming manhood and he couldn't help but marvel that he could still find so much to give her even after spending the last three hours making love.

She was his undoing.

EJ couldn't hold himself up over her any longer, his arms and legs shaking wildly and he went to move out of her so he could roll to one side.

"Don't leave me!" said Sami frantically, clinging to him and EJ groaned at her request, never wanting to leave the wondrousness of her body ever again.

He managed to do as she asked with the last of his strength, collapsing down on Sami and then quickly rolling to one side whilst keeping himself firmly embedded in her. Sami put her arms around his sweaty neck and threw a leg over his thigh, snuggling up against him. Having EJ inside her body just brought her such joy and she adored being this close to him.

"Wowee," said Sami faintly once she could speak again, the blood racing in her ears and all of her senses still spinning wildly, "That's some trick EJ."

EJ gave a tired laugh at that, just as shattered as she was. They lay side by side in silence, with EJ's now spent length still inside of her and their combined ragged breathing slowly returning to normal, the only other sound in the room was the over head fan clicking as it made its' rotations.

"I have to go," Sami finally announced, not knowing where she'd find the strength to sit up let alone get dressed but knowing she had to.

"Five more minutes," said EJ huskily, drawing her more fully into his arms, uncaring of the heat, "Please sweetheart… just five more minutes."