They did find a picture of Misty Fey on the Internet, who Pearl recognized as Elise Deauxnim. Since Pearl had spoken with Ms. Deauxnim, that made the summoning easier than normal.

Pearl had an easy time with the summoning; Mia had a much harder time. Seeing her mother after so long was...well, it was difficult under any circumstances.

"Hi, um...Mom," Mia said. "Long time no see."

"Mia..." Misty said. "I'm so sorry."

Mia closed her eyes. "I was twelve when you left. That'd be...eighteen years, now?"

"I'm sorry," Misty said. "I didn't want to go, but I had to."

"No, you didn't," Mia said. "You could have stayed instead of running away."

"I didn't run away," Misty said. "It' was complicated. When I left, I only planned on being gone for a month. Just until all the bad press blew over. But your Aunt Morgan cut a deal with Redd White—"

"I don't care what Aunt Morgan did!" Mia said. "You shouldn't have abandoned your children!"

"I know," Misty said. "I'm sorry. I never would have left if I had known it would be permanent. You have to believe me."

Mia frowned. "Well...I guess it doesn't matter, now that we're both dead," she said. "Besides, we've got a bigger problem to worry about."

"What?" Misty asked.

"Maya sort of...messed up her final test as the Kurain Master," Mia said. "Now she's switched genders."

"WHAAAAT?" Misty shouted.

When Mia returned to the main office with Misty Fey, there was a surprise visitor there.

"Maya, Baby, I love you!" Larry Butz said, trying to kiss Phoenix in Maya's body. "Kiss me!"

"Get away!" Phoenix said, shoving Larry away from him.

"Your new outfit is so HOT!" Larry said. "You should wear that suitcoat more often! I love classy girls!"

Maya, in Phoenix's body, was laughing herself sick at the scene. She knew Larry could get a little flirty at times, but the sight of Phoenix's new outfit had driven Larry over the edge. Either that, or Larry had too much to drink at the Drunken Monkey that day.

"No classy girl would date a slob like you!" Phoenix said. "Stop harassing me!"

"Come on, Maya! You know you want me!" Larry said. "You want to feel my lips on yours! Your passion and beauty must be shared!"

Phoenix had to resort to saying something—anything—that would cause Larry to lose interest in kissing Maya. "Larry, you can't kiss me!" Phoenix said. "I'm not really a girl!"

"You...WHAAAAAT?" Larry shouted.

"I was born male," Phoenix said. "I became 100% female only yesterday."

"It's true!" Maya said. She was amused that Phoenix was, in fact, telling the truth.

"'re not really a girl?" Larry asked, horrified. "But I've been fantasizing about you...for years...when you were a DUDE?"

Phoenix nodded.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Larry moaned. His face was turning pale.

"Either way, there's no chance of anything happening between the two of us," Phoenix said, with a sigh of relief. "You should leave before—"

Larry threw up, all over Phoenix.

"Ugh!" Phoenix yelled. "LARRY!"

Larry left soon after that. Phoenix made sure to lock the door behind him.

"Do you always let your drunk friends hang around the office?" Mia asked Phoenix.

"I have no idea why he was here. Nobody invited him," Phoenix said, examining his messy clothes. "Ugh, now I'm going to have to take a shower."

"That's against the rules, Nick," Maya said.

"You two made rules?" Mia asked.

"Rule #1 is 'No looking at each other's private body parts'," Maya said. "...Actually, I think that's the only rule we made."

"That seems like a good rule," Misty Fey said.

"Mia, you—MOM?" Maya yelled.

"Miss Deauxnim," Phoenix said, nodding slightly. He was less than enthusiastic to see the woman whose murder case had almost killed him and everyone he cared about.

"Mom!" Maya said, hugging her mother. "I missed you so much! I mean, I don't remember you at all, but I missed you!"

"This is not quite the family reunion I had in mind," Misty Fey said, looking at the spikey-haired person with his arms wrapped around her.

"It's a great family reunion!" Maya said. "I mean, sure, I'm a guy, and Mia's a ghost, and you're sort of dead, but...yeah, you're right. It's kind of weird."

"Everything about this is weird," Phoenix said.

"Please tell me you know how to get us back to normal," Maya said. "I hate being a guy! I mean, it was cool for a while, and I really like Nick, but I don't want to be him. He's old!"

"Well, I don't want to be a teenager again," Phoenix said. "Being a teenager was awkward enough the first time around, thank you very much. I don't need to go through it again, as a girl."

Misty Fey nodded. "Mia told me what's happening," she said. "It's rather unusual, but I think I can help."

"How?" Phoenix asked.

"As I see it, there are two problems here," Misty Fey said. "One, the two of you have switched bodies. Two, Mia is stuck as a partially-summoned corporeal spirit."

"And we can't do anything about either problem, because Nick has no spiritual powers," Maya said.

"True, but not true," Misty said. "If Phoenix is in your body, he should be able to access your spiritual powers. Why can't he?"

"Because he's a boy?" Maya asked.

"Because he doesn't know how to?" Mia asked.

"No, no, no," Misty said. "It's because he's already channeling someone."

"WHAT?" Mia and Maya shouted.

"Remember the basic rules of spirit channeling," Misty Fey said. "It's impossible to channel two different spirits at once. Since Mia here is still being channeled—in a sense—Maya's body can't do any more channeling. That's why Phoenix is being blocked from accessing his body's spiritual power."

"'re saying we need to un-channel Mia, so I can use Maya's spiritual powers?" Phoenix asked. "How do we do that?"

"I know!" Maya said. "We just have to use the Spirit Severing Technique on my body!"

"Isn't that the one that involves hitting someone over the head with—?" Phoenix began to ask. He didn't get to finish his sentence, because Maya snuck up behind him and hit him with a fire extinguisher.

"Maya!" Mia screamed.

Maya grinned. "I've always secretly wanted to hit my boss, ever since I got my first job," she said. "Of course, once I get back to my body, I'm probably going to have a headache..."

"Maya, the Spirit Severing Technique only works with the spirit severing stick, or another item that's similarly charged with spiritual energy," Misty Fey said. "In other words, not fire extinguishers."

"Oh, yeah," Maya said. "Whoops."

Mia poked the unconscious Phoenix. "Phoenix? Phoenix?" she asked.

Phoenix's eyes opened slowly. "Whuh...who are you?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah...I forgot that Nick gets amnesia when you hit him with a fire extinguisher," Maya said.

"Fire extinguisher?" Phoenix said, sitting up. "What does a—ow, my head! Where am I? Who am I?"

The three women traded worried looks.

"You're Maya Fey," Maya lied.

Three hours later, our heroes were on a train headed to Kurain. Phoenix had said that his head hurt, so he was taking a nap in his seat. The three Fey women were seated next to him, and they were talking quietly.

"I don't understand," Pearl said, tapping her lip with her finger.

"It's simple," Maya explained. "Nick doesn't remember who he is right now."

"Why not?" Pearl asked.

"Because Maya hit—" Mia began to say.

"That's not important!" Maya interrupted. "The important thing is that Nick's memory is gone! He doesn't remember being Phoenix Wright at all!"

"That's horrible!" Pearl said, gasping. "But why do I have to stop calling him 'Mr. Nick'?"

"Because I told him that he's Maya Fey," Maya explained. "And since he can't remember not being in my body, he believed me."

"I don't understand..." Pearl said, hanging her head.

"It's simple," Mia said. "Maya tricked Phoenix into thinking that he's Maya."

"It's like the best prank ever!" Maya said.

"That's not right!" Pearl said. "You shouldn't lie to your special someone!"

"It'll make everything simpler," Maya said. "If he thinks he's me, then he'll help us out for sure! And he won't do anything inappropriate with my body..."

"Is that what this is all about?" Mia asked.

"No!" Maya said hotly.

If any of the girls had been looking at Phoenix, they would have noticed him sigh softly. For you see, Phoenix Wright was not really asleep at the moment. He was just pretending to be asleep so he could overhear his friends' conversation.

Phoenix's case of amnesia had cleared up after five minutes, once his brains had a chance to get themselves back in order. By then, Maya had already tried to convince him that he was a girl. It was easier just to go along with Maya's weird scheme.

Besides, pretending that he was Maya did have some advantages...

Phoenix yawned.

"Shhh, he's waking up!" Maya said.

Phoenix yawned again and opened his eyes. "Are we there yet?" he asked sleepily.

"Not yet, Maya," Maya said.

"But I wanna be back home!" Phoenix said. "I'm, like, the Master of Kurain! I should be there, and, like, do Mastery stuff!"

"We'll be there in an hour," Mia said.

"I want burgers!" Phoenix whined. "But I don't want to pay for them, because I never pay for my food! Buy me something, Nick!"

Do I really sound like that normally? Maya wondered.

A stern-looking woman intercepted our heroes at the front of Fey Manor.

"I've been waiting for you, Mystic Maya," the woman said. "You complete your final exam, then you leave Kurain before we can—"

"Whatever," Phoenix said, flashing a "whatever" sign with his hand. "There was a super-important episode of The Steel Samurai I had to watch!"

"...The children's TV show?" the woman asked.

"Mystic Maya isn't feeling well," Maya tried to explain. "Please, just ignore her."

"Plus, I needed to buy new clothes," Phoenix said. "Like a push-up bra."

Pearl looked confused. "What's a pu—?" she began to ask.

"We have to get to the channeling room, right away!" Maya cried. "It's an emergency!"

Maya and Mia practically dragged Phoenix to the channeling room, while Pearl stayed behind and distracted the angry villager. Putting Pearl on diversion duty was probably the safest course of action, because the last thing they needed was an extra person in the Channeling Chamber. That was what caused the problem in the first place.

"Okay, we're here," Phoenix said. "What now? You still haven't explained to me what you're doing!"

Mia locked the door from the inside. "It'll make sense in a few minutes," she said. "We have an important channeling job to do first."

"This should be simple," Maya said. "Kind of. Where's the spirit severing stick?"

"I'll get it," Mia volunteered. She went to the corner of the room where the spirit severing stick was kept, along with some other items.

Phoenix eyed Mia warily. "She's not gonna hit me, is she?" he asked. "My head already hurts."

"Forget that," Maya said. "For now, you need to concentrate on me. Concentrate on Phoenix Wright."

Phoenix squinted his eyes. Earlier, Mia tried to teach him some simple focusing techniques. It didn't work then, and it wasn't working now.

"Uh...I can't concentrate," he said. "Not when Mia is going to smash me in the head."

Maya looked upset. "You're too tense," she said. "Loosen up, and only think about Phoenix Wright. That will help your spiritual journey."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Phoenix confessed.

Maya looked slightly guilty. "Well, you won't remember this, so..."

Maya grabbed Phoenix's head and kissed him briefly. "I love you," she said.

"Wha—what?" Phoenix asked. He...Maya...kissed him? When they had switched bodies? Was that the same as kissing himself?

That was when Mia smashed the distracted Phoenix on the head with the Spirit Summoning Stick.

The room became filled with purple light, as a few things happened. Mia shimmered and disappeared, as her connection to the world was severed. Maya's spirit, no longer blocked from her body, tried to jump back to its rightful place. It hit against Phoenix's spirit, which was vaguely focused on one thing: being Phoenix Wright.

The spiritual tug-of-war went back and forth, like a game of Pong, until Maya's spirit won out. She was more skilled in spiritual summoning, so it was inevitable that she would win out. Maya's spirit re-entered her body, and Phoenix's spirit was cast out until it found its rightful place.

Maya blinked. "Did...did it work?" she asked.

"Mommy?" Phoenix asked.

Then he collapsed.

When Phoenix woke up, he was lying in bed.

"Hello?" Phoenix asked.

"He's awake!" a voice said. "Finally!"

"Mister Nick?" a younger young voice asked. "Are you okay?"

Phoenix tried sitting up, but his head hurt too much. "Maya? Pearl? Is that you?"

"Duh!" Maya said. "Who did you expect, my dead sister?"

"I just had the craziest dream," Phoenix said. "We switched bodies, was strange."

"You've been unconscious for two days," Maya said. "We've been worried sick about you!"

"Two days?" Phoenix asked.

Maya nodded. "For a while, I was would never wake up."

"Mystic Maya didn't give up on you!" Pearl said. "She's your special someone!"

"It was really dumb of you to interrupt my final exam, Nick," Maya said. "Why did you do that?"

"Final...exam?" Phoenix asked.

"I think he needs more sleep," Maya said. "Then maybe some food."

Phoenix chuckled and hugged his body. He couldn't help himself.

"I'm okay!" he said. "I'm better than I've been for the past few days! I'm me again! It was all just a weird dream!"

"That's not the only weird thing here," Maya muttered.

"Be nice to your special someone!" Pearl ordered.

One Week Later...

Phoenix was back in his office, checking his email instead of working. He was glad that things were finally getting back to normal, after the misadventures in Kurain.

According to Maya, Phoenix had interrupted her summoning ceremony. This caused him to become unconscious for two days. Apparently, the entire ordeal of switching bodies with Maya was a very vivid hallucination or a dream. Phoenix wasn't sure which, and he didn't care to find out, either.

All he cared was that things were finally back to normal. He was in his own body again, no longer a hyperactive teenager.

Phoenix's cell phone rang, and he answered on the second ring.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Hi, Phoenix," the voice said. "It's Lana."

"Lana...Lana Skye?" Phoenix asked. "How did you get my phone number?"

"You gave it to me," she said.

"I did?" he asked.

"When you asked me to the movies," she said. "I've reconsidered. Is it too late to go with you?"

"I...what?" Phoenix asked.

Suddenly, Phoenix remembered a trial from the previous week.

"Give me a second," Phoenix said. He turned to his assistant. "Maya! Do I need dating advice?"


"But you, I mean, I don't think I've been on a date in a while."

"My dating life is none of your business!"

"I'm trying to help you out, Nick. What if I asked Lana Skye to the movies? She's not much older than you, right? She could be an awesome girlfriend for you!"

"Don't interfere with my love life! If you do, I'll ask Gumshoe out on a date!"

But that was just my dream, Phoenix thought. Unless...we really did switch bodies...

"MAYAAAAAAAA!"Phoenix shouted.

The end