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Halla point of view

Welcome to my hometown Berk, it's twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It's located solidly on the meridian of misery. My village: in a word, sturdy. It's been here for seven generations, but every single building is new. We have fishing, hunting, and a charming view of the sunsets. The only problems are the pests. You see most places have mice or mosquitoes, but we have…

"Dragons," I shouted to myself as I open the door to come face to face with a dragon. Slamming the door back shut I breathed in deeply as I press myself against the door in panic. I felt the door start to get very hot, flecks of embers slipping past the crack, telling me just how close I was to being burned alive. 'Great another door I have to replace' I thought, slowly moving away from the door to let it cool down before peeking outside to make sure the cost was clear.

'Most people would leave, but nope not us, we're Vikings. We have stubbornness issues.' I thought rushing out of my house towards the village swerving out of Vikings way and falling objects, some of which just so happened to be falling Viking.

I was slammed into the floor by an explosion; a man appeared over me screaming his battle cry before looking at me with a gummy smile shouting "good morning." I could only try to smile in reply, but pretty sure it came out as a wince. As he ran past me I scurried to get up, watching as more Vikings yell their battle cries and attempt to save their livestock from varies dragons.

I weave in and out of Viking ways as I hear them telling me to go back inside and to get out of the way, some even questioning why I am outside. I keep running ignoring their comments only to get pulled back by someone…good thing to or I would have been taken out by a flying dragon.

It was Stoick the Vast, Chief of the Tribe. He is a very large man, with wild crazy red hair and a massive beard held together in numerous braids. Legend says when he was a baby he popped a dragon's head clean off its shoulders. Do I believe it? Yes yes I do.

"What are you doing out? What is she doing out?" Stoick yelled to the neighboring Vikings bringing me up to his eye level by the back of my dress. "Get inside," he yells as he lowers me down giving me a small shove towards a building. I nod to him before taking off again before he drags me back to the house himself. I finally reached the forge and was greeted by Gobber, smiling as he pounds at a weapon.

Gobber was a typical size Viking, with an interesting attitude and had an interchangeable left prosthetic hand and wooden peg leg as his right foot. "How nice of ye to join the party. I thought you have been carried off that is if ye were allowed out."

"What who me?" I said as I placed my apron on, fumbling a bit with the knott, while I try to calm my breathing. "Nah c'mon I am totally allowed to be out here. Besides the dragon wouldn't know what to do with all this," I said gesture to all of my self as I struggle to pick up giant hammer dragging it to the wall where I grunted and stumbled as I placed it back on the wall.

"Well they need toothpicks don't they?" He says jokingly as I opened the door to the shop and weapons start to pile up. I grabbed the bundle of weapons and placed them on the burning coal.

I have been working for Gobber since I was little…well littler. Stoick has always been worried about me getting hurt. Which is why I'm not allowed to participate in dangerous activity, which according to him is everything. So battling dragons although a Viking tradition was out of the questions, handling a weapon also out of the question, except for the small dagger I'm forced to carry, but that I barely know how to handle. Hell if Gobber wasn't a close friend to my father and if he didn't trust him as much as he did then there is no doubt in my mind that he would have locked me in my room for all eternity. But I wanted to be outside, to fight and kill a dragon. I wanted to be a true Viking like Stoick, not the chief's frail screw up of a daughter that is pretty much useless, because around here killing a dragon was everything.

I looked outside and saw the other teenagers putting out fires. There was Fishlegs who was a big boy with blonde hair he was kind of skittish, but for the most part harmless. The irritating Snotlout, that just so happened to be my cousin, was standing next to Fishlegs his black hair sticking out of his helmet as he walked. The twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut that were constantly fight over everything were once again fighting, their blonde braided hairs shaking violently with each exchange of words and of course the most perfect Viking on the entire island, Ash. Ash with his blonde hair tied into a tight braid that was resting on his right shoulder bangs covering his right eye and framing his face perfectly. I craned myself out of the window sticking my neck to get a better look at the teens. 'Their job is so much cooler than mine' I thought as Gobber pulled me back to work by the back of my shirt.

"Oh, c'mon, let me out, please. I need to make my mark." I begged as I was struggling to escape Gobber's grasp in mid air.

"Oh ye make plenty of marks, all in the wrong places. Besides every villager in town knows the golden rule keep you inside," he replies finally setting me down and poking my in the chest with his prostatic arm.

"Please, two minutes. I'll kill a dragon, my life will get infinitely better, I might even get a date," I pleaded, but Gobber shakes his head.

"Rules are rules. Besides you can't lift a hammer, you can't swing and axe, you can't even throw one of these," Gobber holds up a bola (rope with heavy round stones on the end). Just as a Viking snatches the bola out of his hand and uses it to takes down a Gronkle mid-flight. 'And who's fault is it that I don't know how to uses any weapons…hmm thinking thinking or that right my overbearing father Stoick.' I thought before answer Gobber.

"But this will throw it for me," I answered walking to the automatic bola thrower I had been working on. I placed a hand on it and the piece suddenly sprung open, launching the bola and hitting a Viking standing outside the forge, knocking him to the ground with a groan.

"See this right here is what I'm talking about," said Gobber getting irritated as he walks over to me. Nobody really likes my inventions, but Gobber always lets me make them even though he knows they cause trouble. I may not be strong, but I am smart.

"With some mild calibrations-" Gobber shook his head "If you ever want to get out there to kill a dragon, you got to stop being all of this." He said gesturing to me.

"You just gestured to all of me" I exclaimed, trying not to take offense, but it was so hard when all you ever hear is that you're a screw up.

"Yes stop being all of you. You are never going to be able to fight dragons, end of story."

"Ohhh well you're playing a dangerous game, keeping this much raw Viking-ness contained. There will be consequences," I warned, shaking me finger in the air in exasperation standing on my tippy toes as I shouted consequences.

"I'll take my chances. Sword, sharpened, now" he orders, ending the conversation all together.

I carried the dull blade to the grinder and started to sharpen it. 'One day I'll get out there. Because killing a dragon is everything.' I thought 'it will prove that I'm not useless and can take the position of chief.'

A Nadder was sure to get me a least noticed. Gronkles were tough, taking down one of those would definitely get me a boyfriend. A Zippleback, exotic, two heads: double the status. And then there's the Monstrous Nightmare, only the best Vikings go after those. They have this nasty habit of setting themselves on fire, but the ultimate prize was the dragon no one's ever seen. We call it the Night Fury. It never steals food, never shows itself, and never misses. No one had ever killed a Night Fury. 'But one day I will and I'll be the first. Then everyone will have to respect me and treat me like I'm some body.' I thought, finishing up with the sword.

"Man the forge Halla. They need me out there," Gobber said changing his left hand from a hammer to an axe. He stopped at the door. "Stay. Put. There." He glanced around him clearly rethinking his statement "You know what I mean." And with a loud YAARGG! He disappeared from sight mixing in with all the chaos erupting outside.

I paused for a moment looking at my invention and than at the door. 'I couldn't' I thought, pausing for a moment. I smiled to myself before taking this chance to gather my invention and running outside to test it out. I could hear the Vikings outside the forge yelling at me to come back inside, but it wasn't like they actually cared for my safety, which would explain the lack of following.

I avoided Stoick at all cost, running to a spot on the edge of a cliff that was free of dragons, noises, or Vikings. I set up my invention as fast as I could and examined the night sky. I had already heard the Night Furies screech so he is definitely out here somewhere. I heard the screech again "Come on. Give me something to shoot at. Give me something to shoot at." I mumbled checking the skies behind my invention squinting to getting a better view of the sky.

Suddenly, something fired a shot of blue purple fireball at the nearby watchtower right below me. I took aim only to see a bleak outline of a figure and fired. The force of my machine was so powerful that it flung my little body to the ground, but I scurried to sit up to see if the bola actually hit its mark. I heard a loud screech as I could only see what I believed to be Night Fury's frame fall out of the sky towards the other end of the island. "I hit it," I said in disbelief. The words taking a while to finally register in my head. "Yes! I hit it! Did anybody see that?" I turned hoping that somebody anybody saw what I had just done. However before I could celebrate I finally took notice to the Monstrous Nightmare towering over me. His foot landing on my now broken invention, I could only inwardly sigh of course the only thing that could witness my miracle shot would be a dragon. Nobody saw my one in a million shot "Except for you." I mutter slightly disappointed before realizing I was in danger.

Without a second thought I took off, running for my pathetic life and screaming along the way. I ran through the village stumbling, as I went. I dared not look back because there was no doubt that the dragon was still following me. I ducked behind a thick wood pole just in time, as the Nightmare decided now was the perfect time to breathe fire. I could feel the fire on my back becoming incredibly hot and tried to make myself even smaller behind the pole. 'Help somebody help' I thought, worried.

I let out a small cry as I felt the dragons fire get to close to my skin. Until suddenly the uncomfortable heat was gone I peeked over my shoulder only to find that the dragon was gone. As I turned back around to check my other sides when I came face to face with the dragon's sharp pointed teeth, his mouth ready to snap my head off. I closed my eyes waiting for the deathblow, but none came. I opened one of my eyes only to see Stoick had once again come to my rescue and was now fighting the dragon. The dragon was ready to blast him with a fire attack, but all that came out was short stream of embers and than nothing. 'Is it just me or did the dragon have a sheepish expression.' I thought, watching the fight carefully.

"You're all out of juice," Stoick said as he charged at the Nightmare that was desperately trying to fly away from Stoick assault. He then turned to me and I knew I was in trouble. When the pillar behind me fell over and landed on the dock, the fire that it was holding starting to spread across the dock, burning more of the village, yah I knew that I was definitely in trouble.

"Sorry… Dad," I mumbled as the Vikings gathered around my new mess and the last of the dragons fled north, some lucky enough to have stolen our livestock. I could feel his eyes burrowing themselves into my back. The heat from his eyes matching the flames that nearly kissed my skin only to feel the heat intensify as the villagers scream finally died down.

"Okay, but I hit a Night Fury." I said, trying to make things better. Stoick grabbed me and began to drag me away by my forearm.

"Come on Dad. It's not like the last few time," I protested, trying to squirm out of his grip knowing that it was no use. "I mean I actually hit it. You were all busy and I well I had a good shot… it went down just off Raven's Point. Let's get a search party out there before it-"

"Stop!" Stoick interrupted shouting. I cringed as the volume of his voice knowing how mad he was. He must have noticed my cringe because his eyes softened, but only for a moment before he took a deep breath as if to calming himself "Just… stop. You know you are not allowed outside during a dragon raid let alone off by yourself trying to fight dragons. I'm trying to keep you safe and what do you do you...you run straight into trouble. You know that every time you step outside disaster falls. When you're mother died-" another deep sigh "I have too much to think about without worrying about my daughter getting taken or worse killed by a dragon. Can't you see I have bigger problems? Winter is almost here and I have an entire village to feed!"

"Well between you and me the village could do with a little less feeding, don'tcha think?" I joked trying to lighten the mood even though it seems hopeless to try and repair this mess.

"This isn't a joke Halla. Why can't you follow the simplest orders and trust that I know what's best for you." 'Because if you had your way, I would never see the light of day ever again' I though biting down on my lip to make sure that thought never comes out.

"I can't stop myself! I see a dragon and I have to just kill it, ya' know? It's what I'm meant to do Dad," I said, trying to defend myself, but even to me it sounded pretty stupid so I can only imagine what it sounded like to him.

Stoick sighed which was really starting to annoy me, didn't he think this was frustrating for me to. "Your are many things Halla, but a dragon killer is not one of them. Now get back to house." He lets out a long sigh before he orders Gobber to take me home and this time "Make sure she stays there."

Gobber gave me a shove and a light whack in the head because he clearly told me to stay in the forge. Stoick acts as if I can't hear his "I have her mess to clean up" as I walk past him.

We walk past my father only to have to walk past the other teenagers as they laugh at me. The twins just laugh at me and I think Tuffnut was trying to come up with an insult, but was laughing to hard that I couldn't understand it. His twin was able to understand him though because she was now on the floor double over laughing. That's when Snoutlout took a step forward "I have never seen someone mess up that badly…it help."

"Thank you, I try." I said walking past my annoying cousin wondering how I could ever be related to him.

"Hey it could have been worse you could end up dead, or on fire like your mother," said Snoutlout tears coming out of his eyes as he thought himself so clever.

I stopped for a moment listening to Snoutlout laugh. Before I knew what I was doing I tackled Snoutlout to the ground, punching him in the face. It felt good to take my frustration out on someone and frankly I could see why Vikings like it so much.

Just as I raised my hand back to deliver another punch I felt someone lifting me off of Snoutlout. I'm proud to say before being completely lifted off of my dear cousin I was able to send a swift kick to the ribs. "That's enough," said Gobber in his stern voice.

That's when I stiffened. Gobber's voice was coming from behind me...so who was holding my arm and my waist? My spine straightened. As I studied the group, I figured out just who was missing and almost didn't want to turn my head. Sure enough though Ash was the one holding me. I lowered my head. I could feel my face grow red and my eyes were starting to tear up, but from frustration or embarrassment I don't know.

I like every other girl have a small crush on Ash, but unlike them I don't follow him around like a love sick puppy…I mean out of all of the girls he could have he would never go for me even if I am the chief daughter, so I gave that dream up a long time ago.

"You can let me go now," I mumbled feeling my voice crack. 'No I can't cry people leave when you cry,'I thought, taking a deep breath and shutting my eyes keeping the tears in. I raised my head and smiled at Ash telling him again that he can let me go that I was okay. I tried to make sure my smile seem real, but I could feel my eyes stinging. 'As long as I don't cry I'll be fine.' I thought. I got no reply from Ash, but a scowl. Just as I was about to say something I heard a groan. I turned to watch my cousin struggle to stand up. When he was finally up I could tell that he was embarrassed or angry by just how red his face.

"YOU" he shouts pulling his arm back getting ready to punch me. I tried to raise my arm to block my face only to find one still in Ash's hand and the other pinned by my side. Again I closed my eyes waiting for pain, but it never came. Instead I felt myself being yanked back. I opened my eyes to see that Ash had finally let got of me blocking Snoutlout's hit, while Gobber had pulled me back.

"That's enough trouble from ya lass," said Gobber. I nodded again giving another one of my pitiful smiles to him. "Thank ye Ash" was the last thing Gobber said before pulling me away towards my house.

Maybe if I had looked up I would have seen everyone's shocked expressions, or the black eye that Snoutlout was sporting, or maybe I would have seen the look that Ash was giving me.

By the time we reached my house just as the sun was starting to rise. "I really did hit a Night Fury." I mumbled, feeling extremely irritated.

"Sure ya did." Gobber mumbled, this was the first thing he said to me after hitting Snoutlout.

"He never let's me do anything. He never listens to me...ever and when he finally does its with this disappointed scowl." I exclaim throwing my arms in the air doing a dramatic spin.

"He's just looking out for you." Was the only excuse that Gobber could give me and I was sick of it, that what everybody tells me and the teens never let me forget.

"I mean I get it I really do. A Monstrous Nightmare killed my mother when I was little and I'm all he has left of her, but I'm not necessarily going to end up like her. No matter what Snoutlout thinks" I mumble the last part. "And now all the other kids just mock me and lets not forget how useless and shameful I am to the tribe. And look at me! I'm a scrawny little toothpick that even the dragons aren't concerned with…I'm a talking fish bone!" I finish shouting, putting my head down.

"Now yer thinkin' about it all wrong," Gobber tries to explain, "It's not so much what you look like; it's what's inside that he can't stand."

'So much for trying to comfort me' I thought staring at Gobber for a moment. "Thank you for summing that up." I say, literally oozing sarcasm.

"The point is stop trying to being some thing your not. Ya father just doesn't want to see you get hurt is all. There are plenty of other things you can do for Berk that don't involve dragons like bread making." This time I scowled at him.

"I just wanna be one of you guys," I say as I climbed the stairs to my house and close the door behind me. I waited by the door as I heard Gobber sigh 'It seems that all I can make people do' I thought, as I listened to his fleeting footsteps. Once I was sure the cost was clear I ran to the back door to go find my Night Fury and prove to my father…no to everybody that I can be useful.