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Gobber's point of view:

I watched as the teens ran around in the arena trying to escape the Deadly Nadder. 'Dragon Training has gotten boring ever since Halla left' I thought, leaning against the bar 'Than again with out her in dragon training I don't feel like I'm having a heart attack every five second.' I sighed, watching as Ash handled the dragon perfectly. 'That lad is a Viking through and through, he'll win the honor no doubt.' Just as I was about to hobble down into the arena, elder Gothi was suddenly next to me.

"Elder Gothi" I say standing a little straighter. "Are you checking out the trainees?"

She said nothing, still looking into the arena. "Well if you'll excuse me el-"

"Do you think removing Halla from dragon training was wise." She says tilting her head still looking into the arena.

"That's not really my call," I say hesitantly, nothing good ever comes from an elder questioning you.

"You're her guardian you must have an opinion." She says her eyes turning to face me.

"I don't think it matter, Halla killed her own dragon, and she's proven that she's strong enough to handle the Viking life. She doesn't need to be trained anymore." I say sternly.

"You didn't want her to kill dragons, did you?" She says turning her head, raising an eyebrow.

"I wanted people to see how strong she could be, and now she's like everybody else a dragon kill under her belt."

"She will be chief one day," she says turning back to the arena.

"That's debatable," I snorted remembering all the words people have said about Halla, one good kill doesn't change years of unviking like attitudes. They may have a small changed of opinion, but that doesn't mean the tribe will be ready to follow Halla's lead. Half will try to follow her out of respect for Stoick, but the other half will fight for a new leader.

"She can be if she sticks to the right path, she has the potential to be great, if she doesn't stray." The elder Gothi looked tired, gripping her staff with two hands in front of her almost leaning on it.

"Halla doesn't stick well with paths if she did she would have saved herself a lot of trouble."

Elder Gothi chuckled standing upright which made no difference seeing as how she was the shortest in the village beside the wee babies. "That's true, but a girl that can stand up to her elders is something to believe in. Her mother would have been proud, that look in her eye it was the same look her mother got when she tried to speak out against dragon killing." Elder Gothi shook her head. "Their father's attack effected those girls so much."

"Ayy Valka and her sister Helga always did have a different take on dragons. Valka always believed that dragons weren't the enemy, but she was a force to be reckon with on the battle field. Helga was always ferocious whether it was dealing with dragons or with people. After their father's attack Valka was even more outspoken with her feeling about dragons, while Helga turned her back on everything." I sighed remembering the day Helga boarded a merchant ship and sailed away vowing to come back someday. Valka crying on Stoick's shoulder as Helga's ship sailed away.

"Ayyee she left this village with nothing, but the clothes on her back. Left her family and traditions behind, but she came back why do you think that is?" The way she asked the question set me a little uneasy.

"She came back for Halla" I said, something settling in my gut 'after all what else would she have come back for?'

"Hmmm, but Halla hasn't decided where she belongs its possible that she will leav-"

"She belongs on Berk." I say turning to face the elder craning my head down to try and stare the elder in the eye.

She looks up at me her eyes glassed over, her fingers tapping on her chin. She makes a click noise with her tongue before turning away. "You should head to the dock a ship was spotted not to long ago." That said she shuffles along her merry way. I watch her leave and can't help, but think how odd elder Gothi is.

A lone, battered ship is pulled into a slip, overloaded with equally battered-looking men. They disembark to a crowd of onlookers, looking like a team of hometown heroes who just had their butts kicked. Gobber hobbles through the mumbling crowd most of them looking at the rebuilt parts in the village. 'Where the hell is Stoick' I thought, watching all the battered men haul their stuff home. Stoick and Spitelout –Snotlout father- were arguing with each other before Spitelout just huffed and walked past me giving me a snarl.

Walking next to Stoick I could tell that he was already agitated. 'And now I have to explain that his wife's sister is back in town, Halla got kicked out of dragon training and somehow killed the dragon that killed the love of his life. Lets start with something easy.' "Well, I trust you found the nest at least?"

Stoick says nothing as he takes a look around the newly built dock. "Not even close" he says his voice evenly calm.

"Ah. Excellent." I say already knowing that today was going to be an intense day.

I follow Stoick up the ramp and snag his duffle bag that was underneath his arm.

He sighs "I hope you had a little more success than me." He says voice still a little strained.

'Where to start' I thought, readjusting his bag. "Well, if by success, you mean that your parenting troubles are over with, then... yes."

Stoick stops. His eyes narrowed and his mouth in a straight line. He opened his mouth ready to ask question, only to have a group of merry villages rushing to him.

"Congratulations Stoick! Everyone is so relieved." She says, excitedly as she rushes past us to meet her husband.

"Out with the old and in with the new, right?! Exclaims an older Viking, coming to help unload the boat.

"No one will miss that old nuisance!" At this comment I could see Stoicks eye widen a bit, his mouth turning into a slight frown.

"The village is throwing a party to celebrate!" Stock's mouth was completely open now his eyes, wide with panic, his irritation gone. I could tell that Stoick was stunned and overwhelmed by the insensitivity of his possible daughter's death.

"She's... gone?" He asks, chocking over his words. I can tell he was somewhere in between devastation and anger.

"Yeah...most afternoons." I say, slowly, that way he knew could digest the information. "But who can blame her? I mean the life of a celebrity is very rough. She can barely walk through the village without being swarmed by her new fans." Stoick is doubly confused, but at least he doesn't look like he's about to kill me.

"Halla?" He asks, gripping my shoulder.

Part of me was happy that Stoick seemed so surprised; he was after all the one that thought Halla was to weak for this life. "Who would've thought, eh?" I say chuckling.

Stoick's eye's light up a smile creeping onto his face, he turned around probably ready to find his daughter. "Stoick" I say hobbling over to him. "There's more."

Stoick's eyes fall for a moment, the smile slipping off his face. "What else?" Before I could tell Stoick anything else a voice interrupted us.

"Hello Stoick" We both turned around and I couldn't help, but internally groan. 'So much for a warning' I thought, watching as Stoick regains his anger.

"What are you doing here Helga" He seethes, as he watches Helga stand in the middle of the docks.

"Helga decided to pay us a visit while your were away" I say trying to stop an argument before it even starts. "Helga and Halla have been" I struggle to find the right word, but knew that it wouldn't matter. Stoick was still going to be furious. "Reconnecting while you were away."

"People who leave shouldn't come back." He says, he's voice deadly calm. Helga doesn't seem amused, but she doesn't say anything. "Gobber how long has she been here?"

I look between the two and know that an argument is going to happen. "A while" I say, "but before you two start fighting, let's talk about this somewhere else. " The whole village had started to look at us. Without hesitation I began to push Stoick off the dock. He snarled as we passed Helga, who did her best to remain neutral. "Come on, we can talk about this at Stoick's house."

"Where's Halla?" Stoick whispers, his shoulder tense. To deal with one issue at a time, I take Stoick and Helga the long way home, avoiding the center of the village. 'One problem at a time' I thought, trying to ignore the tension in the air. I will say this for the village, people understood the severity of this situation and knew to welcome the chief at a later time.

I wanted to answer, but to honest I had no idea where she was. Helga answered for me "She's out, my guess by the cliff sides, she's been going there since the forest caught on fire. So don't worry she won't be home." I scrunched my face feeling Stoick's anger increase. The fact that Helga sounded so sure about Halla where about, told Stoick such how close they were getting.

It was a long walk home tension just growing until I thought for sure one spark and the whole area would exploded in dragon fire. We walked into the house Helga taking a seat on Stoicks couch like she had done it a hundred times. Stoick stood next to the fire pit watching Helga as if waiting for a reason to throw her off the island.

"Now you two need to remember-."

"What are you doing here Helga" snapped Stoick. I sighed, taking a seat on an empty chair. 'Why do I even bother' I thought, watching as the two slowly went for each other's throats, there voices growing in shouts and wild hand gestures. 'Might as well let them duck it out for a bit' I thought, watching as Stoick's face became redder and Helga was now standing trying to glare Stoick down. 'This is going to be a long day.' I thought, making sure that the one doesn't kill the other.