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It was the last day of the school year and the host club had just stopped doing business. The guests filed out in a drawn-out procession.

"Hey Harui! What're your plans for summer break?" the twins asked in unison after the last stragglers were out of sight.

"None of your business!" Haruhi growled, not wanting the host club members bothering her on her months of relative peace. Her tone combined with her dark gaze caused the twins to sweatdrop, and wth that they decided to stop asking Haruhi about her summer plans. She sighed, turned around, and noticed that an ominous metal door had appeared on the wall separating the "abandoned" music room and the dark magic club room. Having already been thoroughly irritated by the twin's antics, Haruhi had no patience for ridiculous things such as randomly appearing doors.

"Nekozawa senpai! Stop trying to impress us! If you want to talk come in through the NORMAL door!" she exclaimed angrily while advancing on the door. At that instant everybody in the room heard a monkey screeching and before Haruhi knew what was happening she was falling through the large door.

"What do you want" asked Nekozawa, poking his head out of a large gothic wood door that had suddenly appeared next to the metal one. The club members looked at Nekozawa, then at the metal door, and again at Nekozawa, and back to the imposing door.

"HARU-CHAN!" Honey cried as he dashed through the door, Mori close on his heels.

"HARUHIII! DADDY'S COMING!" shouted Tamaki as he ran through the door.

"Boss wait up!" the twins followed.

Kyouya was left standing in the room alone, with the exception of Nekozawa. Without a word he calmly walked through the door.

Little did the club members know that this "door" would better be described as a gate, or rather the Gate Of Truth.

still don't know how to make those neat lines =(

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