AN: Wrote this when I was supposed to be working on a history essay but I seem to have deleted it by accident. The original was really poignant and made me cry just typing every line. I wish I saved it...So now you get this watered down version, I'm sorry.

Takes place during episode 11, final scene.

You're not the Madoka Kaname who saved me from death.

You're not the confident brave girl I knew.

You're not the same girl I fought besides.

You're not the girl I put on a high pedestal.

You're not direct about what you say anymore.

You're not willing to listen to me anymore.

You're not my guardian angel.

You're not the girl I hoped you would be.

You're not a lot of things but there is something that you still are: you're still the same girl willing to do anything to save everything precious to her.

You are Madoka and you are my best friend.

You're not alone, and that's what matters.

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Writing this from a hospital, I hope to get out soon.