Rated: K

Couple: Korra x Mako

Summary: My whole life has always been disconnected. Until I met him…with him I felt a connection. Makorra fluff taken from Korra's POV.

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: TLA or Avatar: TLOK. Nor any of their characters.

Ever since I was four I've been locked away here.

Forced to train here and learn about the physicality and spirituality of being the "Avatar".

I never knew the friendship of someone my age at all.

My only friend was a polar bear-dog that I managed to train when I was in my pre-teens.

My whole life I didn't only dream of becoming an awesome Avatar…I dreamed of finally having a friend.

Someone who wasn't afraid of me being the Avatar or treated me as above them. Someone who would just acknowledge my abilities and were a bit grateful for them.

It wasn't until I got away. Given Katara's permission I ran off to Republic City and am now living with Tenzin and his family. I finally had that hope "Maybe I will finally make a friend after all." I say to myself at night while I'm alone and let that statement drift me to sleep.

I managed to make a friend today. Okay well two "friends" (although I don't really consider the second one a friend but I'll start with the first one). His name is Bolin.

I decided to disobey Tenzin's orders and I tried to attend a pro-bending match. I snuck my way in by diving and bending the water to lift me through the window. Things we going good so far…

Till I got caught.

Luckily Bolin saved me and even let me watch the match from his team's box.

Then he introduced me to…his brother. Mako.

He rude, sarcastic, and generally anti-social. But man his firebending was amazing! I watched in awe as he single-handedly took down three opponents and led his team to victory.

I decided to ignore his rudeness and compliment him on winning the match but all I got back was more of his sarcasm.

It wasn't until I mentioned to Bolin that I was the Avatar that Mako seemed to regret his actions. Typical.

I admit though. After training with Bolin not once had Mako complimented me or feared me as others had before him while they watched me train.

Instead he had this impassive look and simply said "Not bad." Which did not fail to boil my blood a bit but I didn't want him to know that.

Apparently Bolin and Mako's other team mate didn't show up and me being me decided to help him out.

I made a fool of myself in the first round and didn't fail to get a good scold from Tenzin for disobeying his orders but I was determined to follow through with this. I can't have Mako thinking I'm a quitter simply because Avatar duty awaits.

I managed to stand my ground and that lead to our victory! I had never been so happy since I adopted Naga.

Then it happened…

Mako came up to me, congratulated me, and actually acknowledged that I did a good job. Finally. I felt it. He wasn't congratulating "The Avatar" he was congratulating "Korra" and that's what struck me…

A connection.

And not even I could help the hope that that little connection turns into something…more.

A little diary-ish fic taken from Korra's point of view as she makes her first friends in Republic City and finds a little bit more than friendship in our handsome firebender ;)

A little Makorra fluff never hurt anyone ^_^

I may consider writing more so keep posted :D