Trolling In The Deep

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Couple: Dianna/Lea

Authors note: Just a cute Achele one shot.

Rating: T

Trolling In The Deep

Lea tapped away at the keyboard, a grin spreading clear across her face as she logged onto the message board that she frequented. She never actually submitted any messages on the board, okay perhaps a few, but usually she was more than content with reading their inquiries and teasing her fans. Some could say that she was "trolling" in fact many of the people on said message board constantly stated that she was the biggest "troll" of them all. She liked to think of it as being playful and engaging, in a secret sort of way.

Large brown eyes read over the messages, her face contorting with disgust at certain comments made about herself with the boys she was "dating" and other comments, before twisting into a grin at the mention of Achele being on. She wished more than anything she could scream her love at the top of her lungs, but that would not be best for their careers and they were constantly reprimanded for their "unprofessional" behavior. Most days Lea just wanted to tell them to screw themselves, but it was her job.

Full lips twisted into a devious smirk as she read a comment about her and Dianna sleeping together. "If only you guys knew the half of it." She spoke aloud, proudly.

There was a ruffling of sheets, and a familiar raspy voice groaned out from the bed behind her. Turning to look for the source, she smiled as her girlfriend snuggled deeper into the sea of blankets and looked over at her through hooded hazel eyes, a sleepy smile playing on her pink lips. She was adorable. Then again she had always thought Dianna looked beautiful at all times of the day.

The blonde glanced toward the computer immediately recognizing the message board. "Already sweetie? Seriously, I think you are addicted to trolling that message board." She shook her head, laughing as a grin spread across Lea's face. She loved seeing her smile. She loved everything about the other woman.

"It is good to know that my girlfriend thinks I am a troll." She said as she turned back to the computer refreshing the page.

Dianna chuckled under her breath as she moved out from under the sheets, stopping only to pull on a pair of panties and throw a shirt on. They slept naked but she still never felt all too comfortable with walking around naked which her girlfriend had no problem with. She wasn't complaining. Grinning she wrapped her arms around Lea, placing her chin against an exposed naturally tan shoulder as she peered at the screen of the computer.

"Does it help if I said you were the sexiest troll I have ever encountered?" She whispered her voice deep and husky. Words drawn out slowly. This drove the brunette wild she loved that voice.

"A little." A playful pout formed on her full lips which caused her girlfriend to once again chuckle.

"Well, you most definitely are." She whispered against Lea's ear, knowing it was a sensitive spot for her. Gently she placed a heated kiss right behind her ear enjoying the soft sigh of pleasure it elicited.

Brown eyes had darkened considerably due to arousal; her body was practically aching to be touched by the blonde over and over again. Sometimes it amazed her how they could still crave each other after all of these years. She supposed that when you loved someone, that spark and passion never went away. "There is one way you could make it up to me." Her voice was deeper than usual, lustful, as she glanced toward hazel eyes.

Dianna grinned as she looked through long lashes at dark eyes. "What did you have in mind?"

Lea moved in closer toward her girlfriend, brown eyes darting down to pink lips as she ran her tongue along her own full lips teasingly. Catching the attention of hazel eyes. Her tongue had always been a weakness for Dianna and she often used this to her own advantage. "I was thinking that maybe—"

"—Yes?" She husked out when the other woman stopped mid-thought.

Leaning in further the brunette waited until she was certain the other was expecting a kiss and then a playful smile formed on her face as she turned back to the computer. "You could tweet your fans because I already have and they are all waiting for your morning tweet."

Dianna groaned out. "You know, there is a reason they call you a troll!"

"I am well aware." She refreshed the message board, smug with the way that her girlfriend was reacting to her teasing. "Now please Di, tweet the restless women!" Her voice was intentionally over-dramatized.

Rolling her hazel eyes Dianna moved to the side of the bed behind Lea, in order to get her phone which was plugged into the wall charger. Pulling it off the charger she logged into her twitter account and took the added advice from the woman whose eyes were still glued to the screen to tweet "happy Monday." "There, happy?" She asked, her smile defeating the faux annoyance. She honestly found it adorable when the beautiful woman went on these "trolling" rampages.

Lea let out a squeak as a bright smile spread across her face and her eyes sparkled. "Not as happy as they are!"

Shaking her head Dianna moved toward her girlfriend once more. "I will never understand why you insist on trolling these message boards and teasing these girls."

Turning in her chair so that she was now facing the blonde, Lea glanced up at her girlfriend as she reached out placing her hands on her perfect hips pulling her closer in order to plant a chaste kiss against her abdomen through the fabric of her shirt. "First off it is fun to tease them, but I suppose I simply enjoy showing them that we do exist. Even through subtle hints. I wish that I could show them more."

Dianna raised an eyebrow as she looked down into brown eyes. "Oh really? You want to show them more?"

"Mmhmm." She bit down on her full bottom lip as she pulled the taller woman closer, enjoying the way that she sat on her lap straddling her hips.

"Like what exactly?" She husked out slowly as she leant down, their lips now only inches apart.

"Hmm…" Lea pretended to think on the subject as she sneakily moved one of her hands away from her girlfriend's hip toward the computer mouse, where she already had the webcam set up and prepared to take pictures. Moving closer she extended her talented tongue running it along perfect pink lips, enjoying the shudder and intake of breathe from Dianna as she did so. While distracted she clicked the mouse and the webcam flashed taking a picture. The blonde's face contorted in shock as she screeched out quickly moving away from the camera, she was not actually upset simply embarrassed.

A huge smile formed on Lea's face as she laughed loudly at the woman who was now glaring at her from a few feet away. Turning back to the computer she pulled up her twitter account and stated aloud. "Perhaps they would enjoy seeing the picture of me naked with my girlfriend on top of me enjoying it quite a bit as I run my tongue—"

"—You wouldn't dare." Dianna husked out moving toward the computer. It was not that she minded, honestly she didn't, she was so proud to call Lea her girlfriend. Although the thought of millions of people seeing her naked bothered her, it still was more that their careers would be done for that terrified her.

"You underestimate me." Lea grinned as she clicked send.

Hazel eyes widened, she couldn't have actually sent that picture. That would jeopardize everything they spent three years trying to keep to themselves. Reaching for her phone, which directly received her girlfriend's tweets, she opened her inbox in order to read it, her heart racing rapidly and body shaking. As her eyes scanned the text she immediately calmed down and a smile returned to her face. 'Don't Lady Di and I look amazing in this picture tha.' "Lea, people are seriously going to start questioning your ability to finish a sentence."

Lea was laughing at the way that the message board was going frantic, everyone telling her to finish the sentence. Standing to her feet she walked toward her girlfriend. "You could always finish the sentence for me."

"And which picture do you propose I send?" She husked.

Shrugging her shoulders she wrapped her arms around the taller woman's waist before pressing full lips to her neck earning a soft whimper of enjoyment. "Just pick a picture from the Glee set, that way it seems inconspicuous." Lea said as she ran her tongue along Dianna's neck sucking gently, making certain not to leave a mark.

"Mmm." Hazel eyes rolled back as she moaned out. "If you keep doing this I will never be able to send a picture."

"Just send it later then." Lea commanded as she bit down on the pale skin pushing her girlfriend back toward the bed. "Let them go crazy for a while, while I make you go crazy." She straddled the blonde biting down on her full bottom lip as she pulled off her shirt, now leaving Dianna only clad in her panties.

Raising an eyebrow once more she couldn't help but comment. "You are such a tease, and a troll.

Moving closer she captured pink lips with her own in a heated kiss, their bodies pressing flush against each other. Pulling back a little she moved to nibble on Dianna's earlobe before whispering against her ear. "You love it."

And she did.

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Authors Note: I hope that y'all enjoy this one shot. :) It's nothing too amazing, simply a fun little piece that I thought of… I usually do not write for real couples, but I was inspired.

Thank y'all for reading! 3

-Tracy Cook