Trolling In The Deep

By: TracyCook

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Couple: Dianna/Lea

Authors note: Just a cute Achele one shot.

Rating: M

Trolling In The Deep

"I still can't believe that you are doing this for me." Dianna husked with a soft grin on her pink lips as she placed her hands on the beautiful brunette's hips, they had gotten ready for the Met Ball together but now they were being forced to head there in separate vehicles. Lea of course would be accompanied by Cory in order to keep up appearances.

Brown eyes locked onto hazel and she flashed a full-lipped grin. "I am doing this for both of us; I want you to still be working with me next season just as badly as you want to be."

Leaning down the blonde rested her forehead against the shorter woman's. "Simply to spend more time with my wonderful girlfriend. I know that sticking with Glee is probably not the best move for any of us honestly, but I am not really ready to let it all go. Without it we wouldn't have each other."

"But without it we will still have each other. You know that right?" Lea questioned worriedly, her eyebrows knitting together.

Laughing softly she nodded her head, bright smile spreading across her face. "Of course I know that sweetheart."

Letting out a sigh of relief she allowed her smile to return to her face as she poked the blonde in the chest. "Good." Dianna swiftly grabbed ahold of her hand before she could continue poking her, holding it delicately against her collarbone.

"It isn't that I am scared that after Glee we will be over, although it does frighten me just a little. More so, it is just that I am not quite prepared to stop seeing your gorgeous face on a daily basis. I love working with you. I love you." Dianna rasped out slowly, her words holding honesty and her hazel eyes filling with emotions as she stroked her fingers across the ring that she had given the other woman. It was special to them; it is what kept them connected through all of their trials and errors.

"I love you too." Lea breathed out before turning her head so that she could plant a soft kiss on those sweet lips that she loved. Just as Dianna was preparing to pull out of the kiss the brunette bit down on her bottom lip sucking on it gently.

"Mmm…" She groaned out as she pushed Lea up against the wall, realizing now just why Lea had chosen the dress that she had. Truthfully the beautiful woman was often known for wearing clothing articles that were "easily accessible" whether it be wearing shirts as dresses or in this case a long gown that had a slit up the center that practically exposed her entirely. Dianna was not about to complain as she dragged her nails along a toned thigh.

Lea pulled away from the kiss slamming her head back against the wall, brown eyes rolling back in her head as she groaned out. Begging and pleading for those fingers to climb the last few inches to where she needed them the most. As Dianna started to plant heated kisses along her shoulder she tangled her fingers in blonde locks pulling her as close as possible. As the blonde bit down on a sensitive spot of her neck she tugged hard on her hair. "Fuck."

Running her tongue along the naturally tan neck she nibbled on the lobe of Lea's ear, making certain not to mess up her hair. Whispering in a low husky voice "that can be arranged."

"Woah! Okay you guys come on!" Came Cory's voice as he walked into the room where he was supposed to meet Lea in order to pick her up so that they could go to the Met Ball together. It was not ideal for him either seeing as he had a girlfriend, but he was always supportive of their relationship. At least when he didn't have to watch it. You would think as a guy he would like that, but they were like his little sisters.

Pulling away from each other both sported light blushes, but quickly shook off their embarrassment. It was not the first time that Cory or many of the other Glee cast had walked in on them in compromising positions.

The short brunette made her way toward Cory, dragging Dianna closely behind her. Honestly she was a little bit upset that they had been interrupted. She had wanted her girlfriend to finish what she had started and now she would have to wait until later tonight or possibly tomorrow to feel that relief. Still, she knew that they all had work to do. Her and Cory were to sell their romance to the public and Dianna was to show people that she was more than content spending all of her free time with anyone aside from Lea.

In public they were often miserable, one more so than the other, but when compared to their moments spent in private it was all worth it.

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They had a signal, it was just a mere tap on the other girl's hand and they knew that this meant they should head to the bathroom for some privacy. Dianna had tried her hardest to be professional but she was still aching to touch the other woman due to earlier and seeing her wandering around the Ball dressed in that gown was enough to drive her crazy. Not to mention that she felt irrationally jealous whenever she saw her holding Cory's hand.

She knew that it was the arrangement and she knew that it was ultimately for her own benefit but that did not make her any happier about it. She wanted to be the one to show of the gorgeous woman tonight; she wanted to be the one to show off Lea every night. Yet, he got to be that person and in the very least she wanted to enjoy that perfect body in secret.

"Jesus Christ Dianna!" Lea groaned out as she was pressed up hard against the bathroom stall, her hands held over her head with one of Dianna's hands as her lips worked along her neck.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. Just seeing you in that dress, I had to finish what I started." Her voice held only slight apology, for she was not actually sorry for her actions. She wanted Lea in that moment and she was going to pleasure her, she was going to make her scream her name and shake in pleasure, because Lea Michele was her woman, her love, and not his.

Biting down on her full bottom lip she rocked her head to the side, certainly ruining her hair, but she did not care. Brown eyes closed as a heat formed between her thighs, a need to be pleased. "I didn't say that I minded."

"Mmm good." Dianna husked out, voice deeper than usual and dripping in lust as she once again allowed her fingers to travel over perfect thighs. She loved the shorter woman's legs so much, they were unbelievably sexy. For someone as short as Lea she had surprisingly long legs and Dianna had on many occasions enjoyed kissing and tasting them in their entirety. Tonight though, she knew that they were in a hurry. She had to please her girlfriend and then they would need to return to the party in order to keep up appearances.

As her long slender fingers reached Lea's panties she let out a soft gasp that almost sounded like a growl at the fact that they had been soaked through with her lover's arousal. To this day it surprised her how wet she could make the other woman. "God. You are so freaking wet." She husked out biting down on Lea's collarbone, hoping that she would not leave a visible mark.

All that the brunette could do in comment was moan out as she grew even more aroused, moving her hips against the probing fingers pleading for her to bring her to her sweet release.

Dianna did not need more incentive, seeing Lea practically pleading and aching with the entirety of her body was almost enough to bring her to the edge herself. Pushing her panties aside she bit down hard on her own bottom lip groaning out at the intensity of her wetness as fingers found their way between her girlfriend's folds, teasing the sensitive bundle of nerves before dipping lower in order to tease her awaiting entrance.

Lea once again rocked her hips forward as she was now moaning out incoherently, a mingling of curse words and Dianna's name over and over as she tried to urge her girlfriend on.

Without warning she plunged two fingers deep inside Lea's heated center, groaning out a she felt her walls tighten around her fingers, dropping the hand that had been holding the other woman in place. Now free to move Lea dug her nails into the blonde's back as she rocked her hips against the fingers that were pumping in and out of her deep and deliberately. Dianna knew exactly which spot to hit inside of her to drive her wild.

Twisting her fingers skillfully she repeatedly hit the spot inside of Lea that set her on fire and as the brunette moaned out loudly against Dianna's ear she could feel her climax growing closer. "Oh god. Yes, god yes! Dianna! God right there! Just a little more—so close, mmmm god so close!"

Panting she continued to pump her fingers deep inside of Lea until she felt her walls contract around them and wetness cover her hand. Lea who normally would have screamed out Dianna's name held her breath biting down on her lip in order to suppress the scream; she could not risk others at the party hearing her.

This had become a routine for them. They would dress up as sexy as possible before going out in public and almost tease each other with the fact that they could not be close, until one of them broke. This time it was Dianna who had broken down.

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