A Grimm Family and a Blutbad Bond Part 1

Disclaimer: I do not own the wonderful Grimm world played on NBC. This is a purely fictional story that borrows characters from the show for the enjoyment of the shows fans.

"I think Holly's mother wants to kill me. "
"I told you tofu cheesecake was a hersey" Nick grinned.
"Any heathen that prefers Maxwell coffee over fair-trade Kona grain does not have the taste buds to critique my cooking." Monroe said while making homemade pizza dough.

Turning serious the taller man wiped his hands on his apron. Over the past couple of months, some of Nick's wesen youth cases, started turning up on his doorstep. The first time Holly came to his door with a dead rabbit resulted in a 5 am wake up call to Nick, telling him to get his cursed Grimm ass over to fix the problem that he created. Monroe still couldn't figure out how the Grimm got him to cook her breakfast. Holly's continual visits resulted in Monroe taking semi-daily runs with Holly into Forest Park at 5 am in the morning. Nick started paying him in gypsy donuts. Roddy's desperate need to rant about the punk at his snotty school, lead to him and Monroe performing night duets in the house or on rare occasions in the garden, weather permitting, which made Roddy's "friends" extremely happy who dare not invade the territory of a predatory of Monroe's magnitude.

"Holly does spend a lot of time over here" Nick said as he found himself helping Monroe prepare the sauce seasonings.

"Hey! I'm being serious"
" I am too…I hate to say it but if it wasn't for "your cousin's kid" living here right now till his father's return…Holly's constants visits to slightly middle age odd clockmak-" " Middle aged! Odd! Well excuse me GQ but I'm quaintly eccentric!" Monroe exclaimed
"Could be taken badly by narrow minded people…" Nick said softly continue. Instantly remembering his own assumptions about Monroe a year ago, shame burning away at his own…


"Narrow mind?" Monroe said snidely. "Dude! stop over thinking it, it happen, we talked, we're cool."
"And yeah…I get it, she's jealous and doesn't understand why Holly keeps shutting her down. "

Living in the forest for most of her life has made it hard for Holly to live with most human beings. Makes sense when you can imagine the complete freedom Holly had to be the untamed and majestic Bludbad Monroe needed to control with a ridged routine, no meat and drugs. Since her return home, an army of experts were employed to help her readjust to society. Luckily, Holly retain all the knowledge of the English language she acquired at 9 year old, a very advance 9 year old, however she now requires weekly trips to a speech pathologist to help her overcome her pronunciation problems that her isolation from society created. Holly liked the simply dress unassuming speech pathologist and loathed the overly perfumed psychologist who her mother hired to help her understand and readjust to "civilized" society. Holly didn't understand why the man at the park was upset when she said his baby son looked like a pig. She hated having to restrain herself around people when all she wanted to do was run through the woods and say her exact thoughts regardless of circumstances. Her hallowing experience with soul crushing loneliness was probably the only reason why she didn't return to the woods. Despite Monroe's insistence that he loved the bachelor life, Nick knew from his studies Blutbad shared wolves need for a pack. Thankfully the overly perfumed psychologist was smart enough to suggest Holly did home school to avoid the vicious psychological drama that would play out between misunderstanding schoolmates and Holly's struggle to adapt .

Holly's mother tolerated her visits to Monroe's house because she thought she developed a friendship with Roddy during their small walks through the park where the sweet blue-eyed "angel" played his violin. Watching Holly laugh at his crazy dance steps and the ease she had around him, caused her to quickly agree to the lunch invite he gave Holly to his "older cousin's" house three weeks after they met him. She was only able to drive away when she discovered Nick was a close friend of the cousin. Her excitement that day was the only reason why she didn't notice Holly's black knit sweater stupidly hanging on Monroe's coat rack before they entered the house. Both Monroe and Nick hated to keep the woman in the dark, but they both knew Holly needed a mentor. If Holly was going to keep coming back to Monroe's place, a cover story was needed to protect him from his nosy neighbors. Luckily none of them were early risers.

Plus the friendship between Roddy and Holly was genuine, well once Roddy stopped hugging the wall of the room; worried the formerly untamed hottie saw him as dinner. Lucky for him, Her lack of a traditional Blutbad upbringing made it hard for her to see anything but the animals in the forest as food. It didn't hurt his ego to find out that Holly could spend hours in rapt silence listening to him play.

"You know, my life was a lot easier when all I did was fix clocks!" Monroe looked at Nick with his Papa face.

Nick couldn't help smirking at distraught Blutdad who hasn't stopped cooking since headstrong teenagers invaded his life this past year. Someone else might believe the giant sulking man but Nick knew better. The man spent hours looking up recipes to turn Holly onto vegetables. He spent a lot of money to get Roddy a better violin. He even turned his attic into an office, despite the limitations of the cramp space, to protect his works of art from their wild antics. Nick knew Monroe was totally screwed when he discovered his friend's sudden "artistic" appreciation for video games after watching Roddy drool over Resistance 3 in a magazine. Monroe still maintains it makes more sense to buy a blu-ray player with two functions.

Nick couldn't stop himself from admiring how warm Monroe's eyes got when the kids made fun of his beard. How the light of Monroe's home made his one bedroom hovel seem empty and cold. His life helped Monroe develop his pack and Nick felt happy for his friend. While his life pushed Juliette and their possible future family in the place of nevermore. Yet to his surprise and to his shame their quiet break up felt strangely right. Over time he realized they were best friends who mistook connection for longing and lack of roots as a foundation for understanding. Her kisses were dim embers compared to the flames Monroe's accidental touches awaken in Nick's soul.

If he learn anything this year it was this: Grimms do not make good lovers.

Monroe put in the pizza as Holly and Roddy zipped into the room.

The life was too destructive to maintain a family.
Images of his parent's murder newspaper headlines, Aunt Marie battered and bruised body and Farley's broken voice as he talked about his aunt screaming in his mind.

He was the photographer of this Rockwell wesen family. Looking in, protective and caring.

Outside, never in view.

Anyways, the kids had more in common with Monroe and Monroe only saw him as a friend.

Monroe ran after the thieves who laugh as they ran out of the house into the backyard with his hidden bowl of homemade cookie dough…Nick laughed at the scene.

How could he wreck Monroe's best chance to regain a pack? his friend, his…


Shake head. Better to leave it unspoken.

Nick called out to Monroe in the backyard, apologizing for having to leave. The station needed him on a case. Before Monroe could respond, Holly tackled him to the ground, making him forget that Nick mention he forgot his cell in his car.

Grimms could only create destructive families.

Later that night as Nick was doing a swipe of a dark alley for a friend in vice who had a very angry wife, Nick had a split second to turn around before he felt a trashcan bash into his back.