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"Nee-chan! We have to get her out of there, now!"

My heart felt like it was literally pounding out of my chest as that thing came closer. Hundreds of people were fleeing in the other direction, screaming at the top of their lungs, trying to hold on to their lives as much as they can. I couldn't even hear Kiyone yelling, but I had an idea of what she said as she pulled on my arm.

The Hollow literally attacked out of nowhere, the only indication of its presence was the vast amount of reiatsu. It appeared in front of a few kids playing baseball. As soon as one of them saw it, she started screaming, which is a universal sign of danger. When the Menos Grande let out the most terrifying roar that rocked the whole district, the other villagers started running as well as the kids. Kiyone and I were taking a walk when we heard it, and we ran as fast as we can to our roommate, Makoto Harumi.

Makoto was a long time friend of ours who took us in when we first became souls. We had no memory of our pre-life (as all souls are), so we were lost when we ended up in West Rukongai District 56. Makoto was hundreds of years old, but she looked like she was in her early 50's. She was of average height, with long golden hair flowing to her waist, silver eyes, and lightly tanned skin. She was a loud, open-minded woman, which gradually rubbed off on Kiyone. But, Makoto taught me everything she knew about life, whether it was about being a respectable leader or being a freak in bed (many times resulting in blushes and laughter).

Unfortunately, Makoto had developed an unknown disease that made her joints stiff and inflamed. It made her unable to walk and do activities for a long period of time. The condition got worse as her vision began to fade away and she went into an uncharacteristic depression. We had no money to go to the Seireitei and ask for help, so I did the best I could to improve my medical techniques and lessen the pain. I would later find out that she had rheumatoid arthritis.

As we ran in the opposite direction of the hysterical crowd, I could see Kiyone developing tears in her eyes. Except for me, she loved Makoto more than anything. We both knew she was unable to run away, and as we ran into our shack-like home, we found her trying her best to stand up.

"I-Isane…Kiyone…is that a…" She lost her breath as fatigue overwhelmed her body. I quickly ran to her side and tried to carry her up bridal style, but she gained weight due to her sedentary lifestyle. I had some difficulty since I didn't exercise much, and I knew Kiyone couldn't carry her.

"Nee-chan! We have to hurry, it's getting-"

An earsplitting shrill came from the Menos Grande and I realized just how close it was. When we came outside it was about 300 feet away from us. It turned to its left and unleashed a petrifying red cero that completely destroyed the east side of the district. There were still many people running since the narrow streets limited mobs, and the shockwave of the beam caused the mob to become even more frantic.

A sudden pain went through the right side of my face, distracting me from the engulfing fear. I looked down to see it was a smirking Makoto that punched me. She pushed herself out of my arms and landed on the ground on her butt. Wincing from the pain, she quickly pulled me and Kiyone down so that her mouth was leveled to our ears.

"Don't argue, don't bitch, don't whine and don't cry! There's nothing you can do for me!" She glanced behind us and her eyes widened with fear. Before we can turn around, Makoto hastily pulled us in for a hug and kissed both of us on the cheeks. But when she kissed me, she pleadingly looked into my eyes and I knew what it meant. I had to leave her.

My heart ached as I picked Kiyone up, ignoring her protests. I glanced behind me when I felt energy flowing around us; the Hollow was forming another cero. Exchanging one last look with Makoto, I ran off with Kiyone still in my arms.

It was then when it felt like time slowed down. I could literally feel the cero being aimed at us. My long legs quickly carried us to the front of the mob; I was using all my energy. It felt like my lungs were going to burst, and my legs were aching terribly. I looked back when we noticed our shadows growing longer and darker. It was the largest cero I've ever seen; it covered the whole sun. I knew I couldn't out run it, and even if we somehow did-Where would we go? Hell, I've never been out of this community, let alone the district. We'd be all alone, and I doubt those assholes in the seireiti will help us.

Still running, I hugged Kiyone tighter to me and kissed her on her wet cheeks. She looked up at me and mouthed "love you, sis" before closing her eyes. But before I closed my mine, I saw a black flash. Like…like black hair…or something. I widened my eyes just as it passed me and was surprised to look into brilliant blue eyes. It was-no…she was so-

I woke up in an all white room with bandages and an IV in my wrists. I was startled at first, but I knew that I was in a hospital ward from reading various medical books. My right arm and leg and torso were covered in bandages; there was a Band-Aid on my right temple. I unwrapped a little off my arm and saw it was from road burn. I shifted my body and felt a sharp pain below my breasts…cracked ribs, probably. I guess I fell hard.

Kiyone…Where was Kiyone and Mako-? Oh yeah, I forgot. Grief began to overwhelm my body, keeping me from noticing the opening door.

"Well, you're finally awake." I looked up to see Kiyone standing by the door. The pain from my ribs kept me from jumping out the bed, but I quickly beckoned her to the chair beside my bed.

"Kiyone! Are you okay? Where are we? How'd we get here? What happened to your head?" My questions went flying out my mouth. Bandages were wrapped around the top of her head. She must have hit it when I fell. Damn, I did fall hard.

She smirked, "Oh, calm down, Nee-chan! I'm alright; I just hit my head when we fell. Typical Isane, always worrying about someone else when you're in worst shape," she then smiled, "If it wasn't for Unohana-taichou, you would be in a coma!"

"Huh? Unohana…"Then a figure stepped through the doorstep, seemingly waiting there for entrance. I didn't even notice…HER! The black flash, it was her!

"Good morning, Isane." She smiled and opened those blue eyes. I don't know who this Unohana person is, but she was hella stunning.

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