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Original Concept: Hyper Dimension Neptunia MK2


Created by: Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Nippon-Ichi Software, Gust Corporation, 5pb and Comcept

written by: wrathie

Author's Notes: No Beta-reader this time, so please forgive me for some errors.

DLC EXTRA 1: Sibling Problems

Location: Lastation

The CPUs of the various regions, Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee and Leanbox had a pretty strong friendship despite their differences as all of them depended on each other to some extent. Competition was strong between the four nations but without it everything would be stagnant and it has became an unwritten agreement between the four of them that it should remain this way.

A monopoly of Gamindustri would not only be disastrous but would result in a brain drain of creativity, innovation as well as freedom for their people.

Another key point was that as Goddesses, they were all tied to their fate of their land and if ever the day would come that the people lose faith in them completely, they too would be nothing but fallen versions of themselves.


At least, that's what Noire believes as she has classified Neptune as a fallen version of her ownself, Purple Heart.

All the four CPUs have their own 'secret alias' or alter-egos, namely Purple Heart, Black Heart, White Heart and Green Heart and it was under these aliases that they lead and serve their nation.

Being more than just symbols of power and the ruling member of their nation, they represent the military might and strength of the nation. In times of crisis, the people expect their CPUs to lead them into battle and they have done so admirably.

Most notable of all was Purple Heart or the CPU of Planeptune as with her skills and abilities with the sword, few can best her at all.

It is Noire's personal belief that if the citizens ever see Neptune, AKA Purple Heart, in her true self, Planeptune's faith would drop considerably.


At least, if Nepgear wasn't present to be the big sister in their little family.

Which brings Noire back to the question at hand. She was Black Heart the CPU of Lastation and... most importantly of all, she was an elder sister.

'Neh, Neptune, have you ever imagined Nepgear getting married to someone else?'

All of them were having a break from a meeting that she had chaired. They CPUs had a gathering ever so often to settle diplomatic issues between nations and Noire had hesitated about bring this up at all, especially to Neptune of all people.

Still, she was at her wits end and the CPUs were the closest thing to a real 'family' she had outside of Uni and Kei.

The question was worded casually and calmly but the intended effects were just as she had expected as she watched Neptune spit out the tea she was drinking, to the disgust of Vert sitting beside her.

'w-wha-what? WHAT? WHAAAT!'

Neptune was really angry at her comment, to the extent that it intimidated her as she could almost see the image of Purple Heart glaring at her hovering over Neptune at the moment.

As much as she hate to admit it, Purple Heart scared her ever since she got on the wrong side of her quite some time back.


Nepgear was Neptune's sister, the CPU Candidate for Planeptune and to Noire, the real CPU candidate for the nation for without her or Purple Heart for that matter, Lastation would have taken over a long time ago.

Nepgear was a sweet girl who was both modest, responsible, easy to like and even her flaws like being prone to a lack of confidence, Noire liked her very much.

It was a sentiment echoed by all the CPUs in general and despite Nepgear spoiling Neptune a little too much for their liking, all of them admitted that their relationship was built and should be maintained that way.

Neptune loved her little sister and from her reaction, she would rather die than allow that to happen.

'Uh uh! Nepgear is NEVER getting married, I forbid it, I will NOT allow it. I will even pass a law on that, so THERE!'

Pointing and waving a finger threateningly at Noire, Noire knew that she would actually do that, if not for Planeptune's Oracle to stop her doing so.

'That is true, it would be a pity if Nepgear was married to someone else... but I will give her my support if she marries to Leanbox.'

Vert or Green Heart of Leanbox, smiled as she teased Neptune, the latter who was calling her a traitor even as Noire herself considered that thought seriously.

A CPU was married to a nation but a CPU candidate wasn't... so if Noire could make her marry...


'Blanc, you're thinking weird things aren't you?'

Unsurprisingly, the normally dense and air-headed Neptune was very perceptive when it comes to issue regarding her sister and Noire breathed a sigh of relief as she wasn't the one targeted but instead Neptune was glaring at Blanc or White Heart of Lowee.

'… I'm not.'

Blanc breathed out softly and even though all of them were used to Blanc's soft voice, they couldn't help but wonder whether she was really toying with them with her voice.

'You are, you are! I betcha you were thinking about how you could get Nepgear to help out with Rom and Ram weren't you? You're a horribly sister to let my sister take care of them for you!'

It took time to know and notice when Blanc was mad, that bulging vein of hers was hidden by her hat after all but Blanc was surprisingly calm as she shook her head.

'Nepgear does that willingly, Neptune... I... wouldn't force her to do... anything.'

She admitted with a nod and the others agree with her, they liked that girl too much to pressure her to do anything. It was just too easy considering how she loved to help others.

It was odd, but all of them had perhaps came to terms with how they liked Nepgear after she saved them from Arfoire and the Gamindustri graveyard and has grown up to be such a fine girl, a stark contrast to how she was like three years ago.


'Uuu! Nepgear is MINE, I won't give her up for anything!'

'Not even for some home baked cookies every day?'

Vert suggested with a sly smile and all of the other CPUs sniggered a little when Neptune hesitated for a small moment before she started laughing in an odd way.

'Fuufuu, do you think that I would do that? Nepgear is everything to me!'

'I'll add some of Leanbox's famous candied apples to be delivered to you everyday for the rest of your life if you give up Nepgear to me.'


Neptune looked horrified at herself before slamming her tiny head on the table in regret.

'What have I done? I'm a horrible sister, Nepgear!'



Elsewhere, in Planeptune, Nepgear sneezed suddenly while playing a game with Uni, the CPU Candidate of Lastation.

'Bless you, Nepgear-chan.'

Rom, the quieter CPU candidate of Lowee giggled as Nepgear thanked her.

'Are you catching a cold, Nepgear? Hmph~ serves you right for sleeping with your bellybutton exposed!'

Ram, the more talkative CPU candidate of Lowee teased as Nepgear shook her head, wondering if someone was talking bad about her or her sister.



After Neptune recovered and Vert assured her that she was merely teasing her, Noire found herself in the spotlight when Blanc asked her why she brought that thing up and Black Heart blushed while admitting to her closest friends.

'Well... Uni... she... I'm worried about her.'

'Oh? Uni is a responsible girl just like Nepgear and she works hard to catch up with you, Noire, I see no reason to worry about her as she is dedicated to Lastation.'

A compliment from Vert and even Blanc agrees as she nodded her head.

'It's... not just that... Well, I'm... worried as she has been talking about Brave a lot lately.'

'Brave? As in, CFW Brave?'

Neptune asked out of the blue as she stuffed herself with some cupcakes and Noire nodded her head.

'W-well, it's not that I want to be concerned or anything but...'

'You're an older sister... you should be concerned.'

Blanc interrupted her and Noire saw a small smile on her face that gave her courage. All of them were older sisters after all, with the exception of Vert and well, they were united in the same ideal then.

'Ah... how I wish I have a younger sister...'

Vert pouted but listened anyway as Noire continued.

'Yes, CFW Brave... she has been talking about how... he would want her to do her best to protect the children's dream... and has been using him as an inspiration all the time... It's always Brave wouldn't do that or Brave wouldn't want me to give up like that... it's enough to drive me crazy.'

Noire fidgeted in her position, wondering if it sounded as silly to them as she felt just from saying it out loud.

'I see... so you're worried that Uni has a crush on CFW Brave...'

Vert nodded as Neptune added on.

'But CFW Brave's dead, Uni and Nepgear blew him up then right?'

It was true, the Arfoire Leader CFW Brave was indeed killed and destroyed but Noire had that nagging feeling that he wasn't quite dead... that dream she had was the basis but after hearing that Kei had a similar dream, she paid attention.


'Yes, but... I... well, I wouldn't want Uni to marry someone else or anything... but lately I'm thinking that if it's Brave...'

Noire wasn't really sure why Uni held CFW Brave in such high regards and from her investigations, it seemed that CFW Brave had came tantalizingly close to finishing off Uni in her absence but had spared her.

Perhaps that was why Uni felt indebted and eventually paid attention to CFW Brave.

'Don't ever think that.'

Neptune interrupted suddenly as she slammed her tiny hands on the table, scaring the rest as she stared at Noire.

'Even if Nepgear wanted to marry, I won't ever allow it! She's married to me and Planeptune so, Noire... you shouldn't allow Uni to marry SFW Brave too!'

'H-hold on, I never said that I wouldn't allow her to marry if she wants to! If Uni has to marry, I'll make sure that he's married to Lastation too! No way would I be so selfish as to not allow my sister to find someone she likes!'

'That was surprisingly honest, Noire... or are you just reacting to be opposite to what Neptune said?'

Vert commented softly with a smile on her face and Noire turned bright red at her sudden confession but it was true though, if Uni really, really liked SFW Brave, she should give them her blessings.

Odd but she felt something heavy has been lifted off her chest just by saying that out loud to her fellow CPUs and she smiled shyly at them.

'No, I... I mean it... we're all girls after all, even if we are Goddesses... I guess I was just worked up over nothing.'


Noire blinked when she noticed Blanc nodding to herself and although it wasn't rare for Blanc to remain quiet or to not be involved in conversations at all, Noire would have imagined that Blanc would take interest in that as she had not one, but two sisters.


'Daijobu... Uni would be welcome in Lowee too.'


Vert smiled wryly as she sipped her tea patiently while watching the other three argue among themselves. Neptune was telling herself or trying to persuade herself that she was the one true person deserving of Neptuine's love while Noire and Blanc was arguing over who gets Uni.

'Did I mention that I overheard Rom and Ram confess to a 'big brother' a few days ago?'

Very smirked to herself as Blanc literally exploded as she activated her HDD on the spot.



Else where, Rom and Ram both sneezed together just like the twins they are while Uni and Nepgear giggled a little at their picture-perfect timing with each other.

'It must be nice to have a younger sister, Rom.'

'Mm mm... it's nice as Ram always takes care of Rom~'

Rom smiled even as Ram blushed. The latter was the younger sister and the younger Ram found that there were similarities with her and Nepgear, even if she thought that Neptune was just a loud-mouth bugger who can eat like a hippo.

'W-well, I like Rom the best, so it's okay~'

'Mm, Rom too, Rom likes Ram the best... and then Nepgear-chan and then Onee-chan.'

Rom said so happily while Uni spoke with Nepgear about the audio-cd that they had recorded together with 5pb.

'I didn't expect them to want us to say such lines, Nepgear... if I did, I wouldn't have agreed.'

Uni pouted as she recalled the lines that she had to say for the special drama-CD that they had recorded together with 5pb.

'But all our shares went up after the release of the CD, Uni-chan, so it's okay desho?'

Nepgear was an endless optimist and after seeing Uni nod her head in agreement, she smiled at her best friend.

'Mm! B-but... it really was embarrassing... I don't have a big brother so saying: "Onii-chan" is very difficult...'

'Mm... my lines weren't that better... but is it okay for you to confess over the drama CD?'


Uni was concerned as Nepgear's line involved her saying: 'I like you, Onii-chan!', which was almost identical to Rom and Ram's line. The two of them had been adamant in joining and although Ram hadn't been very enthusiastic after seeing the line, she had recited those lines with no problems. The same goes for Rom although she was blushing terribly when she left the studio.

'It's for Planeptune so it's okay, Uni-chan~'

'Geez... I wish I had your kind of enthusiasm...'

Uni smiled before going on to the next topic.

'You know... sometimes I wonder if Onee-chan would ever get married...'

'Hmm... Noire-san? I think so... Noire-san is so pretty and she has lots of fans right so...'

'It's not about suitors, Nepgear, its more about whether she would ever accept a confession at all...'

'… Noire-san is a tsundere, desho?'

'Stop saying that!'

'Mm … well... what if Onee-chan got a confession...'

Both Uni and Nepgear shuddered when they imagined Neptune getting confess to by a random male protagonist.

'I-I'm sorry, I said something weird!'

'No... it's my fault for raising that up in the first place...'



Later that day when Rom and Ram returned home they saw Blanc waiting for them with a big smile, the biggest they had ever seen as she waved them over to eat cake and all the desserts that they liked together with Mina.

'Yaay! Onee-chan, daisuki!'

'Mm, Onee-chan, daisuki...'

Hearing the two girls say that to her, Blanc breathed a sigh of relief even as she hid the decree to evict all males from Lowee behind her back.

'Blanc-sama... what is that?'

'A-ah, nothing at all, Mina... Nothing at all.



Author's Notes: I almost died when I listened to Nepgear's Extra voice in JP, Yui Horie FTW!

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