It turned out that Tony had no way to track the Hulk or Hawkeye and he was growing more and more frustrated with his lack of success. Jarvis had been silenced, which was unusual for the genius normally Jarvis was his sounding board for his crazy ideas, without the computer rejecting his more wild ideas there was no telling what his next tactic for locating their two missing team members would be.

Hank for his part had decided that all he could do was give Stark the time he had requested, whilst talking to the various flying ants that passed by asking if they had seen a purple clad archer and a raging green monster. He felt bad for describing the Hulk as so after he and Panther had been informed of what had happened and how Hulk had actually attacked an imposter and saved all of the avengers when Baron Von Strucker had loosed his lasers. But he didn't think describing Hulk as a hero to the ants would help in finding him.

As the days passed all of the Avengers began to get more and more concerned with their missing comrades. That was why when Hulk landed outside the front door on day 5 all of the avengers were shocked. Hawkeye was on his back and neither of them looked injured or overly concerned at the fact that all of the Avengers were staring at them jaws agape. It was Tony who stepped forward.

"Where the hell have you two been?"

Hawkeye dropped to the ground from Hulk's back landing lightly on his feet. Moving around Hulk to face Tony. "Jade-jaws and I were just attacked by people who looked, spoke and acted like you, I was injured, Hulk was furious. We needed a couple of days of rest and relaxation before coming back."

"Are you kidding me? You couldn't have contacted us to say' don't worry guys we're fine and we'll be back in a few?'"

"Well Hulk's not great at using technology and I was in a mini-coma. So we…" He was cut off before he could say anything else by Ant-man rushing forward and grabbing his arms, "You were in a coma?" Hawkeye shrugged like it was no big deal, the movement having the added bonus of forcing Hank to remove his hands. Before taking a step back towards Hulk, who growled menacingly as Pym tried to approach again.

"Okay" Placated Tony, "You're forgiven, just next time let us know before dropping of the radar". Wasp, Thor, Panther and Captain America all nodded their agreement. Being caught between an angry Tony and worrying Hank had not been a fun place to be for any of them. "And what's this about you having a scar on your temple?" Clint looked at Stark clearly surprised that he knew that.

At that moment an alarm sounded. "Jarvis you can talk again, what's going on?" "Thank you Sir, there is an A.I.M attack taking place at the university research lab. Your presence is requested."

Hank turned back to Hawkeye, "Don't even think about it, Clint, you are not going out there!" "Clint smirked before jumping onto Hulk's back again and yelling


Hulk leapt off towards to University and the two soon disappeared from sight, the others except Tony following. Who stood stock still for several seconds before running to get his Ironman suit muttering, "That's my line!"

This is the longest thing I have ever written so if it tapers off towards the end I apologise, hopefully I can work on this as I write more stories.

If your still with me from the beginning, Thank you for reading, I appreciate your reviews and support.