Genre: Star Wars I 'The Phantom Menace' fan fiction, speculating on how Maul obtained his unique colouration.

Disclaimer: Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, and the Star Wars universe belong to George Lucas. I only borrowed them, without intent to harm or profit or to otherwise misuse them. 'Metamorphosis' contains violence and the suggestion of adult situations, so read it only if these things won't offend you! – Ya Nefer Ma'at


by Ya Nefer Ma'at


The Apprentice knelt, cowled head held low.

The Master Sith Lord stood, very still, staring into his Apprentice. The kneeling man was fired with an odd excitement, breathless in anticipation of his Master's reaction.

Tilting his head, Darth Sidious narrowed his eyes and relaxed into the Force. Waves of arctic power swirled around him and through-out the room, drawing a shudder from his young student. Behind his sharp eyes, Sidious saw the darkly beautiful form of his apprentice lying naked on a table, saw him screaming as the metamorphosis occurred. When he returned his focus to his student, Sidious too was excited. He stepped forward peremptorily, flinging the hood back to expose his apprentice's new persona.

Sunset eyes met Sidious' pale stare when he instructed his student to look up. With a quick, penetrating sweep of his gaze, Sidious anticipated the Sith design hidden by his student's clothing.


His student immediately obeyed, exposing the full pattern. He kept his eyes proudly forward as Sidious circled him. Sidious nodded approval, a slight smile easing the line of his mouth, and was answered by a hopeful smile.

"Excellent, my young apprentice. You are indeed ready to take your place as a Sith warrior. It is time to discard all vestiges of your former life, as you have your appearance, and to take your Sith name. I name you Darth Maul, Dark Lord of the Sith. Rise and serve me."

Those beautiful, evil yellow eyes lit up. At last! Maul thought, knowing the naming was an important rite of passage for the Sith. He rose fluidly, excitement eloquent in his stance. "Thank you, Master. I live to serve you."

Again the slow, chilling smile. "Or die to serve me, my young apprentice, on my whim." Sidious purred.

"As you command, my Master." Maul draped his black cloak over his shoulder, bowing his head submissively.

"Excellent. Soon, very soon, we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi." Sidious spoke softly, his words laden with patient hatred. He called a holo-emitter to his palm, carrying it through the air on an icy breath of dark power. Activating it, Sidious held it out for Maul to study. "Take this weapon prototype to Genosis. Return with a report on their progress. Go."

Darth Maul took the holo-emitter and turned to go with a bow, acutely aware that Sidious' stare followed him.

The End.