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This is a rewrite of an AU Ultimate X-men fic that I did for my Glasswolf account that was originally 435 words and was originally published on 2/26/2009. It is set in a post Return to Weapon X AU where Jean and Logan got back together after the arc. The rewrite is 541 words.

Contains: Scott/Piotr, Mention of Jean/Wolverine, past Scott/other males and Scott Lorna and one mention of implied possible Incest between Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

Cold Comfort.

He still wasn't sure how this all had started or at least he wasn't sure how things had gotten from him and Piotr drowning their sorrows in vodka to the two of them sharing a bed regularly. He knew that they could probably blame the first time on the Vodka and finding out that Jean had taken the animal back into her bed. The fact that they kept doing it even after they'd dropped all pretext of needing the vodka was a bit harder to explain. He just knew that it made him feel a little less alone even if afterwards he felt like a cold jerk for taking advantage of his team mate.

He had nearly been in this situation before with the Scarlet Witch back when he'd defected to Magneto's side. He had stopped himself from sleeping with Wanda partly out of guilt at the idea of using her to feel better and partly because of the rumors of her and Quicksilver's unnatural closeness. He occasionally thought that he should have stopped this as soon as he sobered up after that first time. He'd even intended too but then Piotr had turned up outside his room one night with another bottle and after that they didn't even bother with the vodka anymore. He had to admit that Piotr was an excellent lover and despite being a former closeted mobster he'd definitely had some experience.

He eased the burden on his conscious by remining himself that he wasn't the only one using the other one. He knew that Piotr was using him as a substitute for Wolverine just like he was using him to replace Jean. He occasionally wondered if Piotr hated Jean as much as he hated Wolverine but he doubted it Jean was impossible to hate.

"You're brooding again," Piotr said interrupting his thoughts causing him to turn to look at the other man stretched out on his bed. "I don't come here to watch you do that it's depressing." He felt annoyed at the statement he wasn't asking Piotr to come at all, it was the other man's choice.

"Why do you come here anyway," He asked not able to contain his annoyance. "I mean we both know you'd rather be with a hairy Canadian." He felt slightly guilty for saying it but at moments like this he found it hard to keep his temper in check.

"It makes it bearable," Piotr said quietly. "I think that's the reason you keep letting me in we both know you aren't really interested in guys." He could correct Piotr but decided against it the truth was he had been with other guys before after Lorna but before Jean. "I just feel I should take what I can get since who I want isn't available." That wasn't the most flattering of compliments but it eased the guilt quite a bit.

"That's a good way of looking at this," He admitted and took the initiative by giving the taller man a kiss. "I think I can live with that." After all he thought privately to himself sometimes a little cold comfort was better than no comfort at all. He could tell by Piotr's physical reactions that the Russian felt the same.

The End.