California... the city with the land of opportunity. It has everything: overpopulation, fame, and loads of skyscrapers with everything to buy in it. This country is mostly known for movie stars. In fact, Los Angeles is one of the cities. It has the most famous HOLLYWOOD sign. But for Frank and Chuck, they aren't going here for vacation. They're here to find supplies before making an assault at Marion's hideout.

First, the supermarket. This is the place where Frank could get Zombrex while Chuck gets some groceries when he gets reunited with Katey. Not only that, but also weapons they could use to make the assault like baseball bats, chainsaws, nails, axes, and crowbars. As soon as they pay up to the cashier, she immediately recognizes them.

"Hey, you're Frank West, aren't you? Can I have your autograph?" she takes out a pen and paper from her desk.

"Why sure. It's been a while since anyone wants an autograph of me," he started writing down on the paper his name. He noticed that she took the attention the man right behind him.

Chuck sighs at seeing her like this. "Don't worry, I'm not what you think I am."

"I know you," the cashier said. "You're Chuck Greene. Don't worry, I think you're innocent. I know you didn't cause the Fortune City outbreak."

Chuck gets a relieving sight. For a certain, he thought she would recognize him and call the cops.

"Why thank you."

"And can I also have your autograph?"

He takes the pen and paper and started writing his name. Afterwards, he hands it back to her.

Frank then started. "Um, do you know where is the nearest gun shop from here?"

"I sure do. It's at the next street from here."

Frank and Chuck have left the store and run with their lives at the gun shop at the next street. Inside, they bought assault rifles, pistols, rifles, and grenades. Now that they're done with getting supplies and weapons, it's time for the assault to begin.