Seimei called to the small, dark haired boy, running in the meadow, filled with wildflowers, in front of there house.

"What is it, nii-chan?" Ritsuka asked.

"I'm sorry, Ritsuka, but you can't stay here anymore." he declared, with no remorse in his tone. "I need to go somewhere far, far away. The only one willing to take you in, I must warn you is a hideous beast. He'll be here for you tonight, once you fall asleep. I have to leave, now."

He walked over and pressed his lips to Ritsuka's forehead. "Goodbye, my dear little brother."

"W-wait! niichan! I don't want to live with some hideous beast! I want to live with you!" but he was already gone.

Ritsuka was very smart, so it didn't take him long to come up with a plan to out smart the beast.

Seimei said, the beast would take me in my sleep, so if I don't sleep he cant' take me. then Seimei will have to come back. he thought to himself.

Ritsuka ran back to the house to wait for Seimei to return. fortunately, or unfortunate, he was up late last night and early this morning and had fallen asleep by 9:30.

when he awoke, he was resting on an extravagant, silk bed in an elaborately decorated room.

isthis a dream," hewhispered. he got up and noticed a note on the table.

i know you're scard. I'm sorry this had to happen. when you wakeup, go outside your room and down the stairs, I'll be waiting for you in the parlor. i hope we can befriends. Soubi

friends? not likely, he thought as he crumpled up the note, before heading down stairs.

The room he came towards dark. The only light came forma large marble fireplace on the far side of the room. The only furniture were two large velvet chairs, facing each other in the center, there was a window, but it was covered by thick velvet drapes.

"hello, Ritsuka, I'm sorry about your brother said a man sitting in one of the chairs. it was too dark for Ritsuka to get a good look at the man

"where's my brother?" he asked.

"didn't he tell you? something happened in town, and they're going to execute him, so he asked me to look after you."

"executed?" Ritsuka whispered. He told me he had to go someplace faraway, so I had to go live with an awful beast. Even is far away, but you hardly seem like a beast to me."

Soubi got up and opened the thick curtain allowing golden sunlight to stream through the man Ritsuka saw was undeniably handsome with long blond hair, deep blue eyes and a muscular frame though his beauty was marred by thick ugly scars that looked like they were made by whips covering his face and body.

"This is horrifying," he took a step towards Soubi. "who did this to you."

"You-you're not discussed by me?"

"I'm discussed by who ever did this to you."

Soubi could only stare in disbelief.

"Its never okay to resort to violence," Ritsuka explained. "why would I be discussed bayou? You were clearly the micromere."

"You aren't repulsed by me," he whispered in aw. Suddenly Soubi rushed forward and wrapped Ritsuka in a hug "You are the first person who has ever told me that. Thank you. Thank you so much."

Ritsuka stood there, awkwardly before hugging himback.

"Thankyou for letting mestay here," ritsuka said once they had broken apart "is he really-didthey really," ritsuka stammered whatsoubi had said about his brother finally sinking in.

"I'm sorry, Ritsuka, but yes they executed him at dawn."

Ritsuka burst into tears, clinging to Soubi. "Seimei big brother," he whimpered

Soubi rubbed circles on his back trying to sooth him.

"He's dead. He's all I've ever had."

"It will be okay he's in a better place now."

"no I'm all alone."

"no Ritsuka you are not alone I'm here I'll protect you I won't let you be alone."

Ritsuka fell silent and just sobbed into Soubi's shirt for along time.

"Dose anyone else live herewith you?" Ritsuka asked once he had finished crying."

"No. well now so do you but its Justus."

You must have been lonely before I got here

Sometimes. it's easier this way though people were always very cruel tome once they saw my scars why because they're ugly they. make me ugly.

"Stop it you're beautiful they're the ugly ones because they couldn't see that and I won't let you feel alone again I'll always be here for you

The end Kio chirped

"I'm not that girly and I don't cry that much and SOUBI'S THE PRINCESS" Ritsuka shouted

"Why are you here anyways?" soubi asked "it was suppose to be just me Ritsuka

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