Twilight fanfic based off the books because I never saw the movies. I'm still on New Moon though Breaking Dawn is on my Kindle. Enjoy! (The name Renesmee is from the internet)

I heard Bella playing with Renesmee. I laid there for a second before jumping up and walking next to Bella. "Good morning, Bella." I said. "EDWARD! STOP JUMPING OUT ON ME!" Bella yelled. I laughed, causing her to smile. "Dada!" Renesmee said. "Hey my little vampire." I said, picking her up. Renesmee roared, causing me to laugh. Bella watched us playing. "What? Scared?" I teased. "No. You're just so good with her." Bella said. "So are you." I said. Now, it was Bella's turn to laugh. "What?" I asked, again. "You, the vampire..." She started. "You're a vampire, too." I said. She ignored me and kept going. "You, the vampire are saying that I am better with our vampire daughter?" Bella asked. "Well, if you can tame one vamire who is thousands of years old then you can tame a five year old one, no?" I asked. "I guess." Bella said. "There's no guessing!" I said. "Fine, I guess that I can." Bella said. "What did I say about guessing?" I asked, moving closer to her. "And the tention builds." Renesmee said. "Who taught you that?" I asked. "I've been taking writing classes from Stephine down the street." Renesmee said.

January 1st, 2022, Ten Years After The Last Scene.

"Dad!" Renesmee called. "Yeah, Ren?" I asked."I have a boyfriend." Renesmee said, bringing in a tall boy, 5'3, black hair, golden eyes, and pale skin. "He's not a wolf, is he?" I joked. "No dad. He's a vampire." Renesmee said. Bella walked in. "He reminds me a lot of you, Edward." Bella said. "Hello." The boy said. "And what's your name?" I asked. "My name is Luka Adams." Luka, Renesmee's boyfriend, answered. His voice was deep, and smooth like water. "Well, Luka welcome to our family." I said. I walked closer to him. "If you hurt my daughter, and I don't care is she falls or a building crashes on her, if you return her in LESS than perfect condition I WILL kick you so hard that you will NEVER be able to create life, do you understand me perfectly?" I asked. "Yes." He said.

May 15th 2027, 5 years after the last scene.

We were at Renesmee's wedding. She was getting married to Luka, the boy she brought home 5 yers ago. I looked over and saw Bella crying. "What's wrong Bells?" I asked. "She grew up so fast. I rember that time when she was five and I was playing with her and it seems like the next minute she's bringing home Luka! The're getting married now and it's so surreal." Bella said. "We're all getting older, Bella." I said. "I know, that's what worries me." Bella said, laughing. I laughed too, getting some looks from the people around us, but a smile and a thumbs up from Renesmee. We're the wierdest family on the planet, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope you liked it! Luka is an OC! I don't think that he's coming back. Please R & R and pass it on! Thanks.