Warnings: Sirius/Harry Slash, mentions of rape, child abuse (containing verbal, physical and sexual abuse) if you don't like then don't read. Will be Dumbledore bashing.

A Meeting in a Pub

A thirteen year old Harry James Potter the most famous wizard of their generation for being the Boy Who Lived had refused to return the Dursleys home when he had finished Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the year. He was sick and fed up of what went on behind closed doors in Number Four Privet Drive as was inflicted on him by Vernon Dursleys while his wife and Harry's last remaining blood relative, Petunia Dursley nee Evans, turned a blind eye. So this year he had not returned and thus had spent most of the summer on the streets of London close to Kings Cross Station which would take him back to Hogwarts in the coming September. That was easier in the daytime where the sunny whether of the summer kept Harry warm and dry but it was much harder in the evenings and into the nights where the temperatures dropped drastically. So the young wizard would usually going to the nicer of the London bars that were situated around the streets and then he would chat and flirt with half drunk men and end up going back to wherever these men happened to live. Harry was well aware of the dangers associated with doing this. But Harry had never really learnt self respect with the Dursleys so didn't care enough for his well being to much care about what he was doing. And he had found he rather enjoyed sex. That was a part of it he was rebelling from what his uncle had forced him to do. But he pushed that thought away. It may not be the best plan of action but remembering what had happened because of Dobby "saving him"; if the Weasleys hadn't rescued him anyway Harry would have ran away as soon as he woke up from the unconscious state Vernon had left him in. That was why he was so groggy when the Weasley boys had come to pick him up. Thank Merlin it had been dark or questions would be asked about why there was blood and other bodily excretions all over the room. Even so they did ask about the smell that the room was full of. Harry had made up his mind early on in his second year that he was not going to have a repeat of last year! So this was the only option left to him after everything. Harry had even told Dumbledore the truth about everything that had been going on since he was a small child! But the bloody headmaster had done nothing about his home situation. Weren't teachers supposed to help people like him? Harry sometimes thought that Dumbledore thought he deserved it but in the end what had happened was Dumbledore had lost all respect for the headmaster. Not that Harry said that allowed. Dumbledore was too highly thought of to publicly admit to disliking. All the man had said was that was very bad but it was better being beaten than being murdered by Voldemort. The one good thing was that at the start of each year Dumbledore gave him some sort of healing draught.

That night Harry was sitting at the counter being served up his normal (thank Merlin he looked so old for his age) vodka and coke at Boyle's Bar an Irish family owned tavern since the nineteenth century when the Boyles had come over from Ireland due to the potato famine. Harry was looking for a candidate suitable for what he had planned tonight; it shouldn't be someone too shady looking in case they were the date rape kind. And he didn't that to happen. Not again! That was when Harry spotted the man he wanted more than the rest of the men he fucked with. It was a man by the door of the tavern who seemed to be trying to avoid being looked at. He looked like he was in his mid forties maybe a few years older than Professor Snape at Hogwarts. The man had lots of dark (maybe a shade or too lighter than Harry's) matter hair that looked like he hadn't seen a shower in over a decade it was so full of grub and grime. And Petunia Dursley thought that Harry's hair was a state compared to this man's hair Harry's was positively straight. The man had grey eyes that looked rather similar to Draco Malfoy's oddly enough and were sunken deep into his grubby face which had a strange waxen quality to it like the pictures of the wax models that the Dursleys had taken when for Dudley's tenth birthday they had taken him Malcolm to see Madam Tussauds Waxwork Museum. The man wore a very long, very old, very dirty (you couldn't see the originally colour beneath it), beaten trench coat that seemed to be about five sizes too big over baggy grey trousers. If it hadn't been for the fact that Harry knew all the homeless people around here (being one himself) he would have thought that the man was homeless! Harry thought that the man looked as skinny as Harry was (and Harry had been starved all his life Merlin only knew why he wasn't shorter than he was people often said Harry looked sixteen). Harry watched the man knock back a pint in a dejected sort of manner. Harry then, picking up vodka and coke, got up from his seat and slid in beside the man who looked up at him warily from where he was sitting.

'Hey,' Harry greeted cheerfully.

'Lo,' grumbled the man.

'Bad day?' asked Harry.

'More like twelve years,' the man replied.

Harry felt he had a lot in common with the man, 'I know that feeling,' laughed Harry darkly. 'Would you care for a drink?' Harry then asked the man.

Harry saw the man shoot him a suspicious look before the man then shrugged, 'thanks,' the man grumbled grumpily as Harry retrieved another beer careful to take his own vodka with him. He didn't want to be drugged!

Sirius looked at the young man beside him knowing perfectly well how past his own limit of alcohol he currently was. That day had been the roughest since he had escaped from Azkaban a week ago. Sirius had visited the Dursley household in Surrey where his teenaged godson should have been staying as it was the summer holidays. But for some reason unknown to Sirius Black the thirteen year old teenaged kid was nowhere in that all too normal house for a wizard. Sirius had seen Lily's sister shooing him away as he sniffed for food around their bins. He had also seen her overweight whale of a husband drive away for work (or so Sirius presumed). And later he had seen a blob which must have been Harry's cousin (Lily had told them that she had nephew). There was another angry little dog that was doted on by a muscular blonde woman who reminded Sirius why he preferred men. Sirius had then quickly left the house after sniffing around for the smell of his godson. But apparently he hadn't been here for around a year. By the time he realised Harry was nowhere to be seen he had hitched a ride on a train and headed to a Muggle bar near to Grimmauld place where hopefully no one would recognize him but knowing he was risking himself being seen and reported to the Ministry. But Sirius just had to go somewhere he could get himself drunk off his ass and drink away all his troubles. That was when the young man who had been chatting to the Muggle barman had come up to him and attempted to make conversation that Sirius just wasn't in the mood to respond to.

The young man beside him was once more trying to make conversation, 'so what's your story?' asked the man.

Sirius couldn't believe a stranger even an attractive stranger had asked him that, 'long story,' grumbled Sirius glaring at the man hoping he would get the message to leave him alone.

But apparently the man didn't, 'mine too.'

This surprised Sirius and he decided to try and get some more out of the boy by giving him some information, 'looking for my godson Harry Potter,' Sirius said as a peace offering. Then as curious as any Gryffindor he asked, 'what about you.'

But Harry had gone completely silent for several long moments trying to think about what to say in response to that pronouncement! He had a godfather! He could have a father figure! But where had this bloody man claiming to be hid godfather been for his entire life? Where was the man when Harry had needed him so desperately? Where was he when his mother and father – who they had obviously trusted enough to name as godfather – were murdered brutally by the darkest wizard of their time? Where was the fucking man when Vernon fucking Dursley was his supposed parental guardian whilst abusing him so vilely? Where was this man when he had been forced down into the Dungeons and the Chamber of Secrets and Voldemort a.k.a. Tom Marvolo Riddle, and Quirrel had come so close to murdering him? It was only twelve fucking years in October that the man had actually given a damn to see where Harry was! The more Harry thought about it the more Harry felt that if it hadn't been for the fact that his godfather, he sneered internally sounding like Snape, had been drinking a lot of alcohol tonight for unknown reasons he probably wouldn't have mentioned Harry. But Harry who had also been drinking and was angry decided that the best way to get his own back was by seducing his godfather. If it hadn't been for the alcohol he probably wouldn't have acted the way he did!

The young man then smirked in what Sirius thought was a very Slytherin sort of way, 'well then I think I may just have a way to make you forget all about your godson,' growled the young man.

It didn't process immediately what the young man was implying. In fact under the influence of several pints of beer it took Sirius several minutes to process what was said and realise what the young man was talking about in that growling statement. It wasn't until the young man moved closer to Sirius and then felt one delicate, slender, and almost feminine feeling hand inch its way carefully up Sirius' right thigh making Sirius blush that Sirius truly understood what the young man wanted. But he couldn't help but wonder why? It wasn't like Azkaban had left him with his teenaged good looks. But as the hand got higher Sirius had to swallow a groan at the feelings the other male was stirring in him. Sirius still didn't understand why but it was becoming increasingly obvious that for whatever reason this young man desired Sirius. He drained the last dregs of beer that were left in his pint glass. And the two dark haired males left together with the bar man giving his friend a hearty wink. Sirius knew that they were both half drunk and they'd probably regret this in the morning. But honestly at the present when he was stumbling with an attractive young thing Sirius couldn't care less. Once back out in the streets of London Sirius was left blinking in the darkness whilst his partner looked completely at home in the streets. Sirius didn't know what to think about that! Sirius wasn't sure whether he should take the young man back to where he had lived before his parents had kicked him out after all he was a handsome young man probably used to classier places than what was in essence a spooky old haunted house. Just thank goodness none of his relatives had stayed behind. But it still had moving pictures which would frighten the Muggle man out of his wits. And the smell of dust and mould that would show that the house hadn't been lived in since his mother had died in it 1985 (eight years ago). The house would probably frighten the man away and turn him off if nothing else did.

Sirius turned to the man leaning on him, 'where do you live?' Sirius asked.

The young man seemed to hesitate again, 'out of town,' the man finally murmured into his ear.

Sirius wondered what the man was doing in London but supposed that it didn't really matter. Sirius was left with only one option about what to do now and that was to take the man to the Black Manor. Sirius was still rather reluctant to hail a cab as he was bound to be all over the Muggle news by now and he had no wish to be recognised by a sober Muggle as a supposed mass murderer. But luckily for Sirius Black and his young friend he wasn't that far from his childhood home – only a couple of blocks away from Grimmauld Place he thought with a shudder. Oh how he hated that house! So Sirius and the small man staggered the two blocks and Sirius showed the Muggle the home which was invisible to all Muggles (his friend could only see it because Sirius wanted him to) and up the invisible porch. The two drunken lusty men made their way up the stairs and into Sirius' bedroom which was decorated completely differently to the rest of the house which was dedicated to pure-blood mania and dark magic whilst Sirius' was covered with Muggle photos and pictures of the Marauders and Lily. Soon as they were in the room the younger man attacked Sirius' lips and Sirius kissed back the young man equally as passionately as he was being kissed absorbing the taste of the man whilst they were tearing each other's clothes off of one another. And soon they were both in nothing but boxers.

Harry broke away for a second, 'condoms,' Harry gasped not wanting to get anything that the other man might have.

Sirius nodded he had forgotten due to the fact that although Muggle men couldn't get pregnant but they could catch diseases unlike wizards. So Sirius quickly broke his exploration of the younger man's delectable nipples that Sirius had currently been suckling on. The young man certainly was tasty Sirius thought. Sirius just hoped that his horrible excuse for parents had not removed those condoms from his teenaged days after he had ran away but Sirius wasn't holding out much hope for that. They probably got rid of everything he owned the day he had left for the Potters. But luckily no they were still there like they had been since he had turned fifteen. He carefully slid one on more than ready to complete the deed, his dick already hard. The young man was stronger than he had appeared obviously as he wrapped strong, supple legs around Sirius' waist. Sirius understood the gesture clear as day. And without so much as a pause Sirius was into his lover's tightness. Fuck the man was tight although not a virgin but still tight. After the two of them came screaming into the night the two of them slumped tiredly on top of each other. The man's familiar green eyes met Sirius' grey ones before they both slept.

This is my first Harry/Sirius slash do you think I should continue it or not?