Inuyasha and Kagome were sitting underneath the tree hand in hand watching the sunset. He loved the way her little fingers fit so perfectly in the empty spaces between his. The fact that those spaces never had to be empty again warmed his heart.

"Sometimes I wonder…" Kagome began. "Not that I mind or anything. But why me? Why was my destiny tied to yours? From what I understand, you and I were meant to be since birth. But what was it?"

She looked up at the tree of destiny. "Why have you sealed our fates? Is this something we have to learn on our own?"

She looked off at the lake and noticed something glimmering in the center. The sight almost blinded her. "What is that glow?"

"Huh? Where?" Inuyasha looked in the direction she was looking, but couldn't pinpoint what she was staring at.

Kagome got up and walked towards the lake. She removed the sandals she had on and walked into the water.

'What the hell is she doing?' Inuyasha got up and followed her, wondering what she was doing.

Kagome reached down where she saw the glimmering spot and dug beneath the shallow area with her hands. She pulled up a sword that immediately caught Inuyasha's eye.

He stared at it in fascination. "T-That sword! It belonged to my father!" He exclaimed.

Kagome came out of the water and handed it to him. He held the blade in his hand and stared at it like he was hypnotized.

"I understand now…"

Kagome blinked a few times and gave him a blank stare. "Understand what?"

He grabbed her hand and brought her back beneath the tree. He sat down studying the rusty sword. He ran his hands across the blade and gripped the hilt tightly. He never thought he'd get to see this sword because he didn't know where his father had placed it.

"When I was little, my mother told me that the woman with the eyes is the woman I will marry. She told me it was my destiny. A woman with special eyes will be the one."

Kagome looked at him in complete confusion.

"All this time. My entire life. I never knew the sword my father left me was here. But you were able to see it."

Kagome looked at the sword in Inuyasha's hand and then back at him. "I don't understand…what does that mean about me?"

"It means you're extraordinary. You can see things that no average person can see. My mother told me that the first time she saw my father they exchanged unforgettable words. When he approached her, right by this tree, he said…"

"You stand there as though you were waiting for someone."
"I was waiting for you. I could see you coming from afar. That strange glimmer from your sword caught my eye."

"And from that moment on he knew she was the woman of his destiny. The women with eyes are the women we are bound to. I guess that's why you had those vivid dreams that brought you here. Having those eyes must really be something."

Kagome looked down sadly. "Doesn't that mean you're kind of forced to be with me?"

Inuyasha grabbed her chin and made her face him. "I don't feel forced. I love you. Even if you weren't the woman with the eyes, I'd still choose you over her. I would have denied my own destiny for you."

There was that certainty in his eyes again. Kagome could never doubt the trustworthy look he gave her. "I guess that's the best part of destiny," she said with a smile "you don't have to wonder, decide, or change your mind. It's written in stone and it's okay. My life felt empty before we got together. All this time I was wondering what was missing. Only to find out it was you."

"Yeah. Who would've known?"

"Apparently this tree did." Kagome replied while pointing.

"But there's something else I don't get." She continued. "This place. This beautiful place. Why is it so secluded from the rest of the city? Didn't anyone see you sealed to this tree before they put a wall over there?" She said in a frustrated voice, gesturing her hands vigorously.

Inuyasha shook his head. "I doubt it. I don't think anyone could see me under that seal. Why any asshole would want to close off a place like this is beyond me. But I'm kind of glad it's a private spot. Aren't you?"

Kagome giggled and rested her head on his shoulder. "I suppose you're right. It just bothers me that you had to be alone for so long before we met."

"Doesn't matter now. Whatever I felt before is a distant memory. The only feelings I have are the ones for you. And you were worth the wait."

Kagome smiled as the sun completely disappeared into the lake and a small breeze blew in. Inuyasha pulled her in close as he leaned up against the tree. She was soothed by the sound of his heartbeat beneath his solid chest. The steady beating was lulling her to sleep. She started to remember the first time she fell asleep on Inuyasha's shoulder when she was younger. 'But this's not a dream. And when I wake up, I'll still be in his arms underneath the tree that brought me to the lake.'