Lost Origin: A Saiyan's Quest

"Now that the girl and that swordsman have been captured, the only thing left to do is to attack Starflow Kingdom. But before that, I need a new assistant."

Woman in Battle Armor: "Here I am, your majesty."

"Hah. I didn't know we had female commanders. Whatever the case, you're my assistant now."

Woman in Battle Armor: "I am at your services."

"You should be honored to serve me, for I will be this world's king…"

*turns chair to face the woman*

King Avarez: "…King Avarez. Heh, heh, heh…"

He showed his face. It was King Avarez! Shocker.

Chapter 8: Truth Revealed

Discovering King Avarez' hiding location, the king, queen, and princess of Starflow Kingdom could now attack him. However, Princess Andromeda assigned Sakura and Ninomiya with the task of infiltrating the base unnoticed. Sakura and Ninomiya had no problem, until Sizere appeared, defeating both of our heroes in a matter of seconds!

Sakura: *waking up* "Ngh… ah… what… where… huh?! Ninomiya, wake up!"

Ninomiya: "W…what…? Sakura? Where… ah!"

Sakura: "It's a prison cell! We're trapped in here!"

Sizere: "Took you long enough."

Ninomiya: "That's Sizere's voice! Where are you?!"

Sizere: "Right here."

Sizere was standing right beside the cell's walls. He then walked in front of the bars at the other side.

Sizere: "You're both trapped in here. Be thankful I didn't kill you… yet."

Sakura: "A bunch of bars are not going to stop us! Hya!" *Sakura kicks bars*

Sizere: "Try to break out all you want. These bars are made out of reinforced titanium. You'll just be wasting your energy, making it easier for me to execute you in front of everyone in your beloved Starflow Kingdom."

Ninomiya: "You coward! Come at us if you're so brave!"

Sizere: "Oh trust me, I could. But I enjoy a slow and painful massacre much better than a one-hit shot. I'll see you two very soon… heh, heh…" *leaves*

Sakura: "No! They'll destroy Starflow Kingdom…"

Ninomiya: "We failed the princess… damn it!"

Meanwhile, in King Avarez' office...

King Avarez: "And… congratulations. You've managed to not annoy me for 30 minutes. Didn't think I'd see this day."

Woman in battle armor: "Thank you, your majesty."

King Avarez: "Now…" *takes phone out* "Sizere, tell the troops that we're leaving in 10 minutes. Starflow Kingdom will be no more."

Woman in battle armor: "Ah?!"

King Avarez: "Hm? Anything the matter?"

Woman in battle armor: "No, sir (they begin in 10 minutes… I have to do something!)."

Back in the prison cell...

Ninomiya: "I can't believe this… at least things can't get any worse."

Sakura: "Yeah… oh, look! A window! At least we can look at something that isn't just walls!"

Ninomiya: "Yeah, yeah…"

Sakura went to look out the window. Since the ground was too boring, she looked around the night sky.

Sakura: "The sky is beautiful! Hey, look, there's the full moon! I've never gotten to see the moon so big and bright!"

Ninomiya: "Mhm… full moon… full…mo—WAIT! SAKURA, DON'T LOOK AT THE FULL MOON!"

Sakura: "Huh? What's wrong, Nino…!"

Sakura's eyes turned red. Her heart began beating strongly and her body, except for her tail, was motionless.

Ninomiya: "Oh, not again!" *runs up to Sakura; grabs and shakes her* "Sakura, come on! Don't transform, please! Saku—"

Suddenly, Sakura's arms grew bigger and muscular. Then the rest of her body. Finally, she transformed into a great ape! Again! Growing bigger, she couldn't fit in the cell, so the cell began collapsing to the point it was completely destroyed and they could escape. But Sakura's transformation causes her to go berserk, so she started destroying everything and shooting lasers out of her mouth!


Ninomiya: "This is bad! This is very bad! WE'RE GONNA DIE!"

Meanwhile, in King Avarez' office...

King Avarez: "OK, it's been ten minutes. It's time to—" *ground shakes* "Whoa! What the?!" *looks out the window* "THERE'S A GIANT MONKEY OUTSIDE!" *receives call*

Sizere: "Sir! That giant ape is the girl! I repeat, the giant ape is the girl! She's destroying our troops!"


The woman in battle armor had left the office. She went outside to a place where she could clearly see Sakura but not be noticed by her.

Woman in battle armor: "Sakura… she destroyed the King's troops! They're running away! Guess it's not how I expected it to go, but those two did their part of the job! But she needs to be stopped now, or she might go to Starflow Kingdom and destroy it, too!"

Sakura had destroyed every tank, every vehicle, and all of the soldiers had run away. But King Avarez also managed to escape, alongside Sizere and two remaining commanders!

Woman in battle armor: "I need to stop Sakura… but how?! Wait… the moon! I never thought I had to do this, but… here I come!"

The Woman in Battle Armor put her arms and hands together and stretched them out in the direction of the moon. Then, she slowly began separating her arms with much effort.

Woman in Battle Armor: "HAAAAAA!"

Closer to Sakura's location...

Ninomiya: "Sakura! Please, come to your senses! Come to yo… what… T-T-T-T-T-T-THE M-M-M-M-M-MOON! It…IT….!"

The moon was split in two!


Since the separated moon was not bright enough, Sakura began retransforming to her normal form. When she came back to normal, Sakura fainted, and the moon was restored to whole.

Ninomiya was incredibly confused, but all he could do now was cover Sakura with some of his clothes. Then, he had to make a choice…

Ninomiya: "(I don't know what just happened, but… it's her tail.)" *readies sword* "(If I cut her tail off right now, she won't have that problem again. But she…)"

Sakura: "As far as I know, I was born with it. I love it! It comes in handy in every situation! I would never remove it even if it's not normal!" "Hey, guys, look! I split the rock in half with my tail!" "I love my tail! It makes me feel special! Tee-hee!"

Ninomiya: "Ah… I… I… I CAN'T DO IT!" *lets go of sword* "I could never do this to Sakura! She loves this thing! It's like an arm to her! NO!" *takes a minute to calm down* "Right… well, she's still unconscious. I guess I'll go look for something useful in what's left of this place."

While looking around, Ninomiya found a room full of monitors. Since the place was almost completely destroyed, only a handful of the monitors were still functional. But one of the monitors had an image familiar to Ninomiya.

Ninomiya: "Wait, the place in this screen… it's the cell Sakura and I were at."

Ninomiya began messing with the system. Eventually, he found a rewind button. The video showed Sakura going towards the window, looking at the full moon, and eventually transforming. Ninomiya did not know what to do with it, so he just left it there. He came back to Sakura and laid beside her, protecting her and resting.

After a few hours, it became morning dawn.

Ninomiya: "Hngh... hey, Sakura, wake up."

Sakura: "Ngh… what… oh, hi, Ninomiya." *looks around and sees the entire place destroyed* "What… what happened?"

Ninomiya: "What happened? Oh, well, uh… we were in the cell, and then you looked at the full moon and—I-I-I-I mean…"

Sakura: "Looked at the full moon? What did that do? Ninomiya, why have you been acting so strange when it comes to the full moon lately?"

Ninomiya: "Well, it's just, uh… well… no. I can't keep the truth from you anymore! Sakura, come with me. I need you to see something."

Ninomiya took Sakura to the room with the monitors. He then showed her the video where Sakura transformed.

Sakura: "Hey, it's me, looking through the window. I remember that. And… what… my eyes turned red? You're grabbing me and telling me not to transform? Why… huh?! What… that's… what's happening to me?! I… transformed… into that?!"

Ninomiya: "Yes. The same thing happened when you fought Sizere for the first time."

Sakura fell on her knees, staring endlessly at her transformed self through the screen. The thought of her becoming a mindless monster wanting only to destroy was too much for Sakura to bear. Then, in that moment, the woman in battle armor appeared.

Ninomiya: "One of the king's commanders! Stand back!"

Woman in battle armor: "Wait, guys, it's me!" *takes off clothes (not all of them)*

Ninomiya: "Princess Andromeda?!"

Princess Andromeda: "Yes! I disguised myself as an assistant of the king to find out where all of his Sectors are! I also did it in case you two needed help… but we have to go back to the castle immediately!"

Princess Andromeda and the others ran back to the castle. When they got there, they directly went up to the top floor. The princess then closed her eyes and thought of the exact coordinates of all of King Avarez' Sectors. Then she raised her hand, and…

Princess Andromeda: "With the power the cosmos grants me and the blessings the universe holds, come to me, galactic debris!"

This was a spell. Across several parts of the world, the skies became red and burning. Then, from them, small meteors came through the clouds, crashing on each of King Avarez' Sectors!


Princess Andromeda: "Those are my powers. I have the ability to control several things throughout outer space, but I need a power output strong enough to allow me. This entire kingdom is a power output, so I can do things like this without any problem. Now… Sakura…"

Sakura was just standing beside Ninomiya, hugging his arm. Her face was as sad as it had ever been before. She usually kept her tail above the ground, but this time, it was touching the ground, moving very slightly from left to right.

Sakura: "I… I… can't keep transforming into that thing…"

Princess Andromeda: "I was going to tell you yesterday, but I didn't get the time to."

Sakura: "I'm sorry… Ninomiya… for scaring you and attacking you like that…"

Ninomiya: "Sakura… come on, it's not your fault. That monster isn't you; it's just a mindless beast!"

Sakura: "But that mindless beast IS me… the only way to stop it…"

Princess Andromeda: "…is by removing your tail…"

Sakura: "…I know… if… I have to do it… then…"

Princess Andromeda: "But, Sakura, you love your tail!"

Sakura: "I do, but… it's the only way…"

Princess Andromeda: "Sakura… wait… I think… yes! Sakura, you don't have to remove your tail!"

Sakura: "W…what?"

Princess Andromeda: "I remember reading that Saiyans were able to control themselves during their Great Ape form with enough mental training! So, if you learn to control yourself during your Great Ape from, you can keep your tail!"

Sakura: "Really?! So there is a way! Woo-hoo! Thank you so much, princess! I promise I will train as hard as I possibly can to learn to control myself during that transformation!" *brings tail up to her chest and hugs it* "You don't have to go away, tail!" *wiggles tail happily*

Sakura's tail was far too precious and useful for her to lose it! Will she learn to control herself during Great Ape form? And where did King Avarez escape to? Find out next time on Lost Origin: A Saiyan's Quest!

To be continued…

Bonus skit

After informing Sakura that she can keep her tail, Princess Andromeda and Ninomiya talk about that comet shower earlier.

Ninomiya: "Wow, princess! I would have never guessed that you had such tremendous powers!"

Then a castle servant entered the scene.

Castle servant: "Remember when I told you two that the princess had incredible powers? This is what I meant."

Ninomiya: "I'm so surprised!"

Castle servant: "…seriously? OK, look: She's Princess ANDROMEDA, from STARFLOW Kingdom. We have an INTERPLANETARY library. The princess' dress and weapon has COMETS, STARS and GALAXY symbols as decoration. There is always a FULL MOON in this kingdom. Did you seriously not figure out that this is an astronomy-based kingdom?"

Ninomiya: "Now that you mention it…"

Castle servant: "Sir, your ability to pay attention is preposterously unsatisfactory."

Princess Andromeda: "… sorry, Ninomiya, but he does make a point. Tee-hee!"