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Chapter 1 (Prologue): A Year of Changes

One sunny summer afternoon, a little girl with messy buns was painting her name with brush and ink on a sheet of parchment. Then, she continued writing a list of names: Xia Lu, Wei Gan and Fa Mulan. The names belonged to her mother, her father, and her teacher and friend. The girl's name was Loushen.

"You are doing great Loushen," Mulan observed, "Your penmanship is so neat."

Five year old Loushen visited Mulan almost every day because she was teaching her how to read and write; a privilege that descendants of farmers or peasants rarely could achieve, least of all daughters. People in those times didn't consider that of great importance to survive.

"I'm done," Loushen announced clapping her little hands eagerly.

"It's getting dark Loushen." Mulan patted the girl's head. "Your mother must be waiting for you."

"Ok, I'm coming tomorrow," Loushen said with a wide grin that reached her ears.

Mulan nodded and escorted the girl to the front door.

Loushen's mother was there waiting impatiently for her to come out. She wasn't very pleased with the idea that her daughter was seeing the "village's freak", which was Mulan's new nickname after she had joined the army.

"Good afternoon," Mulan greeted. But the lady turned her back on her and said nothing in return. Instead, Xia Lu grabbed her daughter's hand and walked away. Loushen turned back and waved at Mulan. Her mother squeezed her hand so she would get moving.

Mulan had seen everything; she simply sighed and went back inside her house thinking of a good reason for all the loathe Loushen's mother and the rest of the village had against her. Every time she walked around the village everyone fixed her eyes on her, and she was not very pleased with it. Then, she acted as if she wasn't seeing but she was, and she noticed everyone whispering into each other's ears. Mulan was certain it was something not very nice about her. There were times in which she just wanted to disappear from this world, for she could not stand people treating her in such way. It was so unfair, she had saved them and still they showed no signs of gratefulness towards their heroine. Her mother told her that this was going to be over someday, but Mulan was not quite sure if that day would come. She tried to be nice and start a conversation with the other villagers but they always were busy and had something to attend to. Mulan was not stupid, she knew better, so she just kept isolating from everyone else more and more each time, until she only spoke to her family members and no one else. But then, she met Loushen, a couple of months ago. Mulan was playing around with Little Brother, and the girl curiously approached her and asked her the little dog's name. Obviously Mulan was not going to be mean to the little girl and she answered her question. The girl also asked her what her name was. When Mulan told her she was Fa Mulan, Loushen eyes brightened. The girl was too little but she admired so much Mulan. And from that day on, Loushen went to visit Mulan, to ask her how it was like to be at camp, expecting to hear Mulan's exciting stories.

It had been a year now. A year ago, Shang's father had trust him the responsibility of being Captain of China's troops. The Captain that trained a bunch of lazy and careless men, and one great woman who saved China. Li Shang was responsible for teaching Mulan all that she knew about war. It also had been a year that he realized his father was not going to be with him forever, that he was not invincible (the way he had always seen him throughout his childhood); he died trying to set peace in the whole country, needless to say, his efforts were in vain.

General Li's only son was the man who led the troops of freshly-trained recruits to glory, and victoriously defeated the Hun army.

Shang missed his father still, after a long year, for he was alone in the world without him. His mother had died while giving birth to him, and he had no brothers or sisters. Shang's father never remarried, so he didn't have any stepmothers. Every day that went by, he remembered his father and all the things he taught him. The General had been a strict father to Shang and taught him to be disciplined and controlled, but deep inside he loved him more than anything in this life. He was so very alike his father in so many ways: an honorable man with overloaded self-control.

Despite of every memory he had from war, Shang had to be strong and go on with his life, and that's how he did. He was promoted to be the General after his father, which was exactly what he wanted; a rank to honor his father's memory, a title that could honor his own name, his ancestors, and his descendants.

At night, when he was preparing himself to drift into the world of dreams, someone knocked on the door. Shang wasn't in a mood for visits, because he was sick and tired of the matchmaker's almost daily visits to persuade him to take one of the girls that successfully passed her test. Shang rejected all of the candidates to be his wife; all of them wanted to marry him because he was the General, and the one who'd get to marry him was assuring a wealthy life. Sometimes, Shang wondered if love between a man and a woman really existed, or if it was just something you could only live in your wildest dreams. He had never experienced such feeling before. Love. He didn't know how a woman's love was, not even a mother's love was. All he knew was his father's love, the love coming from a man who rarely expressed his most inner thoughts and intimate feelings. Shang recalled a couple of times that his father told him that women were only a waste of time, just a distraction from duties, a simple thing that when it's new it is something extraordinary, but once you see it every day it loses its fascination. On the other side, Shang didn't feel prepared to get married. Eventually, he got accustomed to his lonely life; it had been a year after all.

Shang walked towards the door and opened it. It was only Chi Fu. He wondered why in hell he visited him in the middle of the night. Probably news or a request from the emperor, he guessed.

"What do you want?" Shang asked.

Chi Fu frowned and answered, "The emperor wants to see you right away."

Shang nodded and went into the stables to get his horse.

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