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Chapter 14: Epilogue Holding Hands until the End

A red palanquin with golden butterflies and dragons printed on it was carried by four men and stopped in front of Shang's house. Out of it, came a small woman wearing a red dress, embroidered with golden dragons. Her face was covered with a thick veil.

Shang was waiting for her to arrive. He felt a knot in his stomach and his hands were sweating like if he were training.

Fa Zhou led his daughter to the Li family's shrine were the nervous groom awaited.

Family and friends of the couple had gone to watch the ceremony. Tanni, Tsien, Tsien's father, Mei Hyung and Loushen were among those guests. Mushu and Cri-kee were present there, as well as Yao, Ling and Chien Po.

The young General Li Shang felt a bit more relieved when he saw his bride walking towards him.

The ceremony went on practically fine, and they made their vows before the Li ancestors, some of Shang's relatives, Mulan's family (including Mushu, Cri-kee, Khan, and Little Brother), and their friends. Flashback: (Camp Wu Zhong when Shang and Mulan meet each other face to face for the first time). "Uh. I've got a name, and it's a boys name too!" Mulan stuttered. Mushu suggested, "Ling, how about Ling?" "His name is Ling." Mulan whispered. "I didn't ask for HIS name, I asked for YOUR name!" Li Shang yelled at her. "Ah...Choo" Mushu said. "Ah Choo" Mulan repeated. "Ah Choo?" Shang asked aloud. That was a weird name. "Gazunteit! haha," Mushu laughed, "I kill myself." "MUSHU!" Mulan chided the dragon. The young captain questioned, "Mushu?" "No!" Mulan replied. "Then what is it?!" Shang demanded. He was losing his patience. "Ping, how bout Ping?" Mushu asked. "It's Ping," Mulan finally answered. ."Ping?" Shang asked amused. Ping wasn't a suitable name for a man. "Of course, Ping did steal my girl," Mushu complained. "YES, my name is Ping!" Mulan assured. Shang turned away from her and addressed the rest of the men, "Thanks to your new friend Ping, you'll spend tonight picking up every single grain of rice." Funny, ironic, weird, and awkward, Was the first time our eyes were locked I have turned your world backwards I have even made you feel so shocked.

Flashback: (In the mountains of the Tung Shao Pass after the avalanche) "Ping you're the craziest man I've ever met," Shang said.

You sank into your responsibility And simply went on with your duty.

Flashback: (At camp, after reading Mulan's poem.) "Mulan, we are in the middle of a war," Shang said.

We turned from strangers to friends Then some rules you started to bend. Flashback: (On their way to the Imperial City)

"I'll ask someone to take care of the kart."

"Shang, there is no need for you to do this."

But he wouldn't listen, he knew she was trying to be modest; Mulan didn't want to be a problem to him. Shang called, "I need someone over here to take care of moving the kart. Fa Mulan is tired and she deserves some rest."

The soldiers burst into laughter, they were tired as well. Shang had been wrong when he expected another response from part of them. After laughing, most of them started to complain.

"Sir, with all due respect," One man began, "We are as tired as she is."

"Thank you for volunteering Peng," Shang declared with a smirk. The man couldn't refuse to obey the General's commands, so he did as he was told, though cursing all the way.

"Would you like to ride my horse?" Shang offered.

"Shang, I don't want to cause any trouble."

He cut her off, "Chi Fu is not here to write reports for the emperor."

Mulan grinned and agreed, she just couldn't say no to him when he was such a gentleman. "Ok, just for a little while, my legs are killing me."

We talked for so many occasions. You told me about your past, Your feelings and frustrations. You cared less I was an outcast. Flashback: (Outside the tents they prepared after rescuing the children) Shang seemed to be lost in his own world and Mulan was quite aware of it. She dared to ask, "What are you thinking?"

He turned to the small lady and answered, "My mother."

Mulan just nodded; knowing she couldn't meddle into those affairs. It was a delicate subject. What if Shang was displeased with her intrusion?

To her surprise, Shang continued, "My father.he acted as if she never existed. It was like he was ashamed of her or never loved her."

Mulan stayed thoughtful. How could the General possibly feel that towards his own wife? He seemed to be a quite loving father with Shang, why not with his wife? Then, she came up with something; there had to be an explanation for Shang's father's behavior. "Maybe your father missed her so much and it crushed him to speak of her." There was a pause and she continued, "Or maybe he didn't want to cry in front of you."

"My father never cried," Shang replied dryly, "He said that tears were for women and for coward men. He used to say they made you look weak."

We have laughed like carefree kids, And completely forgot about our ages. Flashback: (When Mulan was riding Shang's horse) "He will say," Mulan feigned Chi Fu's squeaky and annoying voice, "General, you have to talk things over with me before making decisions the emperor is not going to like this..and then you know he's gonna write all the gossip and tell the emperor when we reach the Imperial City."

Shang laughed a little madly; he didn't remember laughing so hard before. Then again, Mulan was a good imitator. Obviously Mulan joined him a few seconds later.

We have seen so many changes Flashback: (During the victory parade) Tsien waved and screamed excitedly when Shang and Mulan passed by him. To everyone's surprise, General Li Shang stopped and asked the boy if he wanted to ride with him. Naturally, the boy accepted with a smile.

Fighting side by side we shared our own deeds. Flashback: (In the emperor's palace after defeating Wuzhumuxin) "You two are probably the grandest heroes China has," The emperor said looking at the dead body. We have grieved together, And even cheered each other. Flashsback: (At Tanni's house) "It is something about you," Shang said, "I bet you'd make a great mother someday." We have tried to make a difference, (At Tanni's house) "Not all of us want a wife that knows how to cook and please her husband. There are more important things than graceful beauty and pleasure." But some people just won't listen.

You and I have been through pain. Flashback: (Mulan taking care of Shang's wound) Mulan pressed a piece of cloth to block the blood. She shook her head. "I'm not going to mock you if you feel pain or you want to cry. You've been very brave and strong since the first day I met you." Both of us have worked hard, Asking for no reward. Together we have tasted the rain.

So now we stand face to face, We know this is our destiny Flashback: (Mulan's house, when Shang went to return her helmet) "You forgot your helmet," Shang said nervously retrieving the helmet.

Mulan took the helmet and turned to her father. Then she asked, "Would you like to stay for dinner?"

Her grandmother didn't waste the chance to say, "Would you like to stay forever?"

Both of them blushed sheepishly. "Dinner would be great," Shang answered with a smile.

In life's endless race, we'll keep the pace Holding hands until eternity. Flashback: (During the victory celebration) Shang understood. He reached out for Mulan's hand and held it with his own. She turned to him confused. Handholding was considered a sign of affection between couples among the Chinese. Shang smiled at her nonchalantly and gave her hand a light squeeze.

(Back at the wedding). The ceremony ended, and Shang lifted the veil from her face. They stared into each other's eyes and smiled. Both of them knew they were meant for each other, and fate had brought them together that day at Camp Wu Zhong for a purpose. And that purpose held a promise of a life full of joy and happiness.

Mulan could tell Shang was as happy as she was.

Shang admired the beautiful woman before him, not just because of the physical beauty he couldn't deny, but the beauty of her ideas and her heart. Mulan was after all his porcelain warrior. He cupped his hands around her face and bent to taste her lips. She replied his kiss, and none of them seemed to care that the eyes of everyone in there were fixed on them.

It was the beginning of something everlasting.

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