"We're Getting the Band Back Together"

"You left me, in a cellar, alone. With a useless purple card and a broken watch. Thanks so much for that! Now, there's some random man handcuffed to a pipe, probably bleeding out of his head because I had to knock him out so he wouldn't tell anyone about me and you want to ask me for a favor?" Maya shouted in a whisper with her mask off so the others couldn't hear her conversation with the Doctor.

"It's not broken. Just because it doesn't do what every other watch in the world does," the Doctor trailed.

"What's it for then?"

"I thought you were bright," the Doctor said. She was unsure if he was purposely ignoring her or spaced out on one of his tangents. "Couldn't have made it anymore simpler."

Tangent, she decided.

"I brought you into this world, young lady, and I can take you out of it." The Doctor held up his hand, his fingers poised to snap. Was the Tardis not far?

"Fine." Maya turned to walk off, but turned back around to say, "You're lucky I don't slap you," then walked back over to the imposing group of seasoned time travelers. It made Maya gulp. Walkin' the mile. Walkin' the mile, she chanted in her head.

"What are you doing here?" a maskless Martha asked, puzzled, yet sweetly to one, demanding to another. She held a spare oxygen set in her hands.

"You honestly expect us to sit by as a dangerous, alien virus possibly kills innocent people," Mickey said, echoing the harsher tone she directed towards him. Martha tightly gripped the breathing device, imagining it were Mickey's neck. The Captain gave him with reprimanding look and could only roll his eyes at his inexperienced friend.

He turned back to face Martha and saluted his colleague and friend. "Ma'am, allow me to offer to entirety of Torchwood's arsenal at your disposal."

"Permission granted, Captain," she answered with a salute of her own. "Head over to the blue tent to get your gear, then head over there," she pointed to a large blue tent with a red cross on top, "for your vaccination."

Martha then coldly turned her attention to Mickey. "This is a closed site. Authorized personnel only. No civilians."

"Since when am I a civilian?" Mickey asked frigidly.

"You quit," Martha's voice tensed. "All your access has been cleared as of eleven this morning."

"Martha, you did authorize the use of all Torchwood resources," Jack cocked his head, not quite cheeky, but more lighthearted.

"You joined Torchwood?" Martha was more accuser than inquisitor.

"I get better dental," Mickey said unemotionally, but he looked off at the hospital and didn't look her in the eye.

Painfully, Martha looked away, then back at her former fiancé with a hard, icy stare. "Your access is capped at Level L." She shoved the spare mask into Mickey's chest and walked off to get Visitors Badges for her two 'guests'.

"Wow," Jack said as his opened his eyes widely and sauntered off to get his breathing gear.

Mickey looked at his mask, then watched Martha walk over to a big tent. The Command Post. He may have quit, but he was still pretty familiar with UNIT procedure. He started to attach the familiar tube when a vaguely strange girl with honey brown eyes walked up to him.

"Who are you?" he asked suspiciously. "Aren't you that . . ."

Her eyes clouded and turned dark purple and he was cut off. "Michaela Tenny, Martha's new assistant. You like me. The encounter in the lift with the man wearing a bow tie did not happen." Her eyes returned their honey brown.

Mickey blinked and shook his head, clearing it of the psychic residue. When he focused his eyes, they settled on Maya. He squinted, doubtfully for a moment and then said, "They letting you out already Michaela?"

Maya nodded. "Martha said she needed me on this one." She looked off, back toward the Doctor. Yes, it worked. You can stop hiding now, she told him. He turned to face Maya and Mickey, who showed no sign of recognition and made his way over to the tent with the red cross on it. The First Aid tent.

"She told you, didn't she?" Mickey asked, somewhat rhetorically, pulling Maya's attention back to him. He'd misread her actions, but she nodded. No need to ask what he'd meant.

"How is she?" Genuine concern laced his question.

"How do you think?" Maya followed his eye line to the command tent. "Why won't you say something?"

"What would I say?" he asked, still watching her in the tent.

"How about I'm sorry, please take me back?" Maya sounded like she desperately wanted to put a 'Duh!' at the end of her sentence.

"Life isn't as simple as that."

"Only because people make it like that." Maya turned and headed toward the Doctor, who was inside the tent, examining the menacing vaccine gun with great interest.

"How ominous," he commented as he turned it around in his hands. The Doctor stood in the medical tent where various treatments were being prepared.

Maya sat in chair next to him watching him. Not wanting a public conversation, she asked, If they don't know anything about this virus, how come they have a vaccine and treatment supplies.

Just because they don't, doesn't mean I don't. "Fascinating," he said out loud as he started pulling it apart to get a look on the inside.

So why don't you fix it, call it a day and we'll be on our merry way, Maya commented.

"Never said I completely understood it," he said distractedly as he pulled a spring coil out of the gun. "Ooh, Kinetic Flux Silver." He noticed an inscription inside and whistled.

"1.21 gigawatts," he said with such an emphasis. He marveled at the power. "The right modifications and this delectable beauty could do a LOT of damage."

The driver from earlier, one of the box loaders gave the Doctor a dangerous look that he didn't see. Maya didn't see it, but she caught it. Doctor, you might want to keep comments like that to yourself. She shared the memory of the look with him.

The Doctor turned and looked at the man, who made rigid eye contact with him and turned to retrieve another large box. The Doctor turned back to his companion and thought, Stay away from him Maya. I don't like him, or her.

Using her peripherals, and reflective surfaces, Maya looked back at where the man was standing and saw him talking to Commander Hawkins, looking beyond-all-reason scary. They were in what looked like a heated conversation, but cold vibes kept reverberating back to her from them. She shivered, as though, the vibes affected her physically.

Without meaning to, Maya picked up what they were saying to each other.

I'm her commanding officer and I ordered her to take you inside, Hawkins severely hissed.

She went over your head and to your commanding officer and requested changes be made, that he agreed to once he saw the replacements. The driver echoed her severe hissing sound. They didn't sound too happy that the team going inside the hospital would consist of Martha, Mickey, Maya, Jack and the Doctor. Martha had made a valid argument that Jack and Mickey would sufficient 'grunts' inside and she could do her job with greater ease.

"Any particular reason?" Maya asked, teasing through her freezing state. Goose flesh started to form on her skin.

"Because I said so," he said, not really paying that much attention; his focus was back on the gun.

Doctor, Maya called her mind. Her mouth was busy with chattering teeth.

He turned and saw his friend rubbing her hands together and the sides of her arms. It was 32 degrees in the middle of July; she should be taking off her black jacket, not trying to wrap herself in it. He pulled out his sonic screwdriver instantaneously, and started scanning her body.

"What's that noise?" the disjointed voice of Martha Jones asked from outside the medical tent. Immediately, the Doctor shoved the screwdriver in his breast pocket.

"What was that noise?" she asked again, looking both eager and annoyed as she searched the entire tent.

"What noise?" the Doctor asked innocently.

Martha said nothing at first as her look turned somewhat mournful, searching around the room. Then she looked at the pair of them and said, "Er, I thought I heard something. Be ready you two," and she walked away.

The Doctor let out a sigh, and Maya couldn't decide if it was out of relief or gloom.

Why don't you just tell her? Maya asked the Doctor who was doing something Doctor-y with the gun. It's not like her head will explode if she knows.

The Doctor did that annoying thing where he retreated into his shell and didn't answer you for whatever reason. Irritated, Maya left the tent, hoping the sun would warm her up.

"Well, hi there," a flirtatious voice said from behind. Maya turned around got her first live look of a one Captain Jack Harkness, great coat and all, standing like a god about to give an order. He looked like he'd been carved out of marble by Donatello or Raphael. Maya didn't know why, but she suddenly had the urge to jump on him and lick his face.

Maybe she'd been careless and let him read her thoughts or more likely, the sound of the Captain's voice pulled him out of his moody rut and the Doctor came flying out of the tent.

"You behave around this one," he said, comically blocking Maya off from Jack. He turned his head around to look her in the eye. "You, young lady, are grounded. New rule; you're not allowed alone in a room with him."

"Now who do we have here?" Jack asked, giving the Doctor his trademark elevator eyes.

You're never going to change, are you? the Doctor rhetorically muttered in his mind, mentally rolling his eyes.

"He was just saying 'hi', Doctor," Maya said, semi scolding him. He had ruined the moment.

"Doctor?" Jack said with a raise in his eyebrow. You could almost see the wheels in his head turning. Beneath that passionate, sexy exterior, beat the heart of a clever man.

The Doctor shot Maya a look and she quickly realized her mistake. He turned back to his former companion and held out his hand. "Dr. Leonard Smith of the World Health Organization."

"Captain Jack Harkness," he said slowly, and suspiciously, taking the Doctor's hand and shaking it. Then he flashed them a smile that could have been in a toothpaste advertisement. "Well, Doctor, Smith, I must say, you are too good looking to be cooped up in a lab all day."

"Oh, you don't mean that," the Doctor said, waving the thought away, almost blushing.

"Boys will be boys," Maya said, but nobody really heard her.

"Are you finished?" asked a reprimanding Martha. Masked and armed with Mickey at her side, she vaccinated Jack, then Maya. Then she cocked her medical gun and said, "We're going in."

"It's gloomy in here," Maya commented, taking in the corridor of the hospital. It was long and narrow and dark. Nothing like cheery exterior. Very little light lit the hallway. Even though it was bright and sunny and afternoon outside, somehow, inside the hospital was sinister and foreboding, and shadows seemed to over take the entire hospital. So many flashbacks and recalls flickered in long passageway of the Doctor's memory.

"The virus rearranges the atoms in the air around it. The air gets thicker, prohibiting light from traveling through, making it appear darker," the Doctor said as he pretended to use his UNIT standard Zenith Diagnostic Scanner. Rubbish didn't even belong in a museum. He had his sonic discreetly hidden in his shirt sleeve, should the need for it arise. "If we didn't have these oxygen masks, we'd feel a tremendous difference in the air as we breathed in. Be too thick for our lungs to convert the oxygen."

Mickey just ignored him, not completely understanding anything the man had just said. Maya rolled her eyes, making the mental note to keep comments like that to herself. Jack looked at the Doctor with great interest.

Martha was reading her own scans off her archaic UNIT device; hers was actually turned on. She then frowned and looked up at him. "I'm not seeing any chromosomal related data in these readings."

"Try the yellow scanner," The Doctor said, silently activating his sonic screwdriver and pointed it in Martha's direction, under his jacket. Martha flipped a yellow switch and her scanner started beeping in a rhythmic pattern, but it had nothing to do with casting the switch. She started receiving data.

"This doesn't look good," Martha said, frowning with a worried look. The scanner was making a harsh bleeping noise.

"What doesn't look good?" Jack asked, ready for action, trying to read his scanner in one hand, and aim his shotgun with the other.

"I see it too," the Doctor commented, mirroring her anxious tone, while scanning the air in silence.

"What doesn't look good?" Mickey asked, in a demanding tone, scanner in one hand, advanced weaponry in the other. He also had a large pack on his back with all the supplies they might need.

"Everyone, see the little red knob on your oxygen generator?" the Doctor said. Everyone's heads immediately looked for their little red knob. Martha's scanner was going wild. "Turn it up to level 5."

They all obeyed just as a plume of extremely hot air blew into them. It was strong enough to make them all lose their balance; they held onto the wall to keep from falling over.

The force of the air had died down, but the heat was still there. The corridor felt like a blazing sauna.

"What the hell was that?" Mickey asked as he pulled the pack. It was too hot to carry it.

Jack and the Doctor, going around their breathing generators, both stripped themselves of their great coat and tweed jacket, respectively, revealing Jack's light blue collared shirt and black braces and the Doctor's rust red pinstriped collared shirt and red braces.

Jack looked over the Doctor as he rolled up his sleeves. With suggestive eyebrows, he said, "Nice look."

"It takes more than smooth words, Cowboy," the Doctor said as he tied his jacket sleeves around his waist. He looked like every teenage girl in the world.

"Three down, eight to go," Maya muttered under breath as she wiped some sweat from her forehead.

"What?" Jack and the Doctor asked simultaneously.

"Er," Maya stumbled and quickly turned to them, facing them with a mock confronting tone, "I'm with Mickey over there, what the hell was that?"

"Some kind of fluctuation with the virus," Martha answered, removing her jacket, but mostly focusing on her device.

The Doctor snapped his fingers to point at her and shouted in a big voice, "Bingo, Martha Jones!" He made the three veterans jump a little. "Although, you should know better than that; much too vague."

He climbed up a door frame and pressed his head to the ceiling; his ear kissing the drywall. Martha, Mickey and Jack looked at him like he was absolutely mental.

"What the hell- ?"

"Leave him," Maya sounded lazily to Mickey, who had started to ask a question. "He's on a roll."

The Doctor jumped down and walked down the hallway, "Field trip to the top floor, children."

Martha and Maya looked at each, exchanging looks of uncertainty. Mickey and Jack exchanged looks of intrigue.

"Come along you lot," the Doctor's voice sounded. He'd turned around and beckoned his little ragtag band to follow him. "There's an alien virus mucking about around here and if you want to stop it, you're going to have to stop gawking about and do something."

The veterans exchanged looks of confusion, before gathering up their gear and following Maya, who followed the Doctor down the hall.

"Do you have any idea on what that flash of hot air was?" Martha asked, trying to get her scans to make sense.

"It wasn't really a flash. A flash is brief, and momentary. This was more of an explosion of particles and they're not going anywhere; they're still here. And they're going to get progressively hotter and hotter," the Doctor looked at his watch, while he continued to walk down the hall. "Ooh, we need to pick up this pace. This way."

He led them up a staircase. "The virus is progressing and evolving and converting the air at an alarmingly fast rate. We should pick up the pace. Which is why it's getting hotter. We wouldn't be able to breathe at all."

"Why does it do that?" Jack asked.

The Doctor said, reaching the third story of the staircase. "You and your team don't have this little chap all mapped out yet, Captain?"

"I would, if someone hadn't kept us from every sample," Jack said with a slight edge, pointedly towards Martha.

She looked offended. "I told you, it wasn't my decision. My orders were to secure every sample and keep it exclusively UNIT."

Why can't cleaning up after the Tardis be easy for once, Maya heard the Doctor's mind muttered before she heard it wander onto whether Hydrox or Oreo was first. Out loud, he asked, "What exactly does UNIT know about the Belih virus?"

Martha shook her head. "Nothing. We only just got it secured Monday. Not enough tests have been run. All we do know is that, it's alien."

"The virus needs heat to survive." The Doctor explained as they rounded up the stairs. "And I mean extreme heat. The temperature it needs borderlines mental for us. That's why it converts the air. Makes it thinker. Its making it hotter."

"Why are we going to the top floor?" Mickey asked with an edge in his voice. It was the first time he was able to get a word in edge wise.

"You're not asking the real question," the Doctor said. They were one story away from their destination.

"What's the real question?" Maya asked.

The Doctor walked up to the door that led to the highest story. He pushed it open and walked through, they followed him through. On the other side of the door they saw what had to be a thousand people cramped together.

"Where is everyone?" The Doctor said.

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