A/N- I wrote this poem like a year ago, and I was going to publish it but I couldn't find it when I browsed the Books and movies.

Its short, but whatever just read it if you want to.

I was only fourteen on the fateful day.

That Day you took my life away.

I screamed and I cried.

I knew I wasn't going to see anouther night.

I couldn't breathe anymore, my heart began to race.

And as I took my last breath, yours was the last face I saw that day.

Embedded forever in my memory.

You sinned. You broke a commandment.

And all you do is grin, I don't understand how you can handle it.

You walk around like nothing is wrong.

You walk around like you're so strong.

But I know you have to urge.

That itch you just can't resist.

So you plan it out, and get to work.

I wonder if you even think about how much it hurts.

To be killed, To be raped, To have your skull smashed on a staircase.

You talk to my mother.

You talk to my brother.

You talk to my father.

But he soon begins to uncover.

You tell them how sorry you are for their loss.

You tell them how horrible it is for someone to do that to a little girl.

I don't know if you just don't remember or you're trying to escape.

But that little girl you're talking about is dead in your basement locked in a safe.

My sister doesn't buy your crap, and plans something of her own.

She breaks in and is now inside your home.

She discovers my lock of hair taped to that page, and somehow manages to keep her anger contained.

You think you can catch her, but track really paid off.

You know what's to happen next, so you pack and take off.

They don't find you, but you know damn well I was always there.

And as I drop this icicle on your head, I'm not very proud of it, but I'm already dead.

As for you, the devil is waiting patiently, and he will not hesitate when he tortures you.

Now you'll know what it feels like too.

You won't have any glory.

Theres just no more room in the Pergatory.

Oh and as you take your last breath, I hope mines is the last face you see today.

Embedded forever in your memory.

Wow the original poem was only like 200 words, but as I was copying it from my notebook to my computer the words just came to me. I hope you like it! I'm pretty proud of it.

As I've said before.

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