He couldn't stand it anymore! Finn punched the wall, ignoring the pain that was spreading throughout his knuckles.

Why? Why did she have to be the Princess?

No. It was selfish of him to wish for her to be a tracker. He couldn't afford to think like that.

Wendy's hair flashed through his memory.

It was knotted from the previous battle. She grumbled as she tried to run a comb through it.

"First a fight with the Vittra, now a fight with my hair. Oh yeah also part troll here. When will my life ever be at least a little normal?

Finn smiled behind her. Wendy was the most stubborn, hot-tempered girl he had ever met. She still complained of being a changeling, even though she had found out months ago.

He had taken a step towards her, or maybe more, he couldn't tell. The next thing he knew, Wendy was curled up next to him on the sofa with his lips pressing softly against her neck.

"You know," he had murmured, "I like your hair better down."

Gritting his teeth for even thinking of that day, Finn fell to the floor trying to stop the memories from overflowing.

Wendy falling on top of him in the snow.

Showing her his favorite apple orchard.

Her lips pressed against his.

Her temper. Her laughter. Her kiss.

Finn groaned. He knew he was not for her. It had been drilled into his head. Yet, every time he saw her, he fell in love over and over again.

Now, she was with Loki, and Finn was lost. He had to be happy for her. He had tried to pretend he wanted this. He wanted her to be happy.

"No." A small voice nagged in the back of his head. "I wanted her to be happy with me."