"How did you do it?" Finn asked quietly looking at the ground.


"I just don't understand. If Elora was anything like Wendy, how did you let her go?" Finn rubbed his forehead thinking about his latest encounter with the queen.

She had been laughing with Loki, their heads pressed together, when Finn had turned the corner and crashed into her.

Quickly untangling himself he had stood up, trying hard not to meet her eyes. Finn watched as Loki helped Wendy up, planting a soft kiss on her cheek.

"Are you okay love?" Loki had asked.

Love he called her. Finn had struggled to restrain punching the king. If Wendy knew how much I love her.

"I'm fine," She had a foolish grin on her face as she gazed up at Loki. Then her attention fell on the man who knocked into her. "Finn is that you?"

"I'm sorry." Finn said stiffly. "Unfortunately I do not have the time for idle talk. If you would excuse me."

Then he left, forcing himself not to look back at the beauty he had left.

Finn shuddered at the memory before glancing once again at his father. "I never know what to say around her. Everything that comes out of my mouth is so hostile."

Another memory flashes by.

"Finn! Want to have lunch with Loki and I today?"

"I decline." Finn said clenching his fists and glaring at the blond man by Wendy's side.

"So how, how did you get over her?" Finn slumped hating the weakness he was portraying.

Thomas leaned back against the wall before responding. "I didn't."

"Thank you that helps me so much," Finn muttered sarcastically.

"Listen, Finn, if you truly love Wendy you must let her have happiness. Do not avoid her, but cherish the memories you two shared together."

"So I will always be in pain."

Thomas sighed before changing the subject. "I thought you liked that tracker woman? The one with the baby."

"It's not the same."