Hey I decided to start another fanfic! This one is about if the remaining seven tributes (they are Cato, Clove, Foxface, Thresh, Katniss, Rue, and Peeta) decide that they are going to all be victors this year or this hunger games won't have one at all. (Rue doesn't get speared, Peeta is alive and well, and Katniss actually falls for Peeta) It starts right before the Cornucopia scene. I hope you guys like it and R&R.

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Katniss POV

I emerge from the cave with Peeta and Rue close behind. For the past few days we have stayed there, trying to conserve our energy. Claudius Templesmith told us yesterday that there was going to be a feast, and it was going to contain something we all needed. I thought it would be a good idea to go. "Maybe there will be something there that will make it easier to make it till the end," I plead to Peeta. I knew he didn't like the idea, but if it could get me one step closer to seeing Prim I would take the risk.

As we start walking up the stream we decide it would be a good idea to fill our water bottles. We didn't know when or if we would be near a water source anytime soon. I remember only a few days ago Rue and I came across Peeta. I was still pissed that he had teamed up with the Careers, but he told me he broke the alliance to come find us. I have to admit that having Peeta here has almost been enjoyable. If only this wasn't a fight to the death I might have actually fallen for him.

"You know the Careers will be there Katniss." Peeta's voice pulls me out of my trance. "I know and hopefully they will kill each other off." That's right Katniss stay optimistic! "Ok Katniss whatever you say." Peeta rolls his eyes and started to walk forward. Peeta may be done with my humor but I can't help but be drawn to his clear blue eyes and dusty blonde hair. As much as I hate to admit it, I might be starting to get attached to the guy. Maybe we'll find a way to get us all out of this stupid Arena. Peeta, Rue, and I all together. All safe. As we continue walking I notice a berry bush with dark blue berries on it. Nightlock. I start to pick them and put them in my backpack when Peeta looks at me with a puzzled look and I have to explain What these small things can do. Who knows maybe it will come in handy later on.

(Page break)

"Stop!" I yell. "Why are we doing this? Are we really going to kill each other!" Clove was holding a knife to Rue's neck while Peeta had Cato in a head lock so Clove wouldn't make her move. At that moment Thresh and Foxface came out of the forest. "Don't you think about hurting her." Thresh snarled at Clove. " It not like we all can be Victors!" Clove screams back. Or maybe we can. The Nightlock. "Your wrong Clove, we could do it." I tell her in an even voice. "How's that District Twelve? They can only have one Victor and I see seven of us here!" Clove yells back. "That's the point they have to have a Victor." At that point I think Clove has caught on. "Everyone come over here I have a plan." They all probably thought I was insane except for Clove who had finally caught on. I handed everyone four berries and told them on the count of three we would all swallow them. No one questioned it, not even Clove. Maybe we aren't just blood thirsty killers.

"One." This is a bad idea.

"Two." Cato and Clove won't go through with it.

"Three" We all put the berries in are mouth, even Cato and Clove, when Claudius Templesmith's voice booms through the arena. "Stop! Stop! The winners of the seventy-fourth Hunger Games Clove Keller, Cato Santori, Zoe Carter, Rue Anderson, Thresh Adams, Katniss Everdeen, and Peeta Melark!

Little did I know my whole life would change in that exact instant.

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