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Cato's POV

Decisions. Left or right? Up or down? To be or not to be? All questions must be answered, but the real question is have you picked the right one?

After getting walked in on by half the population of Panem, Clove and I head over to our new room. As we walk down what seems to be a never ending hall I try to grab her hand, but she quickly pulls out of my grasp. What the hell? I thought she was into me? I guess she viciously makes out with any guy she sees waking up. Maybe it's her weird fetish or something? Well screw her I can get any girl I want! I'm a victor of the hunger games for christ sake! Sure, she is too technically.

"Cato? Can we keep us a secret?" I want to tell her that everyone already knows thanks to them deciding to pop in uninvited, but I can't bring myself to do it. Well I guess we do stupid things for love. Wait! Love? I am not in love with Clove! Sure she's awesome, hot, and an kick even my butt, but that does not mean I'm in love with her. Or am I? Regardless of my answer I give her the answer she wants. "Of course Clove."

When we finally find our room I unlock the door only to find everyone in there. How are they in our room? Do they all have a key to get in? if that's the case I can already see the inconvenience. "Hey everyone." I state awkwardly seeing that I still have no clue why they're in here. "We need to talk about this whole rebellion thing we have gotten ourselves into." Peeta says. Oh Peeta, always the strait forward one.

"This Arena smells worse than Marvel!" glimmer shouts. I look over to Marvel to see how he would react to that comment, but he seemed unfazed by it. Pity, I kind of wanted to see those to fight. "Why did I even volunteer to go into this hell-hole!" Glimmer once again gowned. "Why did you volunteer then?" Bread-boy asked. Little did he know what king of dam he had just broken. Glimmer then proceeded to tell her life story, over dramatizing everything, in full detail. She also filled him in that it was trendy in district one to be a victor, and that her crush wouldn't date her till she was one. "Well that's stupid then. Why risk your life for a guy and popularity." Lover-boy stated before returning to eating like he was before. As soon as I looked at Glimmer you could see all the rage and anger making her red in the face. Clove, sensing the tension, came over and asked Glimmer if she wanted to go bathe in the river. Glimmer then proceeded to flip her hair in Peeta's face and walk away. Peeta looked unaffected by the gesture which confirmed he wasn't from district one or two. There what she did was the childish equivalent to getting flicked off.

From then on up until the tracker-jacker incident I had liked Peeta. It took balls to stand up to Glimmer, and I respected that. He also never sugar coated anything. Well, he does for Katniss. "I don't think we should stay here." Katniss blurted out. "Well we can't just wander around the wood for the rest of our lives either." Clove countered. As Clove and Katniss bantered back and forth the rest of us were sitting quietly watching. "Aren't you tired of being a pawn in snows games? This is a way we can fight him! And frankly I'm tired of waiting around!" Clove yelled. Thresh, who did not want to put up with Katniss and Clove's bickering, growled, "Can you two shut up!" As soon as Thresh said that the room turned silent. "Alright, so I say that we take a vote. Majority wins alright." He states looking to see if we all agree. We all nod. "Who wants to stay?" He asks. All but Katniss and Peeta raise their hand. "It is settled then, we're staying here for the time being." After thresh says that everyone but Clove and I file out of the room. For once since the reaping I feel as if I am in control. Let the seventy-fifth hunger games begin.

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