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Thresh POV

Calamity is something I've always dealt with. I was always the calm that settles the storm but why is that? Why do I have to be the anchor that keep this crazy boat in place. Sometimes I just want to let loose, but sadly I can never do that. There is a war to win so now is not the time to be childish. It's time to take on the storm.

After the impromptu meeting in Cato and Clove's room, I decide I need to hit the sack. I walk farther and farther down what seems to me a never ending hallway till I realize I missed my room completely. Great just great. I turn swiftly on my heels which causes me to run into someone. Without looking to see who it is I mutter a quick sorry. "Not so fast hot stuff you won't even help a girl up? I thought district Eleven boys were the pinnacle of class. Must have been mistaken. Oh well." As the girl finishes saying that I whip around to see who she is but all I am met with is a black ponytail walking the other way.

Once I finally reach my room I'm pleased to find that Gale and Zoe aren't there yet. Nothing against them, but I only said I'd room with them because I didn't want to disturb the two couples. No one likes being a third wheel. No one. I instantly go and claim the bed closest to the wall as my own. I used to always like to sleep in the center of the room but ever since the games I've felt the need to have my back covered at all times. I knock off my shoes and crawl into the bed that's almost too small for my large frame. Still, it takes me no time at all to lull to sleep.

The next morning, I wake from a dreamless sleep for the first time in weeks. It's been a long time since I have felt this rested. I turn over to see Gale and Zoe occupying the other two beds still dead asleep. I roll on my back to stare at the ceiling when suddenly a voice fills the room from over the intercom. "Mr. Adams, Mr. Hawthorne, and Ms. Carter please report to the control room in 15 minutes. Thankyou." With that the intercom shuts off and I see Zoe jump up. "Crap I forgot we had that meeting at seven!" she says as she frantically runs into the small bathroom. I chuckle and grab a fresh shirt and pants to put on before heading out to let Zoe panic on her own with Gale not too far behind.

I'm luckily not the last person to the control room. Zoe and Clove both run in at the last moment looking quite flustered. Guess they're not morning people. Katniss on the other hand is almost too chipper to handle. I could see in Peeta's eyes that no matter how much he loved that girl he was done with her early morning antics.

Just as Clove and Zoe took their seats President Coin walked through the door flanked by three familiar faces. "Good morning everyone. I hope you slept well, but now we need your answer. Will you help us win this rebellion?" Coin looks around and no one immediately answered so I pipe up. "Yes, we've decided we'll help you." Coin smiles an almost devilish grin before she starts up again. "I knew you all would make the correct decision. Now that that's out of the way I would like to introduce you to three other important members of our cause. Finnick Odair, Annie Odair, And Johanna Mason." Shit, now I know who I ran into last night. I look up to see her flashing her signature Johanna grin that helped her win the games. "I've already met some of your fresh meat and may I say Coin, they're not what I expected." Johanna smirks at her own statement. Great I pissed off the victor that won her games running around with an axe, just great. "Thank you for that Johanna but back to the matter at hand. I now have your assignments. You will be split up into two teams, Alpha and Beta. You will train with your team and be sent on missions with your team. On team alpha, Ms. Everdeen, Ms. Keller, Mr. Hawthorne, and Mr. Odair. On team beta, Mr. Mallark, Mr. Santori, Ms. Mason, and Mr. Adams. Any questions?" Coin asks and everyone uneasily shakes their heads no except Rue. "Wait which team am I on?" Rue asks innocently. Coin laughs till she realizes that Rue is dead serious. "Ms. Anderson I'm sorry but you are much too young to be going out into battle. You'll be staying within the walls of district Thirteen and taking classes with all the other children." Rue has a look of shock go over her face from hearing Coins statement. "So I'm old enough to fight to the death but not to stop that from happening because that makes total sense!" Rue snaps and I know it's time to get her out of there. "Rue, Outside now." I state firmly and she happily walks out the door not giving Coin another glance.

"I don't like her." Is the first thing out of Rues mouth after the door closes. "I don't either but the group voted so that's what we're doing." Rue looks at me with and angry look, but soon her eyes softened. "I'm sorry, I know this isn't your fault. I'm just going to go back to sleep because apparently I have school on Monday which may be the stupidest thing ever after fighting in a death game." With that rue turns on her toes and walks away. I breathe a sigh of relief once she's out of sight though. Thank god this place at least doesn't send children into battlegrounds. Just angsty teenagers with hero complexes.

I go back to the control room only to see that the meeting was finished. Alpha group was dismissed for the day while Beta had to head straight to training. I followed Coin along with the others up to the training floor. Instantly I flash back to the capitol training facility when I see what is in front of me. The combat simulators here are eerily similar to the capitol own set up to train tributes.

I guess the games really have begun.

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