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The day at the beach was coming to a close, as it became close to the evening. The group enjoyed thier ime at the beach, but it was time to go home. Mario and Luigi started taking off the volleyball net, and Dasiy started to chat with Rosalina. Peach was a few feet away from everyone else,gazing at the pink pearl in her hands.

Because of her earlier, extrodinary encounter with a mermaid who called herself Purira, she was left bewildered and confused. Purira has appeared from the pearl, and has told her that she was one of the chosen maidens to help defend Corelii Haven. But what sort of danger would she expect? What was Corelii Haven? Those questions and more spun around her head as she thought.

"I wonder if I will be able to see her again..." Peach murmured to herself.

"Peach? Are you okay?"

"Huh?" Peach snapped out of her trail of thoughts and turned around. Mario was standing behind her. "Oh, yes. I'm fine Mario! You finished taking down the net already?"

"Yep, it didn't take so long since Luigi helped me out," Mario asked. "Also, I wanted to check up on you, Princess. You seemed to be deep in thought about something."

"Oh, really? Well, yes, I guess I was," the princess chuckled.

"What were you thinking about?" The red plumber asked curiously.


"Hey guys! " Daisy yelled out to the pair. "We're getting ready to leave now, so hurry up and catch up!" Then she helped Luigi carry the net while Rosalina followed behind.

"Oh, we should get going," Mariio said. Peach nodded and they both walked back to the castle together.


The same pair of baby blue eyes that kept a careful eye on the blonde princess has been watching her until she has returned to the group. When she did so, those pair of eyes trailed towards the man clad in red. Her eyes widen as she observed him closely. His mustache, his round nose, and shining blue eyes. They seemed to somehow interest this mysterious being, She somehow collects some memory of someone of whom she has once known, but brushed the thought aside.

The one thing that really caught her attention to Princess Peach, was what she spotted in her hands. A Pink Pearl. Her ruby red lips formed a smirk. Then she submerges into the water. Using her velvet red mermaid tail to navigate herself through the ocean, she takes some time to travel to her destination, which was a large mountain of rocks.

"Alright, Goops. I'm home, so let me in," The mysterious mermaid commanded to the mountain.

A large pair of eyes suddenly blinked its eyes open. Then a large body of a Blooper appeared along with the eyes. It yawned loudly, then gazed lazily at the mermaid before it. Recognizing who she was, he moved one of his tentacles, revealing an entrance to a cave. The mermaid swam inside the cave, and Goops closed up the entrance again.

Inside, the interior was quite roomy with a touch of elegance into it, as if it waslike a actual room to a home. The mermaid swam towards a table, with a red clam,and chair. She sat down and opens the shell. It possessed the qualities of a advanced communicator. The mermaid then makes a few gestures with her finger against the clam's screen.

"Kimaitya, come in. It's me."

Then a voice spoke from the shell as a light glows from the screen. "Oh, it's you. I'm a bit busy, you know."

"Of course you are, dear sister. But I think there is something I found more interesting then Corelii Haven at the moment," the mermaid said, with a devious smirk on her face,

"Oh? What did you find, dear sister?"

"A Corellic Mermaid Princess...her pearl to be exact," the mermaid spoke, "and judging from the waves I felt from that pearl, it was definately...Purira..." The name rolled off her tongue like venom.

"My, my. What is she doing out of her little home?"

"We'll, I'll just have to find out, won't I?" The mysterious mermaid chuckled deviously. "And while I'm at it, I'll give her a little present."


Later in the evening, the Mario Bros. have already headed him home after dining with the princesses, and said their goodbyes. Peach and Daisy then guided Rosalina to her guest room.

"Go ahead and open the door!" Peach said, in a giddy tone.

Rosalina opened the door, and found herself in a very outstanding room. Her eyes widen as she took in the beautiful style and d├ęcor of her room. It held a sort of resemblance to her own bedroom back on her Comet Observatory. The room was painted a lovely night time blue color, the furniture, including a a plush armchair near the window, dresser, vanity, and end table were a lighter shade of the night blue. There was a teal colored carpet, and the bed was queen-sized with teal bed sheets.

"This is my room? It's very lovely," Rosalina said. "But whenever did you find the time to prepare this whole room in a day, Princess Peach?"

"Ah, you would be surprised at how fast my Toads work," Peach giggled. "They did all of this while we were out today."

"Well they really did a swell job of this place!" Daisy complemented, observing the room herself.

"So, do you like it?" Peach asked Rosalina.

"Yes, I love it. Thank you so much."

"No problem at all!" Peach smiled. "There should be a few sets of nightwear in the dresser so that you can bathe before bed."

"Good call, Peach, I'm gonna go take one as well," Daisy said, then went to her room to do just that. Peach left the room as well to give Rosalina privacy and went to her room as well.

Rosalina smiled, but then that smile faded as she looked out at the window. She gazed upon the starry sky, her thoughts trailing back to her main reason of coming back to Earth.

"...Mother...will I really find you again?"


After enjoyng her bath, Peach laid on her soft pink bed. Her earlier memory of encountering the pink mermaid returned to her once again. When Peach tried to ask her some questions, she disappeared before she could. But there was one thing that sparked her interest.

"This pearl will grant you the power to become a mermaid."

"I...can turn into a mermaid..." Peach spoke, in realization. "That's...that's amazing! But, I really need to speak with her again."

She got off of her bed and walked towards her dresser. Laying on her desk was the lovely pink pearl given to her by Daisy. Peach picked it up, but as she did so, it started to glow it's brillant glow.

"Hello again, Princess Peach!"

Hearing a familiar voice directly behind her, Peach spun around to the voice that greeted her. Purira was now sitting on the bed, smiling. She looked around. "Such a lovely bedroom."

"Ah..thank you," Peach said. "Anyway, I am glad you are here. I..."

"Need to ask me some questions, right?"

Peach nodded.

"Of course. I know you are quite confused with what little information I've given you, so I apologize for leaving so suddenly when we have met. When I use my power to leave the pearl and communicate with you, it wears me out at some point and forces me to return to the pearl," Purira explained.

"So, you aren't able to talk to me for too long this time, are you?"

"Don't worry, I've rested well and long enough. I have enough time to talk to you this time about what we need to discuss," Purira smiled, folded her hands together.

"We'll, in that case," Peach walked over to the bed, and sat next to the mermaid. "May I ask why I am one of the chosen to help you and your people? Not that I won't!"

Purira giggled. "Even though you don't know of the danger befalling my home, you still wish to help?

"Well, why not? As a princess, and a friend, I always do anything I can do to ensure the safety of any innocent beings. It's what I was raised to do."

Purira smiled. "We are indeed alike, Peach. So much that we are connected."

Peach tilted her head. "Connected? How so?"

"Well first, I think I should tell you what is going on in Corelii Haven. Right now, it is currently in danger because of a race of demonic mermaids."

"Demonic mermaids?" Peach's eyes widend.

"Yes, similar to mermaids but obtain the power of darkness and evil magic. They can become destructive if they wanted to. They are called Merkumi, and they rule under Queen Akura. She has a large amount of hatred towards my mother, Queen Aquamarine. Not only that, but she also wants to conquer Corellii Haven. So she dclared war on her and prepared t evade the Kingdom. But my mother refused to fight against her, so she relocated the entire kingdm to a safer location."

"W-What!? Is that really possible?" Peach asked in shocked in how such a thing was possible to do.

"Surprised me as well. But with the power my mother possessed, it seemed quite possible. but after that, she used up nearly all of it to make it happen. So now, she must be extremely weak..."

"That's amazing..."

"Indeed," Purira nodded. "Now I shall explain the Marine Pearl."

"Marine Pearl?"

"Yes, the pearl I gave you. Or rather, the one your friend Daisy gave you." Purira held out the pearl in her dainty, fair hands. "This, as you can now assume, is no ordinary pearl. This has a sigificantly great portion of my mother's power in this pearl. But this pearl really contains my powers, and my whole being. It explains why I am sealed in here."

Peach looked at the pearl, then back at Purira. "So, what did you mean by the two of us being connected?"

"That's the special thing about the pearl," Purira said, smiling. "My mother made the pearl in a special way so that my heart is the same as the one whose heart is filled with the Wish Power that is worthy of saving Corelii Haven. She somehow knew that there is a girl from a "different world" that is exactly like me. You can say that is why we look alike in a way."

"And... That would be me?"

"That's right. It's like were twins!"

"You're right...except that you have pink hair and eyes," Peach said. They both giggled.

"And that concludes what I have to say," Purira said, closing her eyes, then opening them again. "So, you are still willing to help?"

"Of course!" Peach exclaimed.

"I knew you would." Purira took Peach's hand, and placed the pearl in her hand.

"Now, there is something else I must tell you."

"What is it?"

"As you may or may not remember, you're able to turn into a mermaid."

Peach's eyes lit up at the mentioning of that.

"As long as you keep that pearl with you, you are able to transform into your mermaid form, so now, I want to show you how it works."

"R-Really?" Peach's eyes were filled with excitement.

"Yes," Purira chuckled. "In fact, I plan on showing you tomorrow. Preferably at sunset, or later. Im sure no one will be at the beach between those times. Mermaids are unknown to you land dwellers, so we want to keep it that way."

Peach nodded in agreement and understanding. "Alright, I will go to the beach at night time."

Purira's body then start to glow gently, and start to fade.

"Oops, been out of the pearl for too long! Time for me to go back." Her body glowed and faded more, returning to her Marine Pearl.

"Goodnight, Peach! See you tomorrow!"

Peach then stood from her bed and placed the pearl back into the locket that was laying on the vanity.

"Turning into a mermaid... that will be exciting!" She thought, her sapphire eyes still glowing with excitement.

Then a knock was heard at her door. Peach left her vanity to answer the door. Daisy was standing there, smelling as fresh as daisies, in her night attire.

"Hey, Peach! Just came by to say goodnight to ya," the brunette princess said. "But I heard another voice when I was on my way here. Were you talking to someone?"

Peach quickly shook her head. "N-No... I was just talking to myself aloud! I was trying to decide what I should wear for tomorrow."

Daisy raised her eyebrow, somehow thinking she really heard a different voice, but she decided to let it go. "Oh, alright... Well, g'night. See ya in the morning, Peachy."

Daisy lazily trailed n back to her bedroom, yawning. Peach sighed in relief and closed her door. She went to her bed, turned off the lamp, and slowly closed her eyes, going to sleep.