Hello everyone, Crescent here and by the description you read then yes this is where you should be to see my future ideas. I moved them here as they were cluttering up my profile and, me being OCD about things, I have put them into categories based on what their contents are, any future ideas will be placed here with a title for it, as you see with the title of this chapter and the others. I may also put them into more categories if you wish to have them cut down farther than they are. I hope you enjoy them and hopefully they'll spark ideas of your own. I'm planning on doing commentary in between them, if you wish for that let me know so I can put my thoughts after each story and tell you a little bit about them, I'm not nit-picky so it's up to you readers to tell me if you wish to read my personal thoughts or if you simply just want to know what ideas have popped up inside my unusual brain. I'll have a poll up also to see if you don't want to put a comment/review to see if you want to read my ramblings or not. Anyway, enough with this introduction, though I'm unsure if any of you read this or not, go on to see my ideas of stories and thank you for clicking here and reading this if you did.