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Eyes cast down: Danny has lost everything from his family to his school friends. All he has left is his godfather and sister, not to meantion the ghosts that still are after him for being a halfa. The craziness and loss of the people he cared for, Danny starts spiralling downward and will continue to, unless someone gives him stabilaty. (Vlad x Danny)

Peering into the darkness: James finished his journey in silent hill and is ready to return home with Laura, but it seems that the darkness still has some plans for our blond hero. (PH x James)

Written between the lines: Ghostwriter has trapped Danny in one of his stories again along with himself and Technus. They have to play the story to the end, but there's a twist…It's a romance. (Technus x Danny x GW)

Sling the wings: McGee is at the hospital for a standard checkup and while he is there the team gets called out, but what the team does not know is that the call was to get them away from McGee (Gibbs x McGee)

Library secrets: Danny is failing his classes and has given up the Hero fighting to get his grades up, but he is unable to do it on his own. So with the help of his "oh so caring godfather" the young Halfa gets someone to help him just as he has a threat of not graduating. (GW x Danny)

Forgetting: Timmy Turner is a high schooler now and is starting to loose his memories about his Fairy Godparents, but it seems he hasn't forgotten about one person that is in the Fairy Verse. (Anti-Cosmo x Timmy)

Eddward's hat: Double-D is caught after school one day by a group of foreign exchange students that attack him and take his hat! Now he must get ahold of Eddy to get his hat while hiding out at the school and while Kevin is prowling around after football practice. (Kevin x DD)

Not 'In a minute': Tony has gotten on Tim's last nerve after a rather stressful case and Tim is given maditory leave to go with Gibbs to an institution to work on a side case while giving Tim the time to cool down. (Gibbs x McGee)

Chancellor's duty: When Henry and Thomas have their talk about Henry's church and Thomas' view. Instead of becoming mad and killing Thomas, Henry uses another tactic to pursuade Thomas to his side. (Henry VIII x Thomas)

Uncertainty: Henry is unsure what to do with Walter and he continues to learn more about him and his connection to Silent Hill. [Part 1 in the 11x21 series] (HenryxWalter)